AMP Swim diaper Winner from Summer Essentials

Sorry everyone but I am going to have to post the and Eco Nuts Scavenger Winners next week. So that means….I’ll keep the contests going until Wednesday June.15!

I am just too busy right now with my mom visiting from Winnipeg and I have to go through the entries one by one to make sure it is done right and will draw a winner.
I’ll be drawing names (or Charlie, we’ll tape a video/vlog) out of a hat or something will because both giveaways are done differently than how I normally do them. I just can’t type in a number like in the past on
I hope you all understand…..but I can finish up this giveaway which is the awesome AMP swim diaper and I will offer a Sale on them in light of the giveaway and article!

So…….the winner is……….. Izzy’s Mom, winning comment #23 was……

Izzy’s mom said… 23 We keep cool by swimming in our pool in the backyard! We make popsicles and drink LOTS of water too! I would love to win an AMP swim diaper for my 5 month old son!

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An email will be sent out to the winner.  If winner does not respond within 48hrs a new draw will be placed.
Have you entered our Cutey Booty giveaway? Enter here, open to USA and Canadians
Thank you everyone, I had fun reading your comments and I have an AMP swim diapers on Sale just for you if really, really want one!  The Sale will end Monday at 4pm 🙂

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