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How many days are left ’til it’s back to school? 8? Well we’ve had a healthy Summer.  No one got sick but we had a lot of bumps and bruises!
With back to school and colder weather it only means one thing to me.  The Sickies.  Also how do we get the kids back to bed for school? Sleep Tight for Kids might work!

So how do we treat fevers and colds with homeopathy? Here are a few of my go to’s in my cupboard besides a big batch of chicken bone broth:

Fever for Kids– A nice alternative if you want to avoid using the regular fever regulators.  I like Fever by Orange Naturals because of the ingredients.  Belladonna, Chamomilla, glycerin, citric acid,  purified water and trace amounts of lactose.  It’s all I use at home and with great results.  I don’t rush and panic when my kids have fever.  They have a pretty good immune system.  Fever is a normal response to infection.  I also like to use a cool cloth with a drop of Lavender on it and place it at the back of the neck where the “hump” is.  I also like to incorporate colloidal silver drops under the tongue.

Wet Cough for Kids– ” Recent research reveals that regular cough syrups don’t actually work – and some are even dangerous for children”.   I like that this has no artificial colours, flavours and other junk and parabens like the other stuff.  Get a bottle of this and keep it on hand. 

Cough + Colds for Night for Kids the benefits are as stated.  I even like to give them pure, raw honey with this as I rub oregano oil on their feet and along wither side of the spine:

  • Safe and effective night time relief from the common cold
  • Relieves tickling night time coughs and sore throats
  • Clears nasal and chest congestion & promotes a good night’s rest

Wet-Cough-for-kidsHow is your First Aid kit? Back to school can also mean even more bumps and bruises during recess, gym and after school play.
New to the Orange Naturals Family is their homoepathic creams.  Pain Relief Cream with arnica is a topical cream to soothe and heal from sprains to muscle spasms, minor bruising and swelling.
Bites + Stings cream …..those annoying wasps are here, low to the ground at parks and if your little one’s stung this will help with the discomfort from bites and stings and promotes local healing.

I think with the above we’ll be able to tackle the back to school Sickies and bumps and bruises from playing.  Summer is almost over.  What are you doing for the remainder of the Summer?  It’s going to be a hot week next week so I think we’ll be at the water park every day! I can start to think of back to school lunches and meals.  Slow cooking comes to mind.   On the #ONatural Blog you can read about Backpack safety, get tasty recipes and so much more.  Check it out and see what is on their Facebook page.

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Tammy @inRdream | 31st Aug 15

    No colds here all summer either! Orange Naturals is always my go-to when I feel a tingle happening.

  2. Amanda @MultiTestingMom | 4th Sep 15

    I really like your cold cloth idea with lavender. I already do the cloth, but will be adding the drop of lavender next time. Great tip!

  3. Ladena | 8th Sep 15

    I have never tried Orange Naturals before but have heard great things about their products again and again. We had a very healthy summer and I’m hoping fall will be like that too. All the products you mentioned sound great. I’ll have to look for them when I need some for my kids!

  4. Jennifer (momvstheboys) | 8th Sep 15

    I like the sounds of the wet cough for kids, I’m dreading the back to school germs!

  5. Stephanie Keeping | 8th Sep 15

    You know I have never heard of this before, but sounds like they could come in handy! I would use the wet cough medicine.

  6. Monica | 9th Sep 15

    You have great tips for managing a fever without medicinal intervention. I alway try to avoid traditional cough suppressants, we cough for a reason and suppressing it is not always a good idea. I have never used Orange Naturals, but would certainly give them a try!

  7. Fariha ( | 9th Sep 15

    I have never tried Orange Naturals before but I am a big fan of alternate medicine and avoiding traditional medicines (particularly for the kids) whenever possible.

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