Outdoor entertaining & design tips from Presidents Choice #homeforspring

Did the recent long weekend inspire you to redecorate and get some new things for the backyard or your balcony? Well it did for me.  Beautiful warm weather has FINALLY arrived in Toronto and I got some lovely goodies from Real Canadian Superstore as a few of us bloggers share with you #HomeforSpring.

Having a space outside where you can go to relax in the summer is a necessity, no matter the size. There are lots of ways to maximize the functionality of your outdoor space, allowing you to capitalize on entertaining opportunities!  


From melamine platters, decorative mason jars, potted plants, non breakable dishware you can find these beauties at Loblaws home centre near you.  If you entertain a younger demographic like a I do with my mom friends and their kids (ie. toddlers), you may find pieces like the PC® Everyday Essentials Daisy Chip and Dip Carrier a little more functional, in case of accidents. If you cater to a more mature crowd, the PC® Embossed Collection is perfect for an elegant, simplistic look.


What are some design tips from the President’s Choice team?

 The ongoing battle of fashion vs. function has been put to rest in recent years, as aesthetically pleasing decor has become more functional. Most people won’t settle for a product that solely looks good; they want something that looks great but also serves a purpose in their day-to-day life. When your micro-living space needs some sprucing up, dimensions and colouring are a huge consideration, as both can maximize the functionality and perception of your oasis.

Think Light, Neutral Tones: Tones can be your biggest weapon against a small space. They can visually enlarge a space, and more importantly, manipulate your feelings toward that space. Using pale or slightly warm colours like the PC® Embossed Pitcher or the PC® Lanterns, will give the illusion the space is a lot larger than it seems, and let’s face it, who wants a black patio in the summer, you’d roast!

Creating in Style:  Making food is no longer just a kitchen to table affair, there is a certain amount of pride that accompanies the dishes. To make an unforgettable meal you sometimes need a little bit of inspiration and what could possibly be more inspirational than colourful essentials! With kitchen accents like the PC® Melamine Spoons and PC® All-In-One Bowl Set, you can create your dishes with tools that make it a little more fun!


Simple Summer Accents:  Most of your time in the summer is spent outside, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect changing up your décor to match seasonal trends. With open concept spaces it’s important that the décor in other rooms tie back to each other. Adding simple accents like a PC® Large, Indoor Floral Blue Squash Cushion or PC® Potted Aloe Plants can maintain a clean, simple look while adding a burst of colour and life.

This summer, take advantage of the best one-stop-shop in town at your local Real Canadian Superstore and select Loblaws.

It saved me a lot of time and energy this season as it stayed true to its reputation as a one stop shop. You can find everything you need from décor and groceries, to barbeques and cookbooks! 


What are your favourite decor tips and/or where do you find your design inspiration?
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  1. kathy downey | 27th May 16

    I love all the colour you chose,i love summer with all the bright colours.

    • Erica | 5th Jun 16

      Thanks! I want to get some more things now.

  2. Elizabeth Vlug | 2nd Jun 16

    Some good tips from President’s Choice team. I love doing my shopping when I get to their store. Great selection and prices. Always current.

  3. Victoria Ess | 7th Aug 16

    I love the selection at my local RCSS! Love your picks!

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