Belly Buttons and Babies: Skincare for Mum & Baby


I first came across bellybuttons and babies a couple of months ago on Facebook.  I love finding new brands of skincare because I am a hardcore skincare junkie and when I find local, Canadian brands…even better!

What’s in Bellybuttons and Babies and where are they from?
Bellybuttons and babies are based out of Ontario.  They have a great selection of skincare for mum and baby and all ingredients are natural and handcrafted.  Belly Buttons & Babies products are free from toxic ingredients and use the safest preservatives know to nature and mankind.  Only 100% steam distilled and cold-pressed essential oils are used and unadulterated.  The Aromatherapist in me loves that!  Bellybuttons and babies are committed to using only organic ingredients and supporting sustainable farmers.  To learn more about them visit this link.

What we love!
I’ve been using their Sunscreen Lotion SPF30, $18 all summer.  In fact, it is a product I highly recommend.  With simple ingredients, it goes on nice and blends remarkably.  It’s also truly not whitening!  Naturally, they get out Seal of Approval.
A safe, natural and chemical free sunscreen is possible and we found it thanks to Bellybuttons and Babies. 


Another favourite product of theirs that we love is the Mom and Baby Cream.  It has some whitening so you have to massage it in well.
It has a fresh, clean scent.  You can use this on your tummy to prevent/treat stretchmarks(if they are still red), treat eczema, dads can use this to treat razor burn. It’s packed with the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to nourish and treat.  For baby use after bath or to treat diaper rash.  Bellybuttons and Babies recommend you sing baby’s favourite song whilst massaging 😉

 Anything else to love?
Well, I do like all the EWG ratings their products have, love the sweet designs in their packaging, we love the selection of products and well what’s not to love? 

Follow Bellybuttons and Babies on FacebookShop Belly Buttons and Baby, it’s a brilliant and affordable line.

Disclosure: This was written in collaboration with Belly Buttons & Babies. All opinions are always my own as I was gifted product.


  1. Brandi Yee | 14th Aug 12

    These sound like wonderful products and I love that they’re from Ontario! 🙂 I’d never heard of them until now, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Elizabeth FrugalMomEh | 14th Aug 12

    Thanks for sharing! These products sound really great and I also love that they are right in Ontario! I’ll have to keep an eye out for their products.

  3. ~Shannon~ | 14th Aug 12

    Looks like a great product. I too am a skin care produc junkie!

  4. Christine | 15th Aug 12

    Sounds like another great product! I love all the items you carry in your shop! Can you believe we’ve been following each other’s blogs since our Born Free Mom Panel days?!

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