Burgundy Love- Vans from UnionJackBoots #FashionFriday

I finally got my Vans classic leather slip ons.  Thank you UnionJackBoots for your fast delievery.  I also love their Doc Marten sale going on right now.  The kids collection is so awesome.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking for the perfect slip on style of shoe to well,  slip on and go.  To be honest so many times after I have a tot on my back as they still love to go uppy I’ve been looking for something that doesn’t require laces, that has a laid back but chic style to it and poof-Vans!  The perfect shoe for me to run around the park to pulling together a classic look even without the carrier and still look put together to meet my husband on the patio for drinks.  
Which style of Vans suit your style? Have a look and comment below!

Burgundy Love- For the Mom on the go!


Got my @Vans_66 fr: @UnionJacks and pulled together my go to look for #FashionFriday Click To Tweet


  1. Victoria Ess | 3rd Dec 16

    Those vans look sleek!

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