Baby’s got Gas? You need Weleda Baby Tummy Oil

Baby is screaming, baby has their knees to chest and your panicking.
Baby’s got gas/ colic what ever you want to call it.  You need Weleda’s Tummy Oil and Boiron Colic.
My mom got this for me, even though Charles was a calm non colicky baby I still used this to massage him as I believe in the power of touch and tummy massage for baby is a wonderful experience.  Maybe that’s why he was such an easy baby?
Scented with the calming essential oils such as Marjoram, Roman Chamomile and Cardamom and the base of the oil is Sweet Almond.  Cardamom, I like the “mom” at the end of it as it reminds me what moms are. Gentle, comforting, soothing, healing and caring just like the scent of Cardamom. Just like Baby Tummy Oil.
I would place “C” on his back, drop a few drops of this heavenly oil and warm it between my hands.  Once warmed I placed my hands on his abdomen and started from the belly button and moved my way out in a clockwise direction, like your spiraling out and finish going down the left thigh.  I massaged his legs, his arm and back eventually too because he loved it so much and then we’d have a snuggle and nurse and then he’d drift in baby sleeping bliss afterwards. Oh how I miss those days when he was just a little baby.  This is one of my must haves for any new mom, you can find Weleda at most natural health stores.
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