Fit Chicks Bootcamp- 2 more classes left

 2 more classes then the giveaway for someone to win a 4 week pass and shed some weight in Fit Chicks!
I think last class was one of Dana’s best…wait I’m sure I’ve said this before…?  Every class is different and never boring.  I find it so boring using the gym in my building..oh now I know why I never do, LOL!

We targeted more ab work outs(ouch!), more cardio(awesome!) and it was hard core! One of the hardest I think.  I would love every class to be like that one.  Dana if you’re reading this, you little fire cracker, you are awesome!
I couldn’t walk..well I waddled after that kick ass workout for 2 days, such a good burn to remind me of my work out.  With squats and lunges it’s well worth it for fabulous legs. 

It is such a fun way to work out, don’t worry about a drill sergeant like you see on tv, these chicks are awesome, they want you to succeed and they make working out fun again.

I have woken up muscles that have been asleep for a very long time.  Although Fit Chicks has only just started again for last week, my muscle memory has kicked in a lot quicker than last time.
I know I am back in the swing of things as when I’m waiting for the elevator I’ll do elbow to knee moves, in the elevator I’m doing squats and punches, I just want to keep moving!
Thank you Fit Chicks!  I don’t know where I’d be if I never got to experience this kind of living!

Looking at this picture just makes me want to get in there and sweat up a storm!
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