2 years ago my life changed with a little recipe…… Happy 2nd Birthday EM&B


2 years ago I had a little dude just over the age of 1 years.  I’ve never read a blog or knew too much about them.  The only time I thought of it or learned about blogs was in the movie Julie & Julia. I love Julia Child, I love French cooking, wine and baking.

I was a part of local mom groups and I always got complimented on the accessories and things I had for my son as well comments on the food I made for him.  Most of the moms were at a loss on making baby/toddler food and I didn’t understand why they were struggling.
I mean it’s just puree’s and some chunkier foods. It’s not challenging to steam and puree so I gave them recipes and resources that I used.

I was inspired to share recipes like  weelicious (she creates all those fabulous recipes, I had this recipe from somewhere else and I can’t remember where I got it!) after she asked: “What did you make for lunch” on her Facebook page.
So I posted what I made on her Facebook page and there were a lot of responses from moms wanting that recipe.  So with that instead of messaging everyone I went to different sites like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress etc and decided to go with Blogger and started a blog!

It all happened by flook so I created my blog, Everything Mom and Baby and this was the recipe….Chicken and Apple Fingers

So then my posts became a mix of skin care postpartum, my skin has never been so dry! Surely I wasn’t the only one to be sucked dry even after a year of having dear son.
I am an esthetician and aromatherapist so I shared my breast feeding massage method and oils to increase or decrease milk flow. I tied all of them in to the posts before I even knew about reviewing and hosting giveaways.  Wait, I forgot to mention I am a product junkie.  Big time! So I wrote about my favorite products and pissed off a couple of brands I am sure….

As my blog grew companies started to contact me and I was getting lovely products to review I also declined a lot of media events and products that weren’t a fit for me or what I am all about which is:
organic, cloth diapers, baby carriers, skin care, natural health/medicine, food etc…..

I am ever thankful to blogging and weelicious for posting that question one day. I am so thankful for the products I’ve been introduced to so and I can share them with you and give to you!

It’s very fulfilling to be able to share all the wonderful products I come across.  10 years ago no one would be able to access the information I share and information from all the other wonderful bloggers out there.
I’ve absorbed and learned that I’ve never thought possible via the web. I learned all of this on my own and am flattered when new moms want to become bloggers and ask me for me advice!
I’ve met  fabulous bloggers and made new friends. I vow to comment more your blogs!

I created an online business within the year of my blog(please check it out!) that I am still learning step by step. I love recommending products and helping parents shop for their new baby. It’s a passion of mine as there are so many lines I want to write about tell you about.

Thank you for being a part of Everything Mom and Baby and for following, subscribing, tweeting and liking me on Facebook. I am growing because of you dear moms, dads, friends,  cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.  All of you!

What would a birthday blog post be without a goodie bag?

Well I have some of my favorite companies participating in this post that I’ve blogged about and some of my favorite WAHM’s businesses.  Here are just a few of my favorite reviews from 2011 and new favorites for 2012!

All giveaways are open to Canada and USA!


One of my passions is baby wearing or I should say toddler wearing. A remarkable company that I do hold in high regard is Boba. The family behind the brand are wonderful, the creators articles on baby wearing are beautiful and I’ve seen the growth of their carriers over the 2 years.
Boba is generously going to sponsor a carrier for one lucky fan of Everything Mom and Baby!
Read my review {here}.

The Giveaway!  
A Boba Baby Carrier

Links you need to know:
Boba’s Website
Boba on Facebook 
(let them know you entered here on the blog or say Hi!)

~ Enter my boba giveaway {here}! ~

One of my favorites for 2012 baby wearing!
Spring is around the corner and with that fabulous carrier of yours you and baby still need to be cozy.  A Kowalli Carrier Cover is what you’ll need!
Kowalli has been a favorite of mine that I had the honour to review because from one mother to another, it’s nice to support fellow moms in business and Alizah is the fabulous mom behind this brand. All carrier covers are made in beautiful Rhode Island, USA. Quality and material are fantastic! I love my Kowalli! It is such a fabulous baby carrier cover.  The cover repels snow, rain and wind (a Toronto winter!). It’s made of weather treated fleece so no need to worry about tears and rips.  It is a high quality cover.
Use Kowalli in the Fall, Winter and Spring! It fits over your coat, you can unzip your coat and pop baby on the breast if hungry.  Makes for discreet baby/toddler wearing nursing as well!

The Giveaway!

A Kowalli Cover of your own! 
Links you need to know:
Kowalli’s Website
Kowalli on Facebook
Let Kowalli know how you found them on Facebook!

 ~ Enter my Kowalli Giveaway {here}~
Mama has a carrier what about the toddler in your life? As you know I am a huge fan of Natural Mother Productions. See our current giveaway here for her carriers.
Well Michelle Dunn is graciously sponsoring a Dolly Tai for EM&B Birthday Bash Giveaway!
Natural Mother Productions is based in Ontario and all products are hand made by Michelle Dunn.  Carry your baby the natural way!

The Giveaway
: A Dolly Tai
Links to know:
NMP Website
NMP on Facebook
Let NMP know you entered!
Enter the NMP Dolly Tai Giveaway {here}
Have you sweetened your laundry?  The Laundry Tarts are making a name for themselves everywhere and especially in the cloth diaper community.  Again, one of the things I love about blogging are the new friends I have made and it would not be right to not include The Laundry Tarts. Jess and I have connected on line and is one of the geniuses behind the company.  We’ve had many giggles on Facebook.  Jess, if you’re reading this we have to get together!  Jess and her business partner Tanja have brought dessert inspired laundry detergent that is loaded with all the good stuff! No yucky synthetic chemicals! You can read my review from 2010 {here}!

The Giveaway!
The Laundry Tarts are generously giveaway a 10 sample pack of their detergent along with their coveted Sweet Spot Stain Remover.
Links to know:
~ Enter The Laundry Tarts Giveaway {here} ~
 OM by Miquette….This is a new favorite for 2012. I foresee a collection of OM’s that I want and will pass them on to my grandchildren once my collection is complete. My Chara OM arrived today. They are beyond cute. Hand made by a talented woman and mother named Miquette.  Her family inspires her, she has a  love to create all things natural and beautiful and it comes through in her OM’s. 
What is an OM? 

“OMs are peaceful little creatures with big dreams and even bigger hearts. They are collected and treasured by happy people around the globe, but many people don’t know where they come from or why they’re here. Until now…
OMs are the products of wishes.”   Read more here…..

Magical indeed, made with good intent and love.  Miquette the lady behind these is such a beautiful person that it’s amazing how you can sense one’s energy via internet and emails.  Twitter brought us together which is how I came to find out about OM. It’s funny how things touch us and what a product can mean to someone.
These are really special gifts and something to think about for 2012.

It fits in my hand perfectly, I feel the love and make my wish. 
Each OM comes nicely packaged and with a little card.  My beloved Chara is very fitting for me as it stated:

Chara is a caring, nurturing soul… 
A Mother and a symbol of the first, beautiful connection we make in life. 
She holds her baby OM and knows that someday he’ll grow up to walk beside her on the journey. 
Until then, he is peaceful in the arms that were made to hold him, warm in a blanket of love.
Chara and her baby OM celebrate family and motherhood… and all true connections of the soul.

The Giveaway: A $25 Gift Voucher to OM by Miquette
Links to know for the giveaway:
OM by Miquette Website
OM Facebook page
Let her know I sent you!

~ Enter OM giveaway {here} ~
 Another favorite item I’ve reviewed is a product called Healing Hazel.
Who knew the magical properties of hazelwood. The Natives in Quebec did.
I know Hazelwood nuts are delicious as I love Nutella, LOL!  But therapeutic jewellery from the wood of the tree?!
YES! I’ve had many readers vouch on the effectiveness with their teething babies.
I love the look of Healing Hazel brand compared to other hazelwood lines.  I like the feel of quality and the look of the Hazelwood used in this line.  They are slightly larger/wider and have now incorporated Amber, their newest addition to their necklaces.
It’s used for treating teething, eczema and other skin disorders and conditions.
It’s alkaline properties is where all the magic happens.

The Giveaway
: A Hazelwood necklace of your choice
Links to know:
Healing Hazel Website
Healing Hazel on Facebook
Let them know I sent you 🙂

 ~ Enter the Healing Hazel Giveaway {here} ~

Zin Frames is a new find for Everything Mom and Baby. With a love for photography and design I am in love with the vintage inspired picture frames from new Canadian business Zin Frames. 
I can’t wait to get some gorgeous photography done by Diana Nazareth(check out our 1000 Fan giveaway) and have our picture’s beautifully displayed in Zin Frames.
With their new launch of their website, Zin Frames has a fabulous giveaway for our EM&B Birthday Bash!  With a great selection of colours you can choose from have fun browsing all the different design options.

The Giveaway: a 8 x 10 frame (you pick the design and colour!)
Links to know:
Zin Frames Website
Zin Frames on Facebook, let them know how you heard about them since they are brand new!
Enter the Zin Frames Giveaway {here}
I love supporting WAHM’s mom so when I received an email from this lovely fan of my blog I was more than happy to have her participate in my EM&B Birthday Bash giveaway and have her share her love for handmade.
Lynda is a busy mom of two girls and has a passion for making baby clothes.
The Giveaway: A onesie and beanie
Links to know:
MiaBebe Website
Enter the MiaBebe Giveaway {here}

A new line for Everything Mom and Baby to discover is Pearl and Daisy Natural Soap Company.
Snuggle Bunny is what we love for 2012!
I recently had the pleasure to review this line…well I benefited by the soothing aroma of Lavender and Chamomile as my son received a lovely massage after his bath. We used the soap and it gave a lovely lather and moisturizing bath for my sons sensitive skin.
I love the Snuggle Bunny Massage Oil. Apricot oil is the carrier oil and infused with Lavender and Chamomile.  It provided a great slip for the massage and the benefits of Apricot Oil are that it provides relief for dry, itchy eczemic skin.  The lipid levels of the oil are similar to the skins natural oils. My son has dry. itchy skin so this is a another must have for Everything Mom and Baby.
The Snuggle Bunny Balm is a great product to have handy and to keep in your diaper bag.  Great for preventing nappy rash I love it to soothe and hydrate my dry elbows and sons cheeks before the cold air slaps us in the face.

The Giveaway: Snuggle Bunny Gift Set (pictured above)
Pearl & Daisy on Facebook
Let them know I sent you!
~ Enter the Pear & Daisy Giveaway {here} ~
Oh how I love honeydumplings! It is such a gorgeous line.  All of the material are harvested and made in Canada as well as the products.  What we have for you is their swaddle blankets.
Baby will be snugly warm in their organic swaddle blankets.  They have a great stretch to them and is designed with a unique fold down swaddle corner.
You can read my reviews on the line {here}. It is my favorite line to give at baby showers. 

100% organic cotton pointelle with natural bamboo swaddle corner.  Handmade in Canada. Love, love, love and so luxurious! You have to check out their buckwheat collection.

The Giveaway: Organic Swaddle Blanket
Links to know:
honeydumplings website

honeydumplings on Facebook
Let them know I sent you!

Enter the honeydumplings giveaway {here}
So this is my Everything Mom and Baby Birthday Giveaway!  Good luck in your entries and thank you for being a fan of my blog! Welcome new fans!
{ Check out the Current Giveaways on the right side panel here and enter some more fabulous giveaways!}

I do want to hear from you!  How can I make my blog better? What else would you like to see on my blog in the future?
Do you have any favorite blog posts or reviews I’ve done? Tell me!
Has my blog helped you in product purchases in any way? Tell me!
Thank you to my fabulous sponsors and fans for a great 2 years!  I look forward to many more!
Please share this post, tweet the giveaways and suggest my page to your friends and family.

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Blessed Be! Many Thanks!




  1. Crystal Stewart | 12th Jan 12

    Soooo happy for you!! This is a huge milestone as most businesses/blogs fail in the first year (or was that marriages?;)

    Thank you for these opportunities and for, well, just being you! I can’t believe how many companies you have introduced to me over this past year and how much easier you make my life by already testing these products. I know that you have a standard similar to mine (high!) so I know that if you like it.. it’s got to be GREAT! So thank you and congrats on this accomplishment! Here’s to many more years!

  2. Mama Ash | 12th Jan 12

    That’s so nice, thank you so much Crystal. Your support is awesome! xoxox

  3. Chenille Taylor | 13th Jan 12

    You’re a genuine person, one can feel that through your blog and Facebook page.

    I love reading your reviews and know you like quality like I do.

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! Keep it up!

  4. Nicole | 13th Jan 12

    Way to go! I love tour blog and your giveaways are lovely. You are selectable and I love that you don’t have the generic cheap crap that every other blogger has.

  5. Jen McCool | 13th Jan 12

    Happy Birthday to a fabulous blogger!

  6. Angela of OneSmileyMonkey | 13th Jan 12

    Yay! happy 2 years EM&B 🙂

  7. Mama Ash | 13th Jan 12

    Muah xo, thank you so much Angela, Jen, Nicole and Chenille!

  8. Andrea G. | 13th Jan 12

    Congratulations on such a huge milestone! My blog is… about 2 months old lol.

  9. Amy | 13th Jan 12


  10. Mama Ash | 13th Jan 12

    Thank you for the wishes Andrea and Amy 🙂

    Andrea, your blog’s great! Love the name.

  11. samantha | 13th Jan 12

    Congratulations! So excited for you, your business, and your blog!

  12. Mama Ash | 13th Jan 12

    Thank you Samantha! (big smile here)

  13. C | 17th Jan 12

    I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of Everything Mom and Baby! So very happy for you, my friend! All the best! xo

  14. Mama Ash | 17th Jan 12

    Thanks C! xo

  15. Vanessa Coker | 24th Jan 12

    Congratulations! I love your blog, it’s nice and simple and easy to navigate. The giveaways are always in good taste as well. 🙂

  16. Mama Ash | 24th Jan 12

    That means so much to me Vanessa! Thank you! xo

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