Bringing fun home with Hasbro for creative ways to keep kids learning & occupied #bringhomethefun

How is everyone doing?  How’s homeschooling going?  I’ll be honest, with us it’s been a struggle.  While getting some work done, I also like finding creative ways for my kids to learn and Hasbro has gifted us productive ideas to get innovative in the form of exercise, imagination play and to work on our spelling and reading.

In an effort to provide a constant resource for families during the global health pandemic, Hasbro has announced that they will be launching #BringHomeTheFun, a global initiative providing parents and caregivers resources to help keep kids occupied, calm, and engaged during extended time at home and indoors. Hasbro has been helping kids and families play together for more than 80 years, and we know that now more than ever households are looking for ways to foster quality family connection and reduce the reliance on screens.

With the twins in Grade 1, they are learning to read and write and Junior Scrabble has been a great addition to our play and learning time.  It’s one of my favourite word games and seeing my daughters learn and actually play the game well has been great to watch.  They are almost ready for the other side of the board which is more advanced.  What is great about Scrabble is kids are learning meaningful words, it kills boredom. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, I’m bored! But most importantly it teaches vocabulary, improved creativity, develops concentration, confidence and strategy.   I’ve seen this even in my son as we’ve been playing Scrabble Deluxe. Getting him engaged while teaching him and upping his vocabulary has been great.  


For those rainy days or even art days can we call agree that Play-Doh is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and the stress release when we squish the Play-Doh, right?!  We’ve had great fun with the Play-Doh Animal Crew Cluck a  Dee Feather Fun Chicken(see my Instastory) and PlayDoh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream set. 



In the words of Maria Montessori. ” Play is the work of a child” and what are the benefits of playing with Play-Doh? When you have a twin, you learn co-operation(ha!), you have a creative play, imagination play, it builds strength in the hands and it brings out a slow, old school way of play and laughter and fun when they see their creations.  I absolutely love it!

Now it’s time for a little exercise!  Get the kids out for a walk around the ‘hood with their FurReal pet or better yet get them moving inside too!  The Walk Alots are so cute, right? What’s more fun than walking a pet? Walking lots of them of course as the Walkalots pets feature a connectible system that lets kids walk one pet or their favourite pack.  My daughters got a puppy and unicorn and they get so much attention when we’re out getting our daily dose of fresh air and exercise.  The neighbourhood kids all want one. 

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200415110929994_COVERWhether families are looking for activity challenges to keep kids busy, ways to use games and toys to stimulate their brains, or ideas for helping kids cope with emotional stress and more, is a one-stop resource that is here to help.   You can find Parenting Solutions,  watch fun videos, discover ways to help your community through #SavewithStories, learn fun things to do and more.  I hope you’ll head over to their site.  Hasbro, thank you for gifting us such great products!   

Giveaway (3)

I’d love to give some away to my valuable readers here on the blog.   I am excited to announce that we will be giving away a Junior Scrabble and a Deluxe Scrabble and FurReal WalkAlot that Hasbro will surprise you with one Play-Doh Drizzy Ice Cream set!  Let’s bring a little sunshine to a lucky family.  Giveaway is Canadian only, excluding Quebec. 18+yrs to enter and please read Rules & Regulations.  All entries are checked. Giveaway ends Jane.5/202- 12am CST.


Disclosure:  This post is in partnership with Hasbro and all opinions are always my own.


  1. Jill | 28th May 20

    My girls would really enjoy the play doh.

  2. kristen visser | 28th May 20

    So many great ideas posted on their web page. A couple of my favorites are the PLAY-DOH Ice Cream Waffle Cone Activity, the Pizza Shoppe Menu Activity and the Diner Menu Activity

  3. Rosanne Robinson | 28th May 20

    My grandson’s favourite Hasbro activity is the Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Beystadium.

  4. Ivy Pluchinsky | 28th May 20

    We would enjoy playing with the play-doh

  5. Jenna McDonald | 28th May 20

    We would definitely play with the play doh! Hard choice so many wonderful things!

  6. Shirley O | 28th May 20

    We would enjoy playing with the play doh.

  7. Amanda Masters | 28th May 20

    The play doh paint by numbers sounds great, super fun and educational also the peppa pig pudding muddy puddles as who doesnt love pudding!

  8. lynn clayton | 28th May 20

    play dough monster cans this is a great idea

  9. Crystal Dzirneklis Porco | 28th May 20

    The unicorn looks so cute!

  10. Darlene Burns | 28th May 20

    The play doh kitchen creations drizzy ice cream set looks super fun.I have 2 almost 4 year olds,7 year old and 11 year old girls who would LOVE this .

  11. Karen J | 28th May 20

    My kids would love the play doh. I think they will be ready for scrabble jr too.

  12. Lynda Cook | 28th May 20

    This would be an awesome play pack to win, keeping them busy is hard right now, the Play Doh Paint by numbers looks like a fun activity that my granddaughter would like!

  13. Monique L.S. | 28th May 20

    My girls woulld love the PlayDoh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream set.

  14. Nate | 28th May 20

    The play doh would be a favourite in my household.

  15. Juliee Fitze | 29th May 20

    My favorite has always been Connect 4 –

  16. Jessica WildFire | 29th May 20

    So awesome! The kids would LOVE this!!!

  17. Carey Hurst | 29th May 20

    There a few really cool activities, but my kid wants to explore the World and well create his own world lol and pretend to travel all over.

  18. Andrea | 29th May 20

    We would play with the Play-Doh!

  19. Emily | 29th May 20

    I love all of the activities on the page but my most favourite is the Peppa Pig: Family Activity Ideas!

  20. Sunshine G | 30th May 20

    The Peppa Pig cake would be a hit – anything edible is a sure-fire hit.

  21. Patsy | 30th May 20

    Jenga with chopsticks looks challenging!Thanks 🙂

  22. leana | 1st Jun 20

    The play-doh paint by numbers looks like loads of fun!

  23. Samantha S | 1st Jun 20

    our favourite activity from Hasbro Bring the fun home would be the PJ masks catboy mask, we love dressing up!!

  24. ANNA NGO | 1st Jun 20

    My grandniece enjoys playing with the play-doh.

  25. Victoria Ess | 2nd Jun 20

    Jenga with chopsticks sounds like a blast!

  26. melissa marie | 2nd Jun 20

    There are great colouring pages and play doh activities.

  27. Al | 2nd Jun 20

    The waffle cone play doh activity is one we would all enjoy in our family.

  28. Christina F | 2nd Jun 20

    The play doh tutorial are so neat! (That lion is adorable) Also Peppa pig crafts.. I have 3 littles and this is a fun resource for ideas!

  29. Heather Howard | 2nd Jun 20

    My Little Pony friendship bracelets!
    We would love to try out lots of these activities!

  30. Carole D | 3rd Jun 20

    The Play-Doh paint by numbers is one of my favourite activities! Lots of fun.

  31. Dianne G. | 4th Jun 20

    There are lots of fun activities but one reminded me of something I loved to do as a child. I enjoyed connect the dots pictures and this Baby Alive one is cute. It teaches numbers and can then be coloured so it would entertain and teach.

  32. Amy Saunders | 5th Jun 20

    I have a first grader that would love these gifts ! And 6th 8th 11th and 12th graders too ! Scrabble fun for everyone!

  33. Kelly | 6th Jun 20

    Play-Doh Drizzy Ice Cream set

  34. DebP | 10th Jun 20

    The Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster looks like a lot of fun for summer.

  35. AH | 10th Jun 20

    My boy would love this scrabble game! He has been on a real reading and words streak lately!

    Thanks for hosting!

  36. Janine a | 11th Jun 20

    I liked the idea of how to make a playdough colour wheel! My kids will love doing this today, thanks for sharing, I was unaware of this resource, can always use new ideas to keep these kiddos entertained! 🙂

    also love the idea of making a muddy puddle with peppa pig!

  37. Emily M | 11th Jun 20

    This is awesome! The girls I nanny would love all of these! What an awesome end of quarantine school/start of summer treat!

  38. Rianna | 12th Jun 20

    I love all the great play doh ideas.

    …we make a lot of play doh snakes in our house. Would be nice to get a little more creative every once and a while

  39. Jeannie Lam | 1st Dec 20

    My kids loves board games, and we try to have a family game night weekly!

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