Chicken Broth in the pressure cooker

One of the best ways to heal your stomach, your kids and nourish your body is with bone/broth.  I used to cook it for good 24-48 hours, always simmering on the stove.  Now with my Breville Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker, I can have it ready in 40-60 minutes on the stock setting.  I get a rich tasting broth and when settled in the fridge it gets all nice and jiggly.  It’s the gelatin from the bone broth that heals tummy lining.  Often needed for those suffering from Colitis, ADHD, IBS and other problems involving the gut(GAPS diet) but it also makes for the best in babies first foods and it’s so comforting and immune boosting.  It’s a great way to start the day too.

I like to use a whole chicken, pastured, free roaming and organic are my preference and the same goes for bones when I go to the butcher.

I sear my bird or just bones(for bone broth) depending what I have, remove it and  then I add my mirepoix and garlic to sautée. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar(this helps to pull the minerals out of the bones) 1-2 bay leafs  and a (1/2 tsp) of organic fish sauce(optional,good fats from anchovies), like Red Boat fish sauce if you can find it at Asian markets.  I place the bird/bones back in the pot and fill it up with filtered water.  Add my sea salt and pepper, close the lid and select Stock on my Fast Slow Pro.  Once finished and cooled, pour them into your mason jars.  It is so rich and delicious to sip on throughout the day. 

Bone broth is high in iron, amino glycine and many other minerals.  It’s a nutritional powerhouse. Start making this daily and add more nourishing foods to your diet and the kids.  I am so happy my kids love soup, it’s a healing, healthy and economical way to eat.  On this freshly snowed day in Toronto, I have my bones ready for a soup making day!

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  1. Lushka Smith | 1st Feb 17

    I love my pressure cooker.

  2. Julie | 6th Feb 17

    Wow, this sounds great! I use chicken broth in so many of my fav recipes!

  3. Tannis W | 9th Feb 17

    Sounds like a pressure cooker would be handy! It’s on my wish list.

  4. Victoria Ess | 3rd May 17

    I never knew pressure cookers could be used for this!

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