A Lushcious Halloween and other great products from LUSH

We recently attended a great event at Lushs’ main store on Queen St West.  We were greeted and introduced to some great new products and the best part was the kids can come and play.
You may be thinking what would they play with there?
Well, they had a super cute section where the kids can mold, dip, splash and play with Lushs’ newest
bath time fun product called “FUN”.  It’s a shampoo, soap and bubble bath all in one. And it works kinda like play-doh so your kids can have some real fun in the bath without those moldy bath toys.

It’s preservative free and 2.5% of sales go to FUNd, to help families in Japan that have suffered from the earthquake and radiation spills.
It comes in 5 scents(natural scents I should add the ingredients are pretty good…even though it has artificial colouring, c’est la vie sometimes) Kids love colour.

Here is a “dragon” my son made at the Lush Event, it’s the one on the far right 🙂

We also were treated to a making of the FUN product in house made with simple ingredients:

Now lets talk about Halloween Treats!  These products smell delicious, offer a little bit of spook and if you’re looking to gift a Halloween treat, look no further! I’ve completely forgotten about Lushs’ Bath Bombs and am now back on the wagon.  How fun are they for kids bath?

Can I share with you Icky Bot?  Made with sleep inducing Chamomile, Lavender and Sandalwood gentle on kids noses and skin.  Sweet dreams are ahead and add some fun to the bath before they conk out in bed.

OOOooooo, this product is great! Let me tell you about Calacas.  My son this morning claimed he wants to play with this in the bath tonight so we are going to have some slimy fun. Get it at a LUSH near you as they are selling like hotcakes!
Celebrate Day of the Dead Celebrations with this fun jelly skull.  This wiggly bath soap is made of seaweed and aloe vera and scented with one of my faves, Neroli and with a twist of lime. Little boys will be all over this!

Bath Bombs that fizz, provide some bubbles and an awesome scent? Check out this Pumpkin Bath Bomb scented with orange and cinnamon!  The Enchanter Bath bomb is citrus and full of awesome fizzy bath time as well.  I love the Twilight Shower Gel for me!
And…….. since  I am pregnant and slathering myself in all kinds of goodness I have to give a shout out the Lushs’ Therapy.  Scented with Neroli and Lavender it moisturizes my tummy with cocoa and shea butter and I am left with that heavenly scent which soothes my headaches and nausea, I am in love.
I want to give a shout to the great staff at Lush Queen Street! You guys were awesome and thank you so much for all the goodies!
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To find a LUSH in your area, please visit this {LINK}

My question to you guys is… Do you Lush? Have you used any Lush products or have been by a store that you can smell a mile away?


  1. mamawee | 30th Oct 12

    I used to buy lush products all the time…then I forgot about them I guess. Thanks for the reminder

  2. Brandi Yee | 30th Oct 12

    I’ve heard of Lush but have never tried it. I really should, it sounds like fabulous products!

  3. Monica | 30th Oct 12

    I have heard of Lush but have never used their products, the bath bombs sound like they would be fun.

  4. Little Miss Kate | 31st Oct 12

    So neat! I Love LUSH – going into their store is like a little piece of heaven!

  5. Amy | 1st Nov 12

    I love the smell of the Lush stores!

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