Candide Multi Relax 3-in-1 Maternity & Baby Pillow

10250321_688833164525212_2183037189196143288_nCandide Multi Relax 3-in-1 has got to be one of my favourite mothering pillows that I have tried because it is soft and light yet supportive.  I’ve had a few other parents test this out as well and all agree.  It’s a great product for moms to be whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding.

Designed and made in France, Candide has finally made it’s way to Canada.   They have maintained quality and care into each of their products and add that French touch but what is also great about the Multi Relax is the price.   You can get your very on Candide at Sears Canada for  around $69.99

Why did my review team have to say?

It has been so comfortable during pregnancy.  I am 8 months with baby #2 and the Multi-Relax maternity cushion supports your stomach when lying down.
~ Laryssa, fabulous Mom to Seth 4yrs old and recently baby Giselle.

It’s practical and versatile during breastfeeding. The Multi-Relax maternity cushion provides comfort while I’m nursing Anna as the height and relieving pressure on your back.  I hate hunching over as I have in the past“.
~ Grace, fabulous Mom to Anna 3 months old

“I love how the Multi-Relax maternity cushion also makes a cozy little nest in sense for my son. I find it better than most and he’s comfy and safe in my view as I can get things down around him while my wife rests”
~ David, Fabulous Dad to Solly, age 5 months.

Did I mention that it’s also machine washable? Just remove the cover wash on delicate and tumble dry low.  Also another excellent feature is the filling is made out of ultra-light polystyrene micro balls that are certified to free of toxins for maximum security and naturally a peace of mind for us!

Where to buy in the USA? Visit Candide Baby USA.
Where to buy in Canada? Visit



  1. Heather lawrence | 25th Sep 15

    Loved my maternity pillow so much I had such a hard time getting rid of it after the babies were born.
    What a great investment!

  2. Cathy | 25th Sep 15

    Oh my goodness, I love this pillow and my only thought is where was it when my kids were babies (a really long time ago)?!?!?

  3. Amanda || Growing Up Madison | 25th Sep 15

    I needed this when I was pregnant with my last child. I could never find a comfortable position to relax in no matter what I did.

  4. Robin Masshole mommy | 25th Sep 15

    I have three sisters in law who are pregnant right now and I’m sure they are all going to love hearing about this. Sounds like a great shower present, too.

  5. maria @ close to home | 25th Sep 15

    I did not have a maternity pillow and wish I had one now… its been 1o years since prego. I often sleep with a pillow between legs/

  6. Jeannette | 25th Sep 15

    This looks like a great pillow and I love that it can be used for mommy or baby! There are no more little ones in my future but I’m going to have to share this info with some of my friends.

  7. Jen V. | 25th Sep 15

    I would have loved something like that when I was pregnant with my kids. I always had such a hard time finding a comfortable position for sleeping. I love that you can use it both during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

  8. Lindi Haws | 25th Sep 15

    This looks like a perfect gift for my expecting sister. Thanks for reviewing!

  9. Donna | 25th Sep 15

    I would have loved a maternity pillow like this when I had my son. It would have come in quite handy during nursing, I bet.

  10. Star Traci | 25th Sep 15

    I love that it is a maternity pillow that becomes a baby pillow. I remember nursing and how valuable the pillow was, especially with my very colic-y daughter. I will keep this in mind with any expecting friends.

  11. Carol Bryant | 25th Sep 15

    A friend of mine had a baby recently and she loved her maternity pillow.

  12. Kimberly Dickerson | 26th Sep 15

    My daughter is almost 7 months pregnant and she’s uncomfortable all.the.time. I’m sending her the link to this post. Hopefully she can find some relief!
    P.S. I like that the pillow is machine washable.

  13. Amanda | 26th Sep 15

    I could not have lived without a pillow like this while pregnant!

  14. Rosey | 26th Sep 15

    You sold me at machine washable. I never had a maternity pillow but I surely wouldn’t have been adverse to one!

  15. Claudia Krusch | 26th Sep 15

    I had a similar one! I used it so much when my son was a baby!

  16. Jennifer aka Baby Making Machine | 26th Sep 15

    Oh wow this is great! When you get pregnant and have a baby there is so much stuff that only gets used for a short while. It’s nice when companies make products with multiple uses!

  17. Joanne | 27th Sep 15

    Those pillows look so comfortable and I love that they are machine washable.

  18. Censie | 28th Sep 15

    What a great product. I am done with babies but I will remember this for shower gifts

  19. Lorane | 28th Sep 15

    I’m all for Multi Purpose Items. This Candide Multi Relax 3-in-1 can be used so many times and will grow as the baby grows

  20. sacha | 29th Sep 15

    This is such a great product for moms (of newborns) this product can make life much easier for the family. Like if you took the baby to grama’s house.

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