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A little post about the man in my life is this months theme as an #ONatural Blogger and it was the perfect timing to write about him as his health was a small challenge in June.  He works so hard so I can stay home with the kids and I appreciate it so much.  We met when I was 23 and he was 34(gasp!).  The thought of me being 23 seems soooooo long ago but I’ll never forget that moment when I saw him and he saw me.  It was magic. Who would have thought that I’d have to move to Toronto to meet a guy and marry a guy from Winnipeg? I love our Winnipeg connection.  But we did meet at a Winnipeg Social in Toronto so it’s not too surprising.

As the nurturer in our my family I take the health of all very seriously.  But with my husband I tend to worry more as he has a very high stress job, a very demanding job and stress and high blood pressure can take a toll on him.  He has heart disease in the family so when he sent me a text that his blood pressure was high- I worried.  I also have a stupid fortune teller memory that sits in the back of my mind that his life will change when my husband turns 50.   I have not told anyone this and I am so mad, why did she tell me that? My husband will turn 49 this Summer.  It’s almost like a ticking time bomb.  I know it’s silly. Please no judgement.
So being an #ONatural blogger I went to their site and looked through what I should get.  Going to their site makes it so easy for me as you can click on condition and you will be taken to a part of their site with products recommendations.  His diet is pretty good too since he’s in the restaurant industry. His pub actually has healthy options!

Here’s what my husband is taking:
Magnesium– Helps maintain proper muscle function(perfect for his heart and stress!)
Heart Health Tincture– I was so happy that I could pick this up at my local Rexall’s  It maintains cardiovascular health and regulates and strengthens the heart-beat.
Heart Health from CanPrev(their parent company)-  Healthy Heart is an all natural herb and nutrient formulation developed to support cardiovascular health and healthy cholesterol levels. 
Fish Oils – Promotes heart and cognitive health
I am happy to say that his blood pressure is regulating and is not so high.  It’s getting better!  I also told him to stop taking Claritin as that can increase blood pressure as it contains a pseudo ephedrine.  So we shall see. 
He is my rock, my man, a father and I don’t know what I would do.  I am so mad that I let the gypsy read my palm at the spa I worked at.  I hope she is wrong.  Why we even had a “fortune teller” there for customers is beyond me! Gah!

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