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Ahhh….it’s time.  Right folks? Are you ready? I am ready.  The air is shifting, the essence of Fall is just around the corner and it is time to get those lunches packed, school supplies and clothing labelled, get organized,  maybe you need to find out about tutoring, internet safety, RESP’s and fun literature to get kids reading.

Just thinking about internet safety goes to show how times have changed since we were kids.  I think for our parents back to school prep meant maybe getting new clothes and school supplies!  Now it’s so much more.
I attended the Impressions PR First Annual Back to School media lounge and I’d like to tell you what I was introduced to.  Some of the companies I already knew of and loved were there like Mabels Labels, and Staples.  Some of the other companies that were new to me was Streamlife, Net Nanny, Smart Saver, Prep Academy Tutors.  So below I am going to share with you my back to school must haves from all the companies.

1. Find great products for packing those lunches and snacks from  I love shopping with them and shipping is free on orders over $29.  That is awesome & here are my faves.

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1. So Young Lunch Bag 2. Colibri Reusable Snack Bag 3. Lugs BackPack 4. Vega Chocoloate Seeds 5. SkipHop Sippy Cup 6. Boomerang Bento Box 7. LaraBars 8.BuddyFruit Raspberry Coconut Milk 9. LifeFactory Bottle 10.Boomerang Litterless Lunch Snack Containers 11. Annies Cheddar Bunnies 12. Keep Leaf reusable Sandwich wrap 13. KidKonserve Stainless Steel containers. 

2. Back to school also means internet safety.  With projects and research these days kids are told to work on the computer rather than pick up an encyclopedia or research at the library.   Net Nanny is there for you whether your child is with their friends or at home when working and playing online.  Net Nanny is the #1 parental control software to protect your kids from pornography, cyber bullying, online predators and much more.  Visit Net Nanny to learn more and how you can have Net Nanny at your home.

netnanny3.  Labeling, labeling, labeling.  It can be quick and easy and who says you have to do it all? Get your little one to participate and get everything labelled so it will hopefully never get lost.  Mabels Labels has been Canada’s favourite for a number of years.  From allergy stickers(which is brilliant!) the Little Kids Combo set is great for JK and SK.   I think I’ll need the Ultimate Back to School Combo for my Grade. 2’er.
webconfig_ubtsschoolsupplies_16_small4. Speaking of labeling you’ll need supplies for that so head over to and shop online or at your closest location.  If you sign up now for their newsletter  you can get $10 of your next $100 purchase and receive other perks.
Here are my picks for the older kids whether having fun after school or at the dorm creating memories through pictures to writing up essays on the laptop.
5.  Your little one will be in Junior Kindergarten and then off to College before you know it.  Your child’s higher education is important to you, but you may not know how you’ll be able to afford it and we need to start saving for our kids and Smart Saver may just be what you need.  Check out Smart Saver on twitter for back to school giveaways.  SmartSAVER makes it easier for you to learn about RESPs and to get the Canada Learning Bond. They have teamed up with RESP providers across Canada that will help you get an RESP started with $0: no enrollment fee, no annual fee and no contribution required. To learn more visit Smart Saver today.

6.  Prep Academy Tutors has tutors that specialize in different subjects and different age groups, ranging from four to twenty-four years old. So no matter the age or field of study, youʼll be getting the perfect tutor for your child’s needs.   Prep Academy Tutors is the smart friend who explains things in a way that’s easy for you child to understand.  They keep weekly contact with you so you are up to speed with the progress your child makes.  With over 100+ tutors and locations in the GTA you can be sure you’ll be helping your child learn from the best tutors around.

7.  Streamlife has the ultimate family calendar. If you prefer a traditional calendar compared to electronic the Streamlife edition is perfect.  I even prefer it for my son to keep in his room so he can learn to schedule, know the dates and days and see what and when his activities are on his own.
For each reoccurring event you can choose activity sticker and place it on the plastic overlay.  For one time events such as appointments you can write or apply a sticker as well. At the end of the month gently remove and you can add the overlay over the next month.  No need to remove and reapply all those little stickers.  You’ll always be ready for the next activity!

8.  Lastly before school starts treat your kid to one or a few of the many great books from National Geographic Kids.  All my kids are big fans of these books and I love it when I see my son reading to his little sister fun things about nature.  The 2016 Almanac is fantastic! So many fun facts, amazing pictures and information every kid needs a copy of this.   And for the curious child…The First Big Book of Why is another must have.
Almanac-2016-cover-smallAre you ready for back to school? I hope you enjoyed reading about what I learned at this years Impressions PR First Annual Back to School media lounge. If you share this post-thank you!  Click on the social media buttons below.  Have an awesome day!

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