Anointment Natural Skin Care

From New Brunswick with love 🙂
A beautiful natural and affordable line with organic ingredients and hand crafted on the outskirts of Sacksville, New Brunswick.

What I love about the line is it’s main ingredients in their balms. Olive oil.
This is a nice alternative to the common nut butters out their and nut oils.  If you have children with nut allergies this is the line for you to feel safe about using in your home.

One of their products for new moms that I find especially unique is the Push Balm.
Apply 6 weeks before the estimated due date to the perineum to avoid tearing, this also helps heal hemorrhoids as well. Olive oil is high in vit.E and K which helps to strengthen the skin.
I wish I known of this product when I had my son.
It also helps to speed up the healing process post baby and even on
Cesarean wounds.
Developed in partnership with a naturopathic doctor to address the needs of pregnant/post-partum women, as well as long-term hemorrhoid suffers.

How about now that baby is here?
A cloth diapering friendly nappy balm? Yes, Anointment has that as well!
The recently awarded Baby Balm from PTPA has given them their infamous Seal of Approval on a remarkable product.
With my favorite ingredients of gentle healing herbs infused in a certified organic olive oil and beeswax base. Contains the soothing properties of organic calendula blossoms.  It is also zinc free so cloth diapering mama’s no worries! We had a nasty ammonia rash and this cleared it up in no time.
I was impressed.

How about something gentle, healing and soothing for baby’s delicate skin?I love soaps. Hand crafted soap is so gentle and lovely to wash baby with. My favorite is their Calendula soap.  
Anointment’s soaps contain 50% olive oil and a combination of coconut and palm oils to produce a high-quality, long-lasting soap. Anointment soaps create a rich lather with added shea butter to deliver intense moisture to the skin. The soap additives are simple: herbal botanicals and pure essential oils. No artificial preservatives, antibacterial agents or harsh antiseptics are required.

Natural Baby PowderDid you know talc has links to being carcinogenic and that talc can be unsafe?  Well it depends if it’s asbestos free or not and some companies are not clear if they are.
Anointment’s Talc Free Baby Powder is a must in the nursery and is made of a herbal powder made with white clay, arrowroot and a special blend of gentle herbs

Winter Skin? Dry, itchy?
Anointment’s Soothing Skin Ointment is what I apply on my sons cheeks before we go out. When they are a little older say around 6 months I moisturized his skin, baby’s skin is so delicate and doesn’t produce that much oil so their skin gets drier and like ours, it needs protection as well.  It protects against and relieves dry, cracked, chapped skin. Use on minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, sunburns, bug bites. I even use it on my lips.

So what I have for you to get your Christmas shopping in order, get some delightful stocking stuffers and gifts for the baby and mama in your life. Buy safe, healthy products that are free of carcinogens. Did you hear about Johnson & Johnsons?

{Until Nov.11 all Anointment products will be on SALE! Shop HERE and buy local this holiday season, support small businesses}


  1. Anonymous | 4th Nov 11

    This line sounds really good. And not crazy $$$

  2. Anonymous | 4th Nov 11

    Thanks for sharing a nice alternative to natural skin care. I love that it’s Canadian too!

  3. Anonymous | 4th Nov 11

    Ooooooo, I’ll have to look into this. Always love a good sale!

  4. Anonymous | 4th Nov 11

    Hi. Following from Mondays Canadian hop. New gfc follower. Would appreciate a follow back @

  5. Joanna Vargas | 12th Jan 12

    It just so happens that I’m pregnant and I know I will be needing a balm, it sound amazing. And even though I have my own all natural skin care line I don’t yet have a pregnant, postpartum all natural skin care line.

  6. Mama Ash | 12th Jan 12

    My background is esthetics and I love skin care!
    I’ll have to check out your line.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting Joanna.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, zoe organics is lovely too.
    Lots of good stuff on my shops site.

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