Enjoy the incredible convenience of monitoring your home with D-Link

Peace of mind. That’s what I get.  What am I  talking about?  A little while ago I got the D-Link to review and it’s a WIFI indoor security camera.  What I love the most is there is no charge to monitor your home, room, whatever you use your D-Link for unlike another company I remember reviewing. It even sets alerts to your phone if there’s motion.  Priced at $100, I think it’s pretty darn good, especially when I get clear, detailed footage in HD 720p at up to 30fps for a smooth, clear view of what’s going on.  Another cool feature, is the lens provides a 120-degree field of view so you can monitor a larger area using just the one camera. With my finger I can scan the room from my phone and at night you can keep an eye on things even in the dark with night vision.  Infrared LED lights cover up to 5m and automatically turns on when the sun goes down.  Cool right?

What are some of the other features?


It’s easy to use.  Plug it in, charge it up, download the app(Google, Apple, Microsoft) sign up to your account and the camera connects to your Wi-Fi network so you can easily view the live feed remotely on your iOS, Windows Phone, or Android device via the free mydlink Lite app.  Did I mention that I really like it? 

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Where to buy?  There’s lots of Canadian retailers and if you’re looking for a fabulous indoor video camera, I think this is it.  Go ahead.  Add it to your Wish list.


  1. kathy downey | 9th Nov 16

    Thanks for the information,sounds like a great idea!

  2. Judy Cowan | 10th Nov 16

    Sounds worth investing in. Has some great features.

  3. Krista M | 18th Nov 16

    No monthly fees is such a bonus here. I would feel so secure having notifications to my phone in the event something is happening in the house.

  4. Victoria Ess | 4th Dec 16

    This is exactly what we are looking for right now! It would give us peace of mind when we are on vacation!

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