Back to school #IPR BacktoSchool Round Up

I am going to list some of my favourite picks for back to school items that was found at the #IPRBacktoSchool gift lounge.

Get kids reading( I know they can open a book but for your tech kids there’re e-readers) and Kobo has designed with the help of their most passionate customers, Kobo Aura ONE was crafted to deliver the absolute best reading experience, period.
When there’re kids, there’s a chance for lice. Lice Squad has you covered. I’m itchy just writing about it, but the Louse Tramp is the most effective lice egg removal tool on the market today.
It’s time to get labelling and the Back to School label kit from Mabel’s Labels is what you’ll need.  Whether the kids are starting JK or moving up to grade.3.
When it comes to classroom parties to packing a treat in the lunch box I always add MadeGood.  It has veggies in it, it’s healthy and safe for school.  Try it! You’ll love it.
Back to school means fundraisers and if your school is looking for great clothing for spirit week or clothing with the school name on it, Entripy offers great prices.  At our school, we also have the option for kids to learn Mandarin.  If this interests you- then check out Panda Mandarin.
Now, I love  It even has its own section for you for back to school.  I love Fluf products.  It’s eco-friendly, local and über chic and stylish for your kid as it’s also made with 100% organic cotton.
Since I mentioned Kobo up above, I gotta mention the Toronto Public Library.  For your little e-reader, you can also order books online and read them on the Kobo. They have audio books too!  Check out Oxford Owl too!  I had no idea how much the TPL has to offer.
Staples Canada is also a great one-stop shop.  Notebooks are 50% off and on their site, I like that it’s set up in groups of grades, like this for JK-3.

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Alright, guys!  Are you ready for next week?  What would you add to this roundup?


  1. Victoria Ess | 20th Oct 16

    A Kobo has always been on my wish list!

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