Baby’s Gourmet – Great new company!

I have been on the hunt for something like this.
What do you ask?
Baby Gourmet.
I was at the Baby Times Show today and out of all of the new organic baby food companies this company stood out the most for me.
I have been looking for something similar to Plum Organics which is only in the States but seriously, who needs Plum when there’s Baby’s Gourmet.
Charlie likes pouches and as I was talking to Jennifer Broe one of the co-founders of Baby Gourmet my son was reaching for the pouches and he gulped down Harvet Pear, Pumpkin, Banana puree.


Besides loving them because they are Canadian(Alberta! I love Alberta), made in Canada and organic, the packaging clearly states being BPA free.  Plus I really like the menu options and they are a great snack for on the go.  They can be served at room temperature or served warm.

It comes in three stages, 1 for being Yummy purees, 2 Yummy Combo’s, 3 Tasty textures.
With greens and pears to vanilla berry risotta the possibilities of yummy food are endless and they are with no salt or sugar and no fillers or thickeners.
You can find Baby Gourmet at The Big Carrot and at the end of the month they will be at Walmart.
I am so happy to find this line.  If you’re going to the Baby Time Show check out their section to get a free a pouch and tell them I sent ya!  Have fun.

If you’d like to order online do so!
Here’s a promo code to save 10% plus free shipping when you shop on!  It ends November,15.10!
Code: Toronto10


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