Bert&Bratt Portable UV Sterilizer from POM Kids #Review & #Giveaway

” Bert&Bratt products have a small UVGI light that kills germs using a dual-action process.  The oxygen in the air reacts with a range of 254 nm wavelengths creating ozone to safely eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The only by-product of this process is oxygen, leaving the pacifier without any residue or harmful bacteria. Simply push and hold button until light flashes.  When flashing has stopped, sterilization has occurred. It breaks down bacteria and exposes the DNA/RNA, quickly destroying the cell.
UV light is often used in hospitals to sterilize equipment as well as to remove germs from water and air.  Simple yet effective. ” ~ from Bert&

Have you ever heard of a portable sterilizer?  Add this to your Baby Registry.  Have you ever been in a situation when out and about and baby throw their paci on the floor? Subway? Bus? When there’s no where to give it a wash there’s Bert&Bratt.

Now I am all for good bacteria.  You gotta build the immune system some how but some don’t feel the same way.  Bert & Bratt is there for you to sanitize and prevent in just 4 minutes.  Babies immune system is developing and god only knows what can be picked up on a dirty pacifier.  Those with infants that have autoimmune disorders this may be just something you need for your little one for extra protection.  So for peace and mind toss Bert & Bratt in your diaper bag and don’t fret anymore.
To learn more about how UV light work visit POM Kids.

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So how does it work? Watch the video:

Bert&Bratt works on most teethers, soothers, bottle nipples and even some sippy cup lids.
Bert&Bratt retails for $45
To shop visit Bert & Bratt or visit POM Kids for a store near you.

From the lovely folks at POM Kids and Bert&Bratt they are offering one lucky subscriber

of Everything Mom and Baby a Bert&Bratt of their very own!
Open to Canada only
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Good Luck!

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  1. Sw33tKrv3lty | 15th Jan 14

    I love that the uv sterilizer only takes 4 minutes. I would have thought it would take longer than that! I also like that it can fit an assortment of items, not just toothbrushes.


  2. Sw33tKrv3lty | 15th Jan 14

    Yes I am a subscriber of EMnB

  3. Jay | 15th Jan 14

    Love that it’s quick and chemical free!

  4. Jay | 15th Jan 14

    I’m a subscriber!

  5. Josh Siemens | 15th Jan 14

    I love that it is a safe and easy way to sterilize

  6. aperry | 15th Jan 14

    I learned that it eliminates 99-9% of harmful bacteria.

  7. Annie1 | 15th Jan 14

    I love that its chemical free!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  8. Lori's Place | 15th Jan 14

    I like that is kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs.

  9. Sue2Sueper | 16th Jan 14

    It is great that it safely eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria and that the only by-product of this process is oxygen. Sounds good to me.

  10. Julia | 16th Jan 14

    I like that it kills bacteria and that it can fit different items.

  11. jana24 | 16th Jan 14

    I like that you can sterilize whenver and wherever you want

  12. Melissa Finn | 17th Jan 14

    Love that it’s portable and only takes 4 minutes

  13. Erin | 17th Jan 14

    I love that you can take it with you!

  14. jessica s | 18th Jan 14

    Wow this is awesome! I sooo need this, I love that it is portable and I can take it with me in my diaper bag!

  15. jessica s | 18th Jan 14

    I’m a subscriber!

  16. natasha severson | 19th Jan 14

    i like that its chemical free and just about anything will fit in it!

  17. Arian Dark | 19th Jan 14

    Love how it kills 99.5 percent of germs

    rafeelcopter name is jackie reid

  18. Wanda Tracey | 19th Jan 14

    I like that it destroys 99.9 % germs and it’s chemical free.

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