Fit Chicks Bootcamp week 7

 Mondays class was wicked!
We partnered up and did a variety of excercises to get our heart pumping and blood flowing.  I felt stronger and stronger the more I did it.  I ROCK!  Yes, I am flattering myself :)LOL!

If there’s one thing I can say about getting fit with Fit Chicks is it’s amazing how good you feel.  To think I could still be a lethargic, unhealthy mom  and that makes me worry as to how I let it happen.
It’s easy to lose yourself after having baby.  How many of you have gone 3-5 days without a shower when you had a new born and no family or friends to help?  I raise my hand, LOL! I am shameless.

We eat, we sleep, we eat more to give baby the best breast milk possible and we try to sleep when baby does.  It’s easy to fall into the routine of baby as we are mothers but when they get older and require more energy from us sometimes we need help and Fit Chicks has been  my help.

I have more energy, my posture is better, I can run around and bend over backwards playing with my now 2yr old and not feel out of breath.  I feel alive again and I must say I don’t want to ever feel out of shape again!

Every Monday and Wednesday I look forward to my “ME time”, to see my instructor Dana and to see all the fabulous ladies that make Fit Chicks fun.

 Is it hard work? Yes.  Do you feel sore the next day? Sometimes.  Do you feel stronger? YES! Would you do this for another 8 weeks? OF COURSE!

Moms I cannot recommend Fit Chicks enough, get out there!  
Feel good about yourself, get fit, you have one body and one life to live and you have to live for it. 
It’s a waste of a life to let yourself go as I have.  I am so tired of being “the bigger girl” considering I’ve been thin my whole life….until I moved to Toronto….hmmmmm…Maybe I need to move back Winnipeg?
What am I thinking? They don’t have Fit Chicks in the ‘Peg….I’m staying here so I can feel comfortable in my own skin for once!  God I miss that feeling….sob, sob as now I’m feeling sorry for myself!  Oh Mama Ash snap out of it!

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  1. Stephanie @ FIT CHICKS | 19th Jan 11

    Oh gosh. I have to raise my hand for the no showering – and I don’t have a baby! But I am juggling school and work…am I excused? Lol

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