Attipas: New to Canada! Babies first shoes #Nontoxic #FirstSteps #Contest

New from Korea, Attipas has made its way to Canada to offer you fun, safe, orthopedic toxic free foot wear for the kiddo’s.  I first came across Attipas at The Babytime Show and I loved learning that they are toxic free.  Why do I care so much that they are toxic free?  The white brim & sole is made of silicone and your feet in general absorb whatever they are put in.  Wear plastic shoes? Think of the chemicals that make plastic. Your feet absorb them. So does baby. Try to buy quality footwear.

Attipas first launched in 2011 after 7 years of research and are quickly becoming a #1 choice in prewalker shoes. heard it first here 😉  My girls wear theirs all the time. Even when jumping around. You can see a vid on instagram.
They are made in Korea and based on kinetic and physio-dynamic tests of toddlers walking, these unique non slip shoes ergonomically support infants first steps and thereafter.

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 Well….besides that they are great ergonomically for your little ones feet. The nice wide brim is made like that for a reason! Toes need to grow unrestricted and have room to wiggle.  What makes Attipas great is they are affordable at $28 it’s a great price for toxic free shoes.  For this they get my Seal of Approval!

They are:

  •  non slip, light and easy for your little ones to walk in.  
  • There is also no formaldehyde in them. Something that Canada doesn’t regulate(well in clothing!)so I appreciate this fact.
  • machine washable/air dry
  • have breathable soles so feet can breathe 
  • come in some cute designs.
  • Can be worn from birth to 40 months
So what do we have in store for you?  A giveaway of course and right now you can save on shipping with Attipas Canada!  Free shipping ends, Dec.17/13 and the code is: FREE SHIPPING
Giveaway open to Canada only.
Click on read more to enter the raffle.
Good Luck!
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  1. Tania | 13th Dec 13

    Super cute! Lovin’ the marine anchor

  2. Aleasha | 13th Dec 13

    Would love the together purples for my daughter, but they only won by a slim margin lol.

  3. Aleasha | 13th Dec 13

    Following @attipascanada on instagram! @aleashac03

  4. Amy | 13th Dec 13

    I really love the Rainbow Yellow!

  5. Plum Pretty Sugar | 14th Dec 13

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing these lovely shoes with us, perfect for our precious little ones!


  6. oddduck | 14th Dec 13

    I really like the Attipas Together Purple. I don’t know the gender of the baby I’m cooking so want something that could work for either sex.

  7. Lori's Place | 14th Dec 13

    Oh my gosh, I showed my hubby and he wanted a pair for himself! He actually didn’t believe me and searched the web site! Well I will admit, I would love a pair of the Attipas Together Pink for my niece!

  8. TerriK | 14th Dec 13

    I love the marine one’s – these are great for kids learning to walk!!!

  9. Judy C | 15th Dec 13

    Attipas Rainbow Yellow (Judy Cowan)

  10. Judy C | 15th Dec 13

    Following @attipascanada on instagram as (Judy Cowan)

  11. Ronnie | 15th Dec 13

    I love the Marine Anchor!

  12. Anonymous | 15th Dec 13

    Attipas Animal Brown

  13. Monique L.S. | 15th Dec 13

    I like Attipas Animal White.

  14. Monique L.S. | 15th Dec 13

    I pinned: 7

  15. YashYanth! | 15th Dec 13

    The Marine Anchor!!

  16. AlisonBraidwood | 15th Dec 13

    I’d choose Attipas Together Pink.

  17. Lisa B | 16th Dec 13

    Attipas Marine Handle 🙂

  18. Catherine | 16th Dec 13

    I’d love the Animal White!

  19. ebee | 16th Dec 13

    Attipas Marine Arrow. so cute!

  20. Darci | 16th Dec 13

    The marine anchor

  21. Jessica | 16th Dec 13

    love those animal brown print

  22. Beth Gallinger | 17th Dec 13

    I would pick Attipas Together Pink.

  23. Angela M | 18th Dec 13

    I’d love the Attipas Together Purple for my little guy.

  24. Juliee | 21st Dec 13

    I like the Attipas Animal Brown

  25. eleanor | 24th Dec 13

    Attipas Together Brown

  26. Katy Emanuel | 28th Dec 13

    these are so cute, what a great idea. my favourite are together pink

  27. MTL Fashion Moms | 3rd Jan 14

    Cute and eco-friendy, I like! 🙂

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