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Decorating the nursery is one of the most fun (and creative!) ways to prepare for your new baby’s arrival. Choosing colours and stuffed toys, hanging cute pictures on the wall, folding and arranging teeny-tiny clothes – all of this helps create a special space for the newest member of the family. But nurseries need to be practical places too. While you’re decorating, it’s helpful to think about how you’re going to arrange all your bits and pieces to make sure that you’re ready for daily life with baby.
Disney Baby has some great options to help organize and beautify your baby’s space. Here are five tips for preparing baby’s room, and a few favourite products to help you do it:
         Choose a style that’s unique to baby!
If you give yourself a focus, it’s much easier to create a cohesive design. You could start with some fun wall art as an inspiration and use that to determine your colour scheme. Or pick some bedding you love and build the room around that. This Lion King bedding set has lots of fun, neutral colours and patterns to draw from.
         Create a nifty-nursing station
Set up a table near a comfy chair, and keep it stocked with necessary supplies like baby-safe hand sanitizer, nursing pads, nipple cream, burp cloths and paper towels. Receiving blankets like this Winnie the Pooh set are always great to have on hand – they can be used as burp cloths, coverlets, and to keep your baby warm.
 Get creative with storage
With a new baby occupying a room, storage may be limited, so get creative. Add a cute bed skirt to your crib which allows you to hide boxes or supplies. Or buy a multi-bin organizer, so you can store books, toys, and clothes in one convenient location.
         Bedtime- Set the mood with lighting


The nursery should be a soothing space where your baby can fall asleep easily. Try putting your overhead light on a dimmer, or buying some small accent lamps to minimize harsh lighting. This Winnie the Pooh night light is another great way to provide safety and comfort – especially during late-night feedings.
                Leave Room to Grow – because they will!
Remember that your baby won’t be a baby forever. It’s helpful to choose decorations that are easy to update or change as your baby grows up, so your baby’s room can grow up too. Wall Decals are detachable, reusable and they won’t harm your walls – you can remove or replace them if you’d like a change.

What are some of your favourite tips or must have’s for baby’s nursery?

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  1. Susan Simon | 4th Aug 14

    I agree with getting creative with the storage, you get so much stuff… you sometimes have to get creative on where to store it.

  2. Joyce Brewer | 4th Aug 14

    Great advice. We’re working on transitioning from a baby room to a big boy room for our 4 year old. He loves Disney characters so we’ll work to mix some of them on.

  3. Shelby Barone | 4th Aug 14

    This is too cute and makes me want to have another baby. These are such great tips and I’m going to share with my friend who is expecting

  4. Ashley S | 4th Aug 14

    Great tips for sure!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Stacey - Seattle Mom Blog | 4th Aug 14

    Decorating a nursery is so much fun! A great way to get creative in ways you can’t in other rooms in the house!

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