FAVORITE things for baby-Diapering

Diapers, diapers, diapers….cloth vs disposable.  What’s a mom to do?

My favorite are bumGenious, here are their steps:

 I would love to try AppleCheeks, Rearz and other brands as well, it is fun shopping for cloth diapers…god how I’ve changed! LOL!
I used to use AMP but they just seem to be leaking too much.I found the problem.

Soap. I had repelling issues with my AMP diapers and I wish I knew what I know now as they are a fab diaper and I thought they weren’t as good as others but I wasn’t washing them properly.
I’m actually thinking of retailing them.

  I wash them as I wash bumGenious and I guess they aren’t as good as thought. 

I was using bumGenious but I had a hard time locating them here in Toronto and my mom back in Winnipeg got me started on AMP Diapers.  They have microfiber inserts, bamboo and hemp.

They also fit Master Chunks chubby legs unlike bumGenious which are superb but as he got bigger they got a little too snug around his chunky legs..but they are my back up plan and first choice for when we go out.

For disposables I have a few….
1)Delora are awesome (Papa Ash approved)
2)Earths Best
How do gDiaper work? Watch this video, here
4)Green by President Choice( Loblaws brand)

Seventh Generation isn’t on my list because they LEAK too easily and fit smaller

For heavy wetters a good suggestion is to put them in wool soakers.  Yep and no they do not itch.
I love:
1) Little Green Viking– I also want to get the pants!

2) Aristocrats Baby Wool Soakers-

These are by far my most favorite, I don’t have a picture because I have them in a small and well, Chunk is a large now and can’t fit into them! They also have beautiful knitted blankets, baby hats and baby long johns.
Great wool soakers from a family run business in Beautiful British Columbia.
For more FAQS, click here

                                 In his wool soakers by Little Green Viking


  1. Anonymous | 27th Jan 10

    Hi Erika! I’m one of the girls working at the Baby Bin Boutique in Winnipeg, and I just wanted to let you know that your mom just stopped in- she’s an absolutely wonderful woman! So friendly and we browsed your website for a good 15 minutes together. I’m expecting my first baby in 3 weeks, so I’ll definitely be frequenting your website! Your mom bought some awesome items for you here (I won’t tell you what in case it’s a surprise), but one item is from a Winnipeg based company called Small Potatoes. I’ll be signed up on Facebook soon & will chat with you then (I’m the only person in the world not on it); take care for now & email me back if you’ve heard of any unique baby girl names lately! My husband & I don’t know the gender of our baby yet, but we’re stumped for girls!
    Kind regards,

  2. Mama Ash | 27th Jan 10

    Will do!
    I’m thrilled you like the site as well now get on facebook and become a fan 🙂
    Talk to you soon.

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