21 Days with #JamiesonEssentials

The last 21 days have been great.  I am sticking to my New Years Resolution so far and I am feeling better than I have in a long time.  My goal as some of you may know is to lose weight, gain more energy, eat better and feel better.  I am so excited that I partnered up with Jamieson Vitamins!

Since my first blog post on Jamieson Essentials I have taken my vitamins daily and I have an overall feeling of balance and calm.  They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit and I am thrilled that my new habit is a healthy one making me feel better, calmer and stronger for my family.  I have also taken up Beginners Yoga and am on a part of a group inspiring other mom’s to eat well and to make our health a priority through my holistic nutritionist.  I am also doing a gentle warm detox thanks to a fabulous new book I got when out on date strolling the Danforth.  It’s called Hot Detox by Julie Danyluk and I love it.  


I also love my new Oh She Glow’s cookbook that I got as a gift from Jamieson Vitamins. It’s helping me try new recipes and the kids love her Overnight Oatmeal! My new gym bag is getting great use and I can’t wait until the Fall when I can go to Orange Theory and really kick some butt so I am feeling great by the time I turn 40!   I have all the tools.  I just need to do my part and I am so happy that I am keeping up my end of the bargain.  We do take our health for granted I think at times.  With heart disease in my family, I am only now taking my Omega’s seriously with Jamieson’s Extra Strength Omega-3’s  and with my stress levels I needed the Jamieson Vitamin D to help boost my immune system as stress actually weakens it. Probiotics also help with your immunity as well as aiding my bloated tummy and I am finally taking a multivitamin! 

This New Years Resolution has been one that I actually made and am maintaining.  When I go off track I feel a huge difference.  The inflammation I put on myself on those “cheat days” is painful the next day and I think this healthy challenge with Jamieson Vitamins came at the right time.  I needed to do this and I enjoy taking my vitamins.  I used to skip days and I’d forget but with Jamieson Essentials it’s easy!  Also the size of the capsules are a good size and easy to take. In the past with other brands I found them big and stuck when swallowing.  I think that’s a major reason why I never bothered.
Instragram_Jamieson_EMBjpgLet’s see how we go.  I look forward to looking better when we hit the beach this Summer but I can’t wait until the Fall when I will have free time to use the gym in my building, the pool and sauna.  I’ll touch base with you then as I’m turning 40 in October!   There may be pictures.

Have you tried Jamieson Essentials? I hope I’ve inspired you because Jamieson Essentials is a great way to treat your heart, bones, digestion and overall well being. They really take the hard work out when figuring out what you need.  44% of Canadians are unsure if they are taking the correct vitamins and supplements to suit their needs and 31% do not take them at all for that reason.  I was that 31%!!!  Not anymore though.   

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  1. Maria | 20th Feb 17

    I have only been taking Jameison Vitamin D, but have not tried the other vitamins. Thank you for your testimonial about these products.

    • Erica | 20th Feb 17

      You’re welcome Maria!

  2. Elizabeth Vlug | 20th Feb 17

    You are on your way. Me too. And I just picked up Hot Detox. Interesting read and some really delicious looking recipes.

    • Erica | 20th Feb 17

      That’s so great that you got Hot Detox 🙂 It’s truly a fabulous book with such valuable information & delicious recipes.

  3. Rosanne Robinson | 20th Feb 17

    I do currently take Jamieson Vitamins C & D daily, but enjoyed your review, so will also look into getting the Jamieson’s Extra Strength Omega-3’s,

  4. AD | 20th Feb 17

    I didn’t know they came in preset blister packs! Good to know… I take some vitamins, but not Jamieson; I will have to look at their brand closer.

  5. Rebecca Bryant | 22nd Feb 17

    I believe in having a good vitamin routine. These sound like they fit in with my idea of being a good vitamins and good for you.

  6. Ashley | 22nd Feb 17

    I think it is crucial to have a vitamin routine and to stick to it. I take mine every morning.

  7. Mandy Carter | 22nd Feb 17

    I agree that health has to be taken one day at a time. I need to look into these

  8. Milena | 22nd Feb 17

    I haven’t tried Jamieson Essentials. I take several vitamins. I’ll have to give them a try!

  9. Renz | 22nd Feb 17

    I use their vitamin D all the time (tell me how I live in Florida and have low level D?) I need to look out for their other stuff too. Energy increase is def a good goal.

  10. STephanie Jeannot | 22nd Feb 17

    That is great that your vitamins made you feel balanced and more energetic. I need to get on board with taking vitamins.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski | 22nd Feb 17

    I am always looking for new vitamins to take! Thank you for the recommendation!!!

  12. carissa garabedian | 22nd Feb 17

    I have not heard of these, I started a variety of vitamins recently, I am aware that my nails and hair are stronger , I would look into these to see if they are a good option.

  13. Dawn nieves | 22nd Feb 17

    I never heard of these before but now I can’t wait to check them out. I need a good vitamin routine.

  14. Jo-anne | 26th Feb 17

    I’m a health junkie but I’m not a big fan of vitamins. I usually go to the gym and stick to my salad diet, works fine for me but I’m thinking of adding some vitamins to the mix and see how it goes. Thanks for these infos, I’ll check Jamieson Essentials.

  15. Lynda Cook | 20th Mar 17

    I should really check this out, I’m not even sure if I am taking the right vitamin, and I love the blister pack!

  16. Alison Braidwood | 20th Mar 17

    I’m great at buying vitamins; not so great at remembering to take them regularly. I really need to get myself into a routine.

  17. Betty S | 21st Mar 17

    Jamieson is my first choice when buying vitamins. I try hard to get them on sale so that I can stick with my trusted brand.

  18. Toby | 21st Mar 17

    I presently use Jamieson Wild Blueberry Vitamin C and Omega 3 6 9 daily! Healthier for it!

  19. Carole D. | 21st Mar 17

    I think I need to start taking multi vitamins, I’m not eating enough!

  20. Debbie White Beattie | 21st Mar 17

    I take vitamins daily and I find they are really helping to keep me healthier I like how your vitamins came in a blister pack.

  21. Tannis W | 21st Mar 17

    Jamieson is my go to brand for vitamins!

  22. Gord | 22nd Mar 17

    I never take vitamins or supplements, perhaps I should look into them.

  23. Heidi P | 23rd Mar 17

    Have been taking Jamieson products for many years & truely believe in them. There is a product for every person in the home.

  24. Florence Cochrane | 23rd Mar 17

    I take vitamins daily and Jamieson is a brand I trust and buy.

  25. Victoria Ess | 23rd Mar 17

    The changes you’ve made are inspiring!

  26. Jenny | 24th Mar 17

    I think I need to expand my variety in the vitamins and supplements I take. I will look into Jamieson Essentials for that for sure.

  27. Wanda Tracey | 24th Mar 17

    You have done so well and have had great success. This is so inspiring because I like these vitamins and supplements.

  28. Brenda Penton | 27th Mar 17

    I’d love if Jamieson sold the calendars like this that contained our daily vitamins. Would be so much easier to take.

    I have that cookbook too! I really need to start putting it to good use!

  29. Vivian S | 28th Mar 17

    I have not tried them yet!

  30. nicky | 29th Mar 17

    I like Jamieson products, and also that tagline: “Better health is simple. Just take it one day at a time.” So true!

  31. Leslie C | 30th Mar 17

    I never to start using Jamieson daily!

  32. Suzie B (Soozle) | 30th Mar 17

    I think taking a daily vitamin is a simple way someone can start to make healthy changes in their life – it’s small but it can have a great effect

  33. Carol M | 2nd Apr 17

    I love the Oh She Glows cookbook too.

  34. kathy downey | 19th May 17

    Hubby and i currently take Jamieson Vitamins C & D daily,thanks what a wonderful post.

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