My 5 picks from Breville Canada for Mothers Day

As a Breville Ambassador I am going to share with you my favourite gift idea’s for mom and link some of my past reviews so you can learn more before making your purchases.  You’ll easily see why I love them and why they are top 5 picks for Mothers Day this year. 

1. The mother of all food processors and my pride and joy. The Sous Chef Plus 12.  Food preparation has never been easier. It is my go to appliance for making dough, slicing vegetables, shredding cheese, making sauces and dips and so much more.  Easy to clean, easy to store and a stellar appliance. Every kitchen needs a good food processor.  $499


2. The Breville Smart OvenPro.  I use this everyday.  It is another great product from Breville Canada.  Roast, bake, slow roast and toast.  This is a the convection oven of your dreams.  This is the first compact oven with Element IQ™, the technology that controls heating elements to suit whatever you are cooking.  The 0.8 cu. ft. Smart Oven™ also suggests the use of convection and makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients. $369


3. The Quick Touch Crisp. I am currently reviewing the newest from Breville, their Quick Touch Crisp microwave.  In a nutshell.  It is awesome.  Not heavy, quiet and effective in all it’s magic it is know for.  The easy to use inverter microwave combines more even heating, brown and crispy results, with features of the Quick Touch. This microwave knows the right power level and time to suit different food types and switches to grill when it’s needed. $599
4. The Fast Slow Pro.  An easy to use pressure cooker that causes you no stress. I promise.  It’s easy to use, it can make you a delicious roast in 40min compared to 6-8hrs of slow cooking.  Something I can use when I am falling behind on time.  The Combination Pressure and Slow Cooker That Knows The Time, Temperature and Pressure Different Foods Need.  Dual sensors at the top and bottom monitor ingredients for more accurate temperature and pressure control, while the hands free steam release automatically varies across foods to maximise flavour and texture.   $369img73c5. The Boss to Go.  As a lover of smoothies and quick liquid snacks for the kids this sounds like a great product for busy moms on the go.The Breville Boss To Go  Plus is a Super Personal Blender that pulverizes whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and leafy greens using a powerful 1000 watt peak power motor.  Kinetix® blade and bowl system has serrated central blades that pull ingredients down, and large curved sweeping blades that turn ingredients into tiny particles.  This blending action blends finer and smoother smoothies so it makes boosting nutrition more enjoyable than ever. $299
Which Breville product would you ask for from this list?  Thanks for visiting and have a great day! Share it, Like it, Tweet it. Xx Erica

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  1. joy | 3rd May 16

    i would the quick touch crisp microwave — sounds awesome!!

  2. Erica | 3rd May 16

    I am blown away that I made a grilled cheese sandwich in yet yesterday!

  3. Caroline M. | 3rd May 16

    I bought myself a Smart OvenPlus 2 months ago and I absolutely love it. Last night we even made steak in it.

    • Erica | 3rd May 16

      The broil feature is amazing! Mmm…steak!

  4. Florence C | 3rd May 16

    I would love the Fast Slow Pro.

    • Erica | 3rd May 16

      I was terrified at first thanks to my mom but it’s a hands free pressure cooker and slowly releases the steam, I love it. It’s really a handy appliance to have. I hope you get one 🙂

  5. Jody D | 3rd May 16

    Looks like a new must have for my kitchen!

  6. jan | 3rd May 16

    There isn’t one in the bunch that I wouldn’t be thrilled to have!

  7. Cheryl | 3rd May 16

    The fast slow pro sounds awesome

  8. Maria | 3rd May 16

    The Breville Boss To Go™ Plus would be a dream

  9. Victoria Ess | 3rd May 16

    I’d get the Boss To Go for myself and the Fast Slow Pro for my mother!

  10. Julie | 4th May 16

    All of these look amazing but The Boss would rock my world!

  11. Jody D | 5th May 16

    Breville makes some great products! The Fast Slow Pro looks like a winner!

  12. Melinda Jana | 5th May 16

    The Sous Chef Plus 12 because that would save me so much time and energy on chopping and slicing those yummy foods for parties

  13. kathy downey | 5th May 16

    I would love the Fast Slow Pro.It all sounds amazing.

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 4th May 17

    I’ve used a pressure cooker all my life and think they are marvellous energy and time savers. I would love to have a Breville Smart OvenPro though, now that my kids have all left home I’m on my own and this would be ideal for me. It seems such a waste to put the oven on for the scrap of food I eat.

  15. June M | 5th May 17

    Breville appliances are top notch. I would love to have a Breville food processor

  16. kathy downey | 6th May 17

    Breville makes some great products i have the waffle maker and it’s amazing,i would love to add the Quick Touch Crisp microwave to my kitchen it sounds amazing !

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 11th May 17

    I’d love to have a The Fast Slow Pro, I do have two pressure cookers but this Fast Slow Pro is a step up from mine. I’ve always had a pressure cooker, my mum cooked with one for at least 66 yrs, perhaps even longer but I’d love this.

  18. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 11th May 17

    Woops didn’t tag you in my comment, again! Still haven’t worked out how to do it though!

  19. Krista M | 12th May 17

    The Quick Touch Crisp has been on my magical wish list the past 6 months! I love how it keeps things crispy. And the look of it is the most gorgeous appliance. Sleek, modern, & very useful for my family!

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