Build your own Chocolate House this Yule!

Sure, sure, you can build a premade gingerbread house and to be honest I found they didn’t turn out to be as good as I thought it’d be and I’d rather make it from scratch. Especially the icing.  BUT, what about chocolate? The possibilities are endless and delicious.  I just think of the chocolates I love.  Like Milka and Purdy’s but I had the idea to use Kit Kat as it reminded me of logs and for my first chocolate house I thought, why not? The Kit Kat was on sale.
This can get a little messy but it’s not bad as you can lick your way through.  All you need is chocolate, chocolate chips, your choice of toppings and stuff to make your icing.  The recipe is as follows.

6 bars of chocolate
1 bag of chocolate chips
your edible choices

It’s all rather simple.  Melt the chocolate chips, not too melted, though. After melting in the microwave there were still chips not melted but once mixed through it was the right consistency.  I poured it into a little zip lock bag.


Snip the tip and I started at the base and ran the chocolate along as it works like glue.  You need to move quickly as it melts, lol but it’s so good at the end.
emb-chocolate_house-steps_3emb_chocolatehouse_steps_4I then cut two pieces for the roof
emb_chocolate_roof_step_5emb_chocolatehouse_step_6Now the roof!  I used Kit Kat Cookies n’ Cream as it has the white chocolate coating, so it reminded me of snow.  I cut 2 pieces off to make the roof fit.
emb_chocolatehouse_step_7Then placed the 2 pieces on top of the roof.  You could leave it open and pipe icing onto it.



Now the fun part! Start decorating.  Once the house is complete make the icing:

Royal Icing for the cabin( I call it cabin as mine is a log cabin 😉 ) this amount was enough for the whole cabin/house.
1 egg white
1/2 tsp of vinegar
2 1/2 cups of icing sugar (if you can, get the good stuff and buy organic)

Whisk the egg white and vinegar and add the icing sugar bit by bit, I used my electric beater and beat ’til I got a stiff peak. High speed for about 10 minutes. Fill the pastry bag and start decorating.  Have fun to decorate and try making a couple of batches and adding some colour if you want.

emb_chocolatehouse_trudeau_piperI loved using my new Trudeau Cake Decorating Set!  The royal icing is thicker and this provided me with excellent results, for a first timer.
Chocolate holds the candy decor really well and so does this icing.  I loved piping these little rosebuds and the kids had fun building snow around the house, lining the “logs” and other details.
emb_chocolatehouse_steps_10And now it’s all coming together…
emb_chocolatehouse_step_11I made little icicles and piped on little windows.  As I get more practice I can’t wait to make more.  I may even make these as gifts.


And voilá! Our first Chocolate House is complete after a little icing sugar dusting for snow!



What do you think?  Will you try making a Chocolate House? Thanks for visiting my blog today.  We love picking off the jelly beans, smarties and all the chocolate goodness. However, if you want to make a gingerbread house, check out this amazing template.  Here’s where I got my inspiration for the Chocolate House.
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  1. Lynda Cook | 29th Nov 16

    This looks much better than the gingerbread houses, and a whole lot tastier!!

    • Erica | 29th Nov 16

      I agree Lynda!

  2. Victoria Ess | 29th Nov 16

    That looks beautiful (and delicious!)!

  3. Darlene Schuller | 1st Dec 16

    Now I like this much better then a Gingerbread house! My husband would be in sheer heaven as long as he didn’t eat all the chocolate by the time we got it put together!

  4. Amy T | 3rd Dec 16

    Thats awesome! My kids would love this 🙂

  5. kathy downey | 5th Feb 17

    Thanks for sharing,this is so much nicer than the Gingerbread house’s i usually buy for the kids next year we will be doing it your way.I totally love this,yummy delicious house!

  6. Janet M | 26th May 17

    I will keep this in mind for next Christmas.

  7. Wanda Tracey | 25th Nov 17

    This would so so much fun to build a chocolate house…YUM and decorating it with candy.I would enjoy with way more than making a ginger bread house and the kids would too.

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 30th Nov 17

    What a fantastic idea, with a ginger bread house my kids never ate the gingerbread so I’d have a tea-light inside and that did make the house smell fantastic. However with this house every last scrap would be devoured in no time. Love this new idea. 🙂

  9. jan | 1st Dec 17

    Our houses just never look quite that good! Well done.

  10. June Murphy | 5th Dec 17

    This is my kind of gingerbread house. Looks so fun and easy to do

  11. Silvia D | 6th Dec 17

    such a cool idea! looks fairly easy to make! Kids sure would love eating it!

  12. Tannis W | 6th Dec 17

    A chocolate house… well that’s my kind of “gingerbread” house!!

  13. Yuen C | 6th Dec 17

    That looks like so much fun!

  14. Judy Cowan | 7th Dec 17

    Great idea, will have to pick up the items needed to make this. This would definitely be enjoyed more in this house than gingerbread.

  15. Linda | 8th Dec 17

    This is a wonderful post and brings back a lot of memories for me when I was a child and building edible houses.

  16. AleashaC | 8th Dec 17

    Oh my goodness this seriously looks so delicious! I find gingerbread houses go to waste, they go stale and my family only really eats the candy off of it. With this I know not a single piece would ever go to waste!

  17. sab Edwards | 9th Dec 17

    A yummy change of pace

  18. Krista M | 11th Dec 17

    The gingerbread house kits are usually very stale & hard as concrete (not very edible). But a chocolate house? Yes please! I would like the taste better & it would all get eaten!

  19. Athena | 11th Dec 17

    Such a great idea

  20. Laurie P | 19th Nov 18

    this is just brilliant!!! Much tastier than gingerbread!

  21. Jennifer Wilson | 21st Nov 18

    Great idea, we will be making theses instead of gingerbread houses this year!

  22. Denise L | 21st Nov 18

    This looks like so much fun! I think I’ll make this with my niece and nephew 🙂

  23. Lynda Cook | 22nd Nov 18

    Your chocolate house is amazing! I love it, and I think I like it more then the gingerbread houses, this is something that would be fun to make with my grandchildren!

  24. kristen visser | 22nd Nov 18

    oh my word! this has my mouth watering. what a create twist on the traditional gingerbread house. dont think this would last long in my house lol

  25. Sarah | 22nd Nov 18

    This is a really cute idea! My daughter would enjoy the decorating and eating part 🙂

  26. jan | 24th Nov 18

    I haven’t made a house in a couple of years, but this is a fantastic variation as the kids are not keen on gingerbread. Although, at least the old way the didn’t eat any of the building materials before or during construction.

  27. Silvia D | 25th Nov 18

    a Very edible chocolate house!

  28. kathy downey | 26th Nov 18

    Oh this sure sounds yummy!

  29. Linda | 27th Nov 18

    This chocolate house is wonderful. My kids are big enough now to want to do this.

  30. Jay M | 29th Nov 18

    Great job! I love gingerbread houses, but chocolate is also pretty amazing 🙂

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