Canadian Award winning cheeses can be found at your local Loblaws {Giveaway}

The Canadian Cheese awards wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar which also took home Best Aged Cheddar(aged more than 18 months) and best B.C cheese.  Yes, they were the big winner.  It’s the only cheese competition in Canada open to all milks used in cheese making – cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo – with only pure natural cheese accepted for judging.  Love cheese? Shop at your local Loblaws which features 300-400 varieties of cheese available in-store, including the best of Canadian and international Cheddar, brie, feta.

Who else won?
Best Fresh Pasta Filata, President’s Choice® Formaggio di Bufala

Best Feta/Cheese in Brine, President’s Choice® Feta Light

Best Firm Cheese with Holes, Oka l’Artisan

Best Old Cheddar (aged from 9 to 18 months) and Best Goat Cheese, Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar

A little about Avonlea Clothbound cheddar…


Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar is an unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese that has its roots in the Scottish Orkney Islands. Today, it is produced on small local farms in the lush countryside of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I), off the coast of Canada.  Avonlea demonstrates a firm and slightly dry and crumbly pate. The colour varies according to the season and diet of cows with cheeses made during in winter being faint than in summer. The cheese has rich, hearty, savoury flavours of earth and mushrooms, underlined by a fruity tang.   This is just the kind of cheddar I love.  

If you are looking to create your own cheese board and entertain this weekend, Loblaws is celebrating the incredible Canadian cheese featured at the Annual Canadian Cheese Awards by sharing them with Ontario’s biggest cheese lovers and you can win some delicious cheese as well!   Is it wrong to be excited about this? I love cheese, I could not give it up and I love wine.  I am going to go out and buy some of this later today because I am inspired, especially with the below guide.   Something else I’d like to recommend is the Perfect Pairings book.  I’ve received this book to review last year and it is loaded with recipes and perfect pairings(hence the name), I refer to it all the time.  Any wine and cheese lover would appreciate this.   

@LoblawsON is celebrating incredible CDN cheeses featured at the Annual Canadian Cheese Awards! I'm hosting a cheesey #Giveaway too. Click To Tweet

Wine and Cheese pairings….oh yes!  Save this. Share this.
WineandCheesePairingth_giveaway3To celebrate Friday and that the weekend is here, it’s the perfect time to head out and grab some cheese and wine.  It’s my favourite way to relax.  Loblaws is going to treat one lucky subscriber of Everything Mom and Baby to this cheese platter.  Giveaway will end on May.6, 2016 and is open to Ontario only, so good luck!


A selection of Canadian Champion + International Cheeses

PC Black Label Artisan Crisps

PC Black Label Fruit Spreads, Jellies, and Preserves

Section of nuts and dried fruit


Cheese Platter Giveaway from Loblaws


  1. ginette4 | 29th Apr 16

    My favourite cheese is Havarti, I like it with jalapeños

  2. Julie F | 29th Apr 16

    My favourite cheese is Cheddar, I add it to many dishes but love it just on it own!

  3. Florence C | 29th Apr 16

    I like to pair Gouda cheese with a Riesling wine.

  4. jan | 29th Apr 16

    Love pretty much any cheese I’ve tried, but Parmigiano-Reggiano is at the top of the list

  5. Lily | 29th Apr 16

    I love cheese, I love wine – ANY 🙂

  6. Tara Betterley | 29th Apr 16

    I love my wine.. I like chips personally with my wine.. (I am not a cheese person) but, my hubby loves his swiss and havarti cheese combinations..

  7. Monique L.S. | 29th Apr 16

    My favourite cheese is Asiago.

  8. Silvia D | 29th Apr 16

    i do not drink wine or any alcohol but my favourite cheese is Smoked Gruyere.

  9. Erika Letson | 29th Apr 16

    My favourite cheese is ANY kind of smoked cheese. I just love it!

  10. Lynda Cook | 29th Apr 16

    I don’t drink any alcohol, but I love my cheeses, one of my favourites is Gouda!

  11. Amy M | 29th Apr 16

    My favourite cheese is havarti.

  12. ivy pluchinsky | 29th Apr 16

    My favorite cheese is cheddar cheese

  13. Erika E | 29th Apr 16

    I like sharp white cheddar cheese the best.

  14. Karla Sceviour | 29th Apr 16

    My favorite cheese is cheddar!

  15. Allie f | 29th Apr 16

    I don’t drink wine, but my favourite cheese is havarti! Thank you.

  16. heidi c. | 29th Apr 16

    Cheddar is my favourite cheese.

  17. Carole Dube | 29th Apr 16

    My favourite cheese is curd cheese. When I visit in NB and Quebec I eat it everyday!

  18. Mrs White | 30th Apr 16

    I’d have a hard time deciding on one favorite cheese – But I do love a very nice aged cheddar or parm!

  19. Jody D | 30th Apr 16

    Hard to pick but a nice aged cheddar is great for nibbling, and I like Brie for cooking

  20. Victoria Ess | 30th Apr 16

    I love hard parmesans.

  21. nicolthepickle | 30th Apr 16

    I love a nice soft brie on toast.

  22. Juliee Fitze | 30th Apr 16

    My favorite cheese is brie love the light creamy taste of it.

  23. Silvia D | 30th Apr 16

    love all cheese but favourite would be a smoked Gruyere

  24. Kristina | 30th Apr 16

    I love cheese!!! Pretty much any kind…havarti, cheddar, monteray…

  25. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux | 30th Apr 16

    I am not a drinker so for the wine, I would have to say Chardonnay, as that is one of the few wines I have tried and enjoyed. I love all cheeses, my fav is Old cheddar.

  26. heather sibley | 30th Apr 16

    My favorite cheese is Boursin

  27. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 30th Apr 16

    our favorite cheese is Havarti

  28. kathy downey | 1st May 16

    Red Win & Boursin are my favorite treat

  29. Diana Powell | 1st May 16

    I think my favourite would be a nice light Pinot Grigio and a lovely bie cheese.

  30. Nancy J Montgomery | 1st May 16

    My favourite is blue cheese.

  31. Jonnie | 1st May 16

    I love old cheddar cheese, the older and crumblier the better. 5 year old Balderson is my favorite.

  32. Kim K | 1st May 16

    My favourite cheese is Jarlsberg

  33. sabina EDWARDS | 1st May 16

    I dont drink so my cheese for me is SWISS

  34. Michelle Policelli | 1st May 16

    I love all cheeses!! smoked cheddar is a new favourite

  35. Julie | 2nd May 16

    I can’t say I really have cheese and wine together. Love trying both but for some reason, it’s not something I have together, guess I’m just weird!

  36. Melinda Jana | 2nd May 16

    I love brie, gouda and havarti…I can’t chose between them.

  37. Nicole | 2nd May 16

    I love aged Chevre Noir from Quebec – so good!

  38. Rebby | 3rd May 16

    Parmesan and Asiago are my fave cheeses!

  39. angela marriott | 3rd May 16

    My favorite cheese is gouda

  40. Jackie M | 3rd May 16

    I love brie (baked brie) and a nice chardonnay

  41. Robyn Bellefleur | 4th May 16

    My favorite cheese is Apple wood smoked cheddar.

  42. heather w | 4th May 16

    I love baked goat cheese, spread on toasted crustinis, paired with an unoaked riesling or Pinot Grigio

  43. joy | 4th May 16

    i don’t often drink wine; but i love cheese!! all cheese!!

  44. Amy Heffernan | 4th May 16

    Red wine and smoked cheddar! mmmmmm

  45. Jennifer L. | 5th May 16

    I love old cheddar.

  46. MaryG. | 5th May 16

    I like a merlot with a sharp aged Chedder 🙂

  47. Jeannie Lam | 6th May 16

    I don’t have a favourite pairing, but I do love brie!

  48. Tammy Dalley | 6th May 16

    I love swiss

  49. Valerie Mallette | 6th May 16

    My current favourite cheese is brie.

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