Carré Jaune Perfume ~ For children

1511189_615906758444619_86980923_nCarré Jaune is one of my favourite skincare lines for baby.  It’s so unique with ingredients and quite original with their choosing of real fruits for scents it’s hard to not fall in love this natural line.  I’ve reviewed their whole line and you can read more about carré jaune here but today lets chat perfume!  Real perfume.

MG_18341-600x900“The essence of childhood, the sweet smell of nature’s fruits, the aroma of apricots and vanilla will captivate you and… the people around you.”

I like to dab a little on my daughters wrists.  They watch me dab a little of my favourite fragrances so they love that they can do so too with the  most natural perfume you can find for kids.  It’s sweet smell of apricot compliments the whole carré jaune line.  It’s also infused with rosewood, grapefruit, orange peel and in a coconut oil base.  It is priced at $14.95 and a delight to have and nestle your nose into their sweet necks and inhale the beauty of this unique perfume….for kids!  This makes a great gift for a tween as well.  My aromatherapists nose loves real scents so I love fragrances and I like safe, toxic free fragrances for kids.  It’s special and a treat for my little ladies.

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