Baby Comfy Nose~Nasal Aspirator

 With little ones and stuffy noses what’s a mama and a papa to do?  Cold and Flu season is around the corner and new parents out there you may want to look for something like this.
I never knew a thing like this even existed until I got contacted for a review and giveaway.
My son hasn’t been sick so we haven’t used it but I am sure glad I have this!

A dear friend of mine is Russian and from Kazakhstan.  Last year when our little ones were just well…little ones they were getting the occasional stuffy nose and we started to discuss what would we do to relieve their congestion.  I’m thinking a steam, Niaouli essential oil on my diffuser, something homeopathy related not what she was about to tell me. 

She told me that back home when she was little so lets say early 70’s, parents didn’t have these things like the Baby Comfy Nose and being in “the old country” parents would put their mouth to their baby’s nose and suck it out!  Um…….GROSS!  But being parent you would do anything right?

Thank god it’s 2010 and North America and there’s something called the nasal aspirator by  Baby Comfy Nose.  
Update: Feb, 2014.  I have twin girls now and both have their real first colds at this moment and plugged up noses. I have been using this and it is awesome.  Albeit my girls don’t love it but I do! It is getting their boogers out nicely.  I highly recommend this product!

For sure to come in handy when your child has a stuffy nose, learn the FAQ.
Here’s a video to understand more:

This comes in Tangerine and Blue and I have a Blue one to giveaway, this is a weekend giveaway so it’s over on Sept.26/10, Sunday 6pm EST.
Leave me a comment here telling me why you want to win one!
Open to where ever you live! I am sending it out.  Good Luck!


  1. Tara | 24th Sep 10

    I’d like to win one of these b/c I don’t have one yet!
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  2. Lisa G | 24th Sep 10

    I’d like to win this because I hate when my little men are so congested that they can’t sleep at night and they are having difficulty breathing. This is a cool product..I’ve never seen anything like this before.

  3. paulasue | 25th Sep 10

    I would like to have one because, when my little one gets congested, I don’t know how it help him. It makes you feel so helpless! Thank you, Paula C.

  4. Kathleen H | 26th Sep 10

    Looks like a super product. Thanks for the link! It’s been a very unsuccessful weekend with our bulb aspirator and I can’t wait for my four month old daughter to be sniffle-free! Thank you!
    kmh24slp at yahoo dot com

  5. libby | 26th Sep 10

    Baby R just got his first cold (at 9months, pretty good!) and the timing couldn’t be better to try the baby comfy nose! It would help us all get some good sleep.

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