The beauty of Bella Aura Skincare

“I came to understand how a person with skin issues feels inside and how difficult it is on their mind and spirit. I didn’t create Bella Aura to make you perfect. To me, perfection is an illusion. My goal is more on a spiritual level: I want to make you feel beautiful from the inside out so that your inner and outer beauty shines through. When you’re at your best, the positive spirit within you emanates the surface in the world.”

Beautiful skin is a reflection of a person’s Aura. ~ Yasmine Jones

A while ago, Petal and Post sent me samples of Bella Aura.  A new high-end Canadian skin care company that is utterly luxurious, effective, nourishing and simply beautiful.  Infused with Swiss technology,  your skin will glow with Bella Aura.

” Overwhelmed and confused by conflicting advice and ineffective product formulas, she discovered the ancient beauty elixirs used by the Berber tribes of her native Morocco. Combined with research and collaboration with modern chemists and Swiss skincare experts, she developed a complete collection of natural skincare products leading to the recovery of her healthy, glowing skin.” ~ Bella Aura


The moment I pumped the(Step 1) Bella Aura Gentle Purifying Cleanser I knew my skin was going to experience something magical.  The scent of neroli is just so delicious, romantic and wonderful for your skin.  A little side note Neroli is it’s from the Ruataceae family(citrus) and Neroli reduces muscle spasm.  Imagine, massaging this cleanser into your skin and inhaling the essences; you will be relaxed and that’s what makes Bella Aura luxurious.  The cleanser is also rich in EFA’s 3 & 6 and does an excellent job removing not just the dirt on your skin but maybe the “dirt” from your day as well as you inhale Neroli’s magical properties.  You don’t even need to use a toner or floral water after cleansing.  The Purifying Cleanser(great for all skin types) balances your pH level.  

Bella Aura is a  line of five multi-purpose products designed to treat the root cause of imbalance to restore the skins youthful health, vitality and to protect against daily environmental stressors such as pollution.   As I mentioned Step 1, above in their Purifying Cleaner, the(#2) Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster is what you need if your skin is dull, needs some TLC and want to diminish your pigmentation spots. I mixed the Booster with their (#3) Natural Face Moisturizer for an extra boost.   I don’t use sunscreen, and I’ve been dealing with a sunspot below my left eye.  It was driving me crazy and it finally went away as I was religiously gently patting this booster under my eye.  I’ll update with a pic.  The Antioxidant Booster is by far a star product from this line.   I think the Lemon Balm, Vit. C and E did its magic as it helps restore, repair and improve cell growth.

My next favourite from the line is (#4) Bella Aura Under Eye Lifting Cream.  I’ve ignored my eyes. I remember one of the spa guys I used to work with. I should never have listened to him as he was my old boss at a spa he brought over from Calgary and he had his “own skincare” line, he said, “don’t believe in eye creams”.
Well, I’m here to tell you, DO.  While the rest of my skin looks good, ageing wise, I found my eyes not so much. Since using the Under Eye Lifting Cream, I am finding my eyes do not look as crepey when I smile and the skin around my eyes are nourished when I put makeup on.  I smile confidently in my pictures now as I don’t worry as much about how wrinkly or how dehydrated they looked.  It brought back some life to my under eye area.  Wrinkles are still there of course, but I find the skin quality around better.   Lastly (#5) Bella Aura Cellular Renewal Night Cream.  I’m all about renewing skin cells overnight with a quality product and this night cream calmed my skin & improved its suppleness.  I loved walking up to see my skin calm and healthy.  Its key ingredients are most unique, have a look {here}.   
I love that Bella Aura are emulsions as the product melts into your skin. Kamilah means Complete in Arabic. Their oils in this line make up the Kamilah blend: Argan, Prickly Pear, Nigella Sativa, and Neroli.  Their ingredients are clean, natural, mostly organic and high quality.  I also love the packaging.  Dark bottles to protect the magic in each of the products,  the aura’s that are used for each line.  Put your own energy into your bottle. Hold them and with intent try reciting what each colour symbolizes.

Pink evokes compassion, beauty and love. It projects warmth and passion.

Indigo represents our spirituality & intuition it projects a higher sense of awareness.

Orange symbolizes a burst of energy and creativity, it projects a radiant glow.

Green communicates renewal, it projects healing, rejuvenation and a sense of nature.

Blue symbolizes calmness It projects tranquility and inner peace.

You can find Bella Aura at most high-end boutiques such as Petal & Post.  Follow Petal & Post on Facebook and get inspired by great skin by following Bella Aura on Instagram.


Disclosure: This was post was written in collaboration with Petal Post.  I was given samples in exchange for my honest review. My opinions as always are my own.
Photos courtesy of Bella Aura


  1. Danielle | 17th Mar 18

    This looks simply divine. It’s expensive, isn’t it?

    • Mama Ash | 18th Mar 18

      It’s worth every penny 😉 Go check out Petal and Post. If you subscribe to their newsletter you will get a 10% off code.

  2. Kay | 17th Mar 18

    I’m looking to up my skincare regime and I want luxe. I’ve read other reviews as well and it sounds like a skincare company I’d love. Thanks, Mama Ash! I hope you can give me a facial soon! -Kay

    • Mama Ash | 18th Mar 18

      I hope so too, Kay! I just need to find a spa that I can do my facials in that can work around school drop off and school pick up during the week.
      I hope you’ll treat yourself to some Bella Aura. xx

  3. Athena | 8th Apr 18

    Thank you for the review!

  4. nicky | 30th Apr 18

    Lovely! I’d love to try the renewal night cream.

  5. S. Stewart | 1st Jun 18

    A lovely, descriptive post! I quite admire the product already.

  6. nicole | 27th Jun 18

    Petal and Post has such wonderful products 🙂

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