Celebrating 30 years with Flik Flak- a great watch for kids

It’s time to party! Flik Flak is celebrating 30 years of teaching kids everywhere to tell the time.  With Swiss-made quality plus clever fun designs, the world’s favourite children’s watch gets top marks from all age groups.   We had such a blast celebrating with Flik Flak as we hit little Italy here in Toronto for ice cream and a fun-filled media event with one of my favourite watch companies, as Swatch watch is their big brother/sister 😉

So check out what we had in store below and add Flik Flak to your Holiday must have.  The downloadable app can be found on Apple Store and Google Play.  
Telling time with Flik Flak has easy to read dials, fun designs and my kids love their new watches.  The watches are BPA free, they are completely waterproof and can even be worn in the bath.










Flik Flak is the world’s favourite children’s watch. Since 1987, Flik Flak creates Swiss made watches for kids that help them to learn to tell the time with a fun and entertaining concept.  I am happy that my son can tell time thanks to the app as they didn’t really spend too much time in school learning it, it’s crazy!  Below is just some of the ways Flik Flak helps teach your child tell time and learn.
Where to buy?  You shop online or find a store near you.  Follow Flik Flak on Facebook and check them out on Instagram.

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Flik Flak. In exchange, my kids each received a Flik Flak of their very own to conduct this review.  All opinions are always my own.


  1. Lynda Cook | 3rd Oct 17

    These sound really great and the kids would love the popping colors on them as well!!

  2. Mellissa Sims | 3rd Oct 17

    Wow!! How neat! I never knew there was such a long history for Flik and Flak. I love how its such an interactive toy/tool for young children not to mention the great vids too. I’m really impressed and also kind of sad that I never had one.

  3. GiGi Eats | 3rd Oct 17

    I’m sure I have seen these watches everywhere – however, the watch that stands out in my brain from when I was a kid = Baby G watches! Or G Shock watches, which I think are still around! I remember my mom got me a Baby G… And about 2 weeks later I lost it!!!!! That was the week before my birthday and she canceled my birthday because of it!! 😮 That was so traumatizing and I never had birthday parties after that year – ha!

  4. Jennifer Van Huss | 3rd Oct 17

    The SWISS are famous for their clocks and watches so I’m not surprised the Flick Flack is made by them!! They look like stylish, functional watches that will help kids learn to tell time. I should get my oldest one one of these for Christmas!

  5. Melanie | 3rd Oct 17

    My daughter wanted a watch a few months ago. I bought her a Star Wars one. She wore it for a while, but now her Build a Bear is wearing it. Haha! This watch looks cool.

  6. Censie Sawyer | 3rd Oct 17

    My daughters birthday is in a few weeks. she is turning 5 and is asking for a watch. I think I will get one of these for her. They are so cute! I know she would love it.

  7. Leah | 3rd Oct 17

    What a cute watch for kids. I remember when my kids wanted a watch. They were so excited to have a “grown up” thing.

  8. Sapphire Kharyzma | 4th Oct 17

    I would have never thought that this brand has been around for 30 years. Each of my kids had one of these. They totally love them.

  9. Nadalie Bardowell | 4th Oct 17

    Those watches are pretty catchy! That would be a great idea for loot bags for your kids’ parties, that way the kids in their class could share something together/conversation starters. Also if the kids were to sell them, it’s a good way to raise money and put to good use.

  10. Julee Morrison | 4th Oct 17

    Swiss made watches are awesome quality. I have never heard of this brand before..clearly, I have been missing out. What a great idea and such fun colors and designs.

  11. Aprill | 4th Oct 17

    I had no clue they’ve been around for 30 years. I think I bought one of my smaller kids one, but they lost it. Maybe I’ll grab another one soon

  12. Karlyn Cruz | 5th Oct 17

    I remember having something like this as a kid. I’m not sure if it was Flik flak but I do know these pictures just gave me a weird nostalgic feeling just looking at them. I like that it comes with an app to teach kids how to tell time. My son just started learning and I bet he would love this!

    • Mama Ash | 11th Oct 17

      I had a Swatch, I didn’t see these in Winnipeg growing up.

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