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When did you get your nursing bra?  When I got home from the hospital the thought of having the right nursing bra didn’t even faze my mind….with everything going on I thought that with the nursing bra I bought before all the milk came in would be okay….What a mistake and a stupid mistake as it wasn’t big enough and the girl who helped me was not informed and not from Bravado! Designs. I also got mine very early and in the early stage of pregnancy when my breasts were beginning to change ever so slightly.
You don’t have time to go after baby or the energy, so do go and visit the wonderful team behind Bravado! Designs Nursing Bra’s.  
How do they measure?
 I was invited for a fitting since I didn’t know when to get properly measured.  They suggest come a week or two before your delivery because they can estimate quite accurately what size you will go up once milk has come in.  
I was measured wearing my current brassiere and we went from there to find what style to have. Wire or no wire, tank nursing bra(which is the best & I was crushed when they didn’t have my size).
Their underwire bra’s are especially longer going slightly passed the breast so it doesn’t block milk ducts. When those ducts are blocked mastitis can develop and other infections as well.
The nursing tanks have improved since last year and they really listen to customer feedback which is why they are better than ever.  They are a great investment and very, very handy to have. I loved mine.
They have so many styles  for a brassieres and my favorite is their newest creation the Bliss Bra.  I was given this bra after my fitting and I am so happy in it.  It is comfortable, gives my breasts a great boost and it looks good!
In a nutshell, Bliss is your everyday, foam cup t-shirt bra that will soon become a staple in your nursing wardrobe. The cups are smooth, and seamless for discretion and comfort, the neckline is low and the fabric is satiny and fabulous.  The main innovation in Bliss is Bravado’s proprietary Flexi-FitTM support channel: a flexible under-breast support system that will give you an elegant shape and exceptional fit for everyday use. The result is not only unbelievably comfortable, but also a critical innovation for breast health: you will not experience pressure, which can be the source of milk duct compression and can lead to infection or mastitis. 
So ladies how do you get one for yourself?
Contact Bravado.  Schedule an appointment for a bra fitting and they will measure you.  The ladies are warm and welcoming and you’ll have a lot of fun.
Bravado! Designs will give you a bra for coming in and getting fitted!
If you are in the Toronto area, I hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a free nursing bra. They are located in Toronto(St.Clair & O’Connor) on 41 Hollinger Road ,Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4B 3G4
416 466-8652 or 1 800 590-7802 or email:
Come back and leave me a comment here and share your experience, they make the best nursing bra’s you’ll be very happy. Tell them you heard about it on Everything Mom and Baby!


  1. Maternity Clothing | 31st May 11

    Women love the classic lingerie look and the “subtle peep” of attractive lace under their blouse. This lace drop cup bra perfectly fulfils this requirement while not missing any of the important functional demands of a good nursing bra. The bra has been specifically designed for fuller breasted women.

    dropcup bra

  2. Maternity wear | 7th Jun 11

    I have two of these bras in 32 H/I, and I’m really thankful for the smaller band size-I wish more companies made them smaller. I really like the three hooks in back and the pretty design. However, I echo previous comments that it would be nice to get it in black as well. One thing I don’t like about this bra is that the lace and seams show through on some shirts. Not as smooth under clothing as formed bras.

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