Back to school & in the dorm they go with some helpful gadgets #CampusReady

Are any of your kids heading to university for the first time?  In a blink of an eye, before you know it they are off! I asked some of my veteran mom friends what they are getting for their kids as two of theirs are heading to the dorm this fall and aside from decor items, I wanted to chat with them about gadgets.  Here are some products you may want to get them as they begin to taste their own sense of freedom, grow new wings but you want to give them same comfortabilities like at home with Roku, or a great game router that will work through those concrete walls and up their computer speed so it will also up the WIFI in their dorm to get their school work done.


“Going to school can’t just be about studying and doing homework. It’s also a great time to improve on your gaming skills. Linksys offers the first router made exclusively for gaming, the WRT32X. The built-in Killer Prioritization Engine detects gaming traffic and automatically gives it priority to give you the fastest ping times and an edge over your competition. A customized gaming firmware and interface to make controlling the router better and easier.” 

This has upped our gaming and WIFI at home and we have solid concrete walls in our high rise.  The Linksys ensures optimal coverage and maximum signal strength – even in large, multi-story buildings.   

Have you heard of TekSavvy?  Another option is from TekSavvy.  DSL Service Packages from ($20-$35/month)

“Wherever you’re living, to do everything you want from studying to gaming you have to have access to high-speed internet service. TekSavvy gives you the chance to avoid the usual telcos and offers high-speed internet at an affordable price. You can sign up for an unlimited internet package that offers TekSavvy’s highest speed internet (50 MBPS) for just $30/month for 12 months. So if you’re tired of getting your internet from the big guys check out TekSavvy, it’s different, in a good way.”


Even our kids need a study break and binge watch some shows, right? Roku Premiere + lets you stream just about anything – movies, TV shows, live sports, news, and music. With 100,000+ movies and TV episodes to choose from, entertainment is on your schedule. Find popular choices that you can rent, buy, subscribe to or watch for free.   Binge watch with them! 


Safe by HUB6. For veteran students who are living off-campus, protect your belongings with an affordable security system. Safe uses the security system hardware you already have and frees you from long-term contracts or monthly fees. It redirects any alerts triggered by your system to your phone, friend, or HUB6’s Professional Monitoring when you need a back-up.  Get their free app which allows you to check the status of your home, control your alarm system, and get instant alerts when your system is armed or disarmed.




And don’t forget to check out Bed Bath & Beyond!  

Move-in day is approaching for university students, which means it’s time to get #CAMPUSREADY. Bed Bath & Beyond has all the must-haves and awesome extras for every dorm. You’ve got your digs and they’ve got the essentials and services needed to make it your own. Visit and check it out.

I hope you like some of these idea’s and I’d love to hear from you, what are you sending your kids off to university with?

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written in collaboration with IPR, all opinions are always my own.


  1. Kate | 30th Aug 18

    Mine is going with my old computer and Apple TV. I think I need to pick up a Roku for me, lol.

  2. KiKi | 30th Aug 18

    I actually just bought my daughter that Roku after talking with you about this!

    • Mama Ash | 30th Aug 18

      Hey Ki, that’s awesome. We can get her onto Outlander and binge watch and share our love for Jamie now!

  3. Carol and Mac | 30th Aug 18

    My son would be all over that gaming router. He’s far from university days but something we could actually use now as our current plugin $30 WIFI ain’t going jack, lol!

    • Mama Ash | 30th Aug 18

      I’ll be honest, it has helped a lot and we can even use our smartphones in the bedroom with no delay now and not having to turn on data.

  4. kathy | 25th Oct 18

    My grandson would certainly love the gaming router.

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