A food delivery service with a cause: DonateNaturally.com

I really like this.  What is this exactly? Well I’ve been looking around for a organic delivery food service and I came across Donate Naturally.
This isn’t your usual home delivery service.  Well it is but it has a fabulous twist.  You can fundraise while you shop! It’s great actually. 15% of your sale goes to a cause of your choice.  I really love that and to see where they have donated have a look at their Donation Recipients.  This is also a Canadian wide service!  They can deliver non perishable items via Canada Post.

You have a great selection of  fresh groceries, infant and child care to even household and lifestyle and special diets.
I just did a Weekly Staples Bin that had my favourite Harmony Homo milk, Brick Street Works Bread and Green Valley Eggs.
If you’d like a wonderful selection of natural produce, friendly front door delivery and to donate then check out Donate Naturally.  It’s really quite nice.

They offer home delivery Tuesday-Friday to the following areas:
Richmond Hill

Donate Naturally The Everyday Fundraising Group
178 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2M7

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