Adding prebiotic fermented superfoods to your daily routine

 Imagine treating your gut with the ultimate superfood from Genuine Health.  Well, they did just that with their recent research on the gut microbiome and have created the ultimate prebiotic superfood called “fermented organic gut superfood“.

thumbnail_9303_GH.Fermented_Superfood_Nat_229g_Unflavoured_USDAI add it to my Evive smoothies, my Genuine Health smoothies, anytime I smoothie or I  blend it alone with oatmeal milk.  My kids have benefited from it as well as I used it to help nourish their tummies after a recent tummy bug.  My girls needed the TLC( I add a tbsp) from this and their overall gut health has improved too.  It’s my go-to every day and I love it after my barre classes.  Since I’ve started taking this, my honest review is that my gut feels better and I feel better. I’ve been adding this to my smoothies for about 6 months now and a healthy gut is so important as I would have issues every now and then.  It’s so much easier to take care of others than yourself-at least for me.  But I’ve upped my game and I can’t forget to nourish myself to be healthy for my kids. Plus it doesn’t cause bloating or irritates.  It’s so refreshing to have a happy tummy.

Did you know that the International Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics recommends a minimum daily intake of 5 grams of prebiotics? And for good reason! Prebiotics help to improve gut health by:

✓ Encouraging the growth of gut bacteria 
✓ Improving digestion
✓ Enhancing mineral absorption

What’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?
Prebiotics encourage the growth of beneficial microbes (probiotics). Probiotics are good bacteria and feed on prebiotics. Both prebiotics and probiotics are important factors to a healthy gut as they work together to nourish the gut flora.Learning-Centre-01-930x5701

Just look at the goodness that’s in this product:

21 plant-based superfood fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs and spices that are rich in polyphenols.

Organic Spirulina • Organic Cabbage • Organic Cauliflower • Organic Black Currant • Organic Raspberry • Organic Spinach • Organic Mulberry • Organic Broccoli • Organic Carrot • Organic Beet • Organic Grape • Organic Kale • Organic Sea Buckthorn • Organic Pomegranate • Organic Sweet Potato • Organic Apricot • Organic Bitter Melon • Organic Ginger • Organic Cinnamon • Organic Clove • Organic Cocoa Seed

Another thing that I love about Genuine Health as a whole is their quality.  They are one of my favourite brands and I do feel that it’s a privilege(because they are improving my health) to endorse such a great company because Genuine Health has perfected the art of the fermentation process – they use artisanal methods of fermentation and they know precisely when to stop the process to ensure peak phytonutrient potency.  

I’ve enjoyed the flavourless as I went out and bought one when I first heard about FOGSF and I was given a sample of their Summer Berry Pomegranate which is yummy and berrylicious.  You can even use this in your recipes. Here’s one to check out, Orange Ginger Overnight Oats!

I want you to try fermented organic superfoods as well, so Genuine Health is going to gift one lucky winner a full tub of FOGSF as well as 2 sample tubs so you can try all three flavours.
Canadian Only, excl. Quebec ends Feb.19/18

Tell us your health goals for 2018 and you’ll be entered to win. Register your email below and unlock bonus points.

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Disclosure: This was written in collaboration with Genuine Health. 


  1. CL Chin | 6th Feb 18

    This year I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and when I can’t fit them in. A smoothie will do the job and I think this would be a great addition. Thanks for the information about how prebiotics differ from probiotics.

  2. Sarah | 6th Feb 18

    I never thought about adding prebotics to a smoothie! I will from now on.

  3. nicky | 6th Feb 18

    My health goal is drinking more water to stay better hydrated!

  4. Rosanne Robinson | 6th Feb 18

    My health goal is to change my snacking habits by avoiding junk food & getting more exercise.

  5. Bailey Wilson | 7th Feb 18

    My health goal is to get healthy! I really need to cut down on my sugar intake.

  6. Marlene J | 7th Feb 18

    The 21 plant-based superfood fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs and spices that are rich in polyphenols in this. Having a clean gut helps with overall health.

  7. jan | 7th Feb 18

    I am wanting to get outdoors more often this year. I have heard so much about fermented foods, but have yet to try anything other than sauerkraut which I haven’t had in years. (Yum) Loved learning that these items can be added to smoothies.

  8. Kim Tanti | 7th Feb 18

    My goals are to get healthy again so the cancer won’t come back and if it dose I will have the strength to fight it again. I also want to feel healthy and energetic again.

  9. Mollj | 7th Feb 18

    My goal is to get moving A LOT more. Like, every single morning instead of just on the weekends as it is now.

  10. Fan R. | 7th Feb 18

    My goals in 2018 is follow healthy lifestyle, be more active and take dance projects.

  11. joanne darrell | 8th Feb 18

    My health goal is to look after my heart.

  12. caroline m. | 9th Feb 18

    my health goal this year is to increase my level of fitness by increasing the time spent exercising

  13. Alison Braidwood | 9th Feb 18

    I’m trying to eat real food this year, and less junk. I didn’t know you could get prebiotic superfoods in powder form. So that’s useful, as I drink protein shakes for breakfast quite often.

  14. Linda | 9th Feb 18

    My health goals include cooking healthier foods at home.

  15. Victoria Ess | 11th Feb 18

    My health goals are to workout more regularly!

  16. Gord | 11th Feb 18

    I’m going to try and lose some belly fat.

  17. joy | 11th Feb 18

    I need to add some prebiotics to improve my gut health !

  18. Suzanne G | 11th Feb 18

    My health goals are to keep working out 4X per week, include more greens in my diet and go for massages more often.

  19. Tannis W | 11th Feb 18

    I’m trying to drink more water, cut out just a bit of sugar (I love that stuff), and move more.

  20. Tainan Lu | 12th Feb 18

    My health goal is to gain muscles.

  21. Elizabeth Vlug | 13th Feb 18

    I am pretty healthy but as I age I have developed some tummy troubles. I don’t think I digest like I used to. I do take a probiotic but never thought of taking a prebiotic. But it makes sense. Genuine Health is a name I trust and like too. Thanks for the information. And of course the giveaway.

  22. Nicole Jubleew | 13th Feb 18

    My health goals include swimming at least 3 times a week and incorporating more protein into my diet.

  23. Robyn Bellefleur | 13th Feb 18

    My goal is the eat healthier and cut out processed foods from my diet.

  24. kathy downey | 14th Feb 18

    My goal is being better to my body!

  25. Brian Hwang | 17th Feb 18

    My favourite fermented food is kimchi!

  26. Darren Scrubb | 18th Feb 18

    Great information since I know how important it is to eat healthy.

  27. Linda Smyth | 19th Feb 18

    This year I’m trying to add another 20lbs of weight loss to my 50lb weight loss last year!
    Eating really healthy andmeed tomove more.

  28. Loretta | 19th Feb 18

    drink more water!

  29. Carole D | 19th Feb 18

    My goal is to cut down on sugar again. I was doing amazing and Christmas and Valentine happen. Need to get back on lowering my sugar intake.

  30. Joni | 19th Feb 18

    this year I want there to be less of me, and me to be more nice

  31. Krista M | 22nd Feb 18

    While I’ve known about probiotics & have used them, I’ve never really heard of prebiotics before! Love that this product is unflavored, it makes it so much easier to add into recipes.

  32. Darren Scrubb | 22nd Feb 18

    Great looking foods I must add to my meals.

  33. kathy | 2nd Jul 18

    My health goal is to only eat real food!

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