Cleaning your oven with baking soda!

The other day I had a dish break in my oven.  I couldn’t figure out why it smelled like something was burning? I mean, I was just cooking a chicken leg!  When I opened the oven to pull it out I saw that my dish had broken in half.  In half!  I guess it went from hot to cool to hot and reacted?  Anyways, I was left with a huge mess.  It’s pretty gross.  Do you want to see it?

dirtyoven_everythingmomandbabyI don’t think I’ve ever cleaned it, to be honest.  But I had a turkey to cook and I didn’t want a smokey stinky kitchen for when guests were coming over. I also didn’t want to use chemicals.  What was I to do?  I googled and found that using water and baking soda would work.  I thought, I’ll give it a try as I had Eco-Pioneer Baking Soda.
I used half a cup and added enough water to make a good medium thick mixture.  I just went in and rubbed it everywhere!

Ideally it is recommended that you leave it overnight.  I was getting a little impatient and I went at it about 8 hours later.  I couldn’t help myself, lol but I left the back the oven to sit in the baking soda wash overnight.  I just HAD to see if this worked.   It wiped away pretty easily!  I used J cloths and the Worlds best scrubber pad and a final wipe with paper towel.
cleanoven_everythingmomandbabyI am sure if I left it for overnight it would be even more spotless, the door still needs more soaking and elbow grease but I gotta say, I am pretty pleased.  Anyways, I just wanted to share what I was up to over the weekend.   If your oven needs a wash, skip the chemicals and just get some baking soda and water!
Also!! I gave the oven racks a good soak in dish soap for 4 hours and they wiped off easily.  
~ Signing off, your Domestic Goddess 😉

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  1. Cheryl | 14th Oct 16

    That’s awesome! Way better than those harsh cleaners

    • Erica | 15th Oct 16

      I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

  2. Victoria Ess | 15th Oct 16

    Those are amazing results!

  3. Carole Dube | 15th Oct 16

    I love the result! I only own self clean oven in the last 25 years, I can never go back.

  4. Jenn Erin | 15th Oct 16

    Not surprised that the results were so great! Baking soda is a staple for us. It’s multipurpose but also so effective!

  5. kathy downey | 16th Oct 16

    Wow,i can’t wait to try this

  6. Judy Cowan | 17th Oct 16

    Wow, going to have to try this out. I hate using the chemical sprays! Sharing!

  7. Carol M | 18th Oct 16

    Oh thanks for the tip, will have to try this out, my oven is long overdue for a clean. LOL

  8. Dianne G. | 19th Oct 16

    I would never have believed that soda would clean like this without seeing it! Thanks for the great tip!

  9. Krista M | 21st Oct 16

    I always make sure to clean the oven when the kids are at school so they don’t have to breathe in those awful chemicals. Now I can do it when they’re home, this is much better for everyone!

  10. kathy downey | 23rd Oct 16

    I hate using the chemical cleaners,thanks will try this next cleaning

  11. kathy downey | 7th Feb 17

    Thanks this works really well,i was surprised how easy it was.!

  12. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 6th May 17

    I’ve always hated the chemical oven cleaners, the smell alone always made me want to vomit. Luckily I now have a self-cleaning oven for the first time in 40 yrs and it works great. I’ve never tried using baking soda for oven cleaning but it certainly works a lot better than I’d have expected it to. 🙂

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