Celebrating Earth Day with KLIIN

Earth Day is something that should be celebrated every day.  Every day we should make a conscious decision to do better for the environment and our beloved Mother Earth and it’s simple to start.  I know it can be overwhelming and I truly recommend starting small and growing.  Just like a seed, let me plant a seed in you with some suggestions on how to reduce, reuse and recycle and I hope through social media you can show me how you grow in making greener decisions.

.@kliinorganic is a functional compact, machine-washable cleaning cloth that is, soft, super absorbent and compostable. It is the perfect alternative to traditional paper towels. Click To Tweet

First off let’s start with paper towel use.  This can be your first way to start in making a change.  I want to talk to you about KLIIN.  A reusable paper towel company hailing from Montreal, Quebec.  As a mother of 3, I am constantly wiping down and cleaning up messes.  Back in the day, before I started to reuse with KLIIN,  I would go through a roll of paper towel in about 2 days. From wiping water around the sink to spot cleans on the floor to wiping messy fingers and grease from the stove it was adding up fast.  Too fast.

Fact:  One KLIIN replaces the equivalent of 17 rolls of paper towels.


KLIIN is multi-use, it’s made from natural fibres and can be washed up to 300 times.  It also holds up to 15 times its weight with water. It feels strong, I like how it feels texture wise as it cleans very well and there’s no odour, even after a week.  I hand wash them, but you can put them in the wash.  I’m just starting to get my balcony ready as the weather warms up and I’ve been using my KLIIN cloths religiously in keeping everything clean and tidy and wiping down my windows(see my Instagram).  With cottage and BBQ season coming up, if you are looking for a great hostess gift, you have to check out KLIIN’s selection of reusable paper towels. It’s seriously cute and you can win a gift set too!
So how else can we start to be greener?  Here are some more suggestions:
* No more Junk Mail
* Say “NO!” to bottled water
* Reduce your waste(use KLIIN)
* Green-up your transportation
* Support small, local businesses
* Reduce the chemical cleaners you use and make your own. (9 parts water, 1 part vinegar and add 3 drops of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oils)
* Switch out your light bulbs for energy efficient ones
*  Plant an herb garden
* Bring your own grocery bags

Enter to win with @kliinorganic via @MamaAshCA. What steps are you doing to make the world a greener place? Reduce paper-towels usage by using KLIIN products. After 28days it will compost & can be used as fertilizer! #giveaway… Click To Tweet

I’d love to hear what you do to help live a greener lifestyle at home.  Comment below telling us how and head to KLIIN and tell us your favourite print for your KLIIN towels and you’ll be entered to win a prize pack.  Contest ends 
KLIIN Giveaway

Disclosure:DisclosureThis post was in collaboration with KLIIN.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own. 


  1. Stephanie LaPlante | 22nd Apr 19

    We recycle as much as possible and try avoiding plastic.

  2. ivy pluchinsky | 22nd Apr 19

    I started using reusable produce bags, reusable straws and wax food wraps

  3. ivy pluchinsky | 22nd Apr 19

    I like the Waves : The Unscented Company + BOOKHOU + KLIIN

  4. Stephanie LaPlante | 22nd Apr 19

    I’d love to win the Paw prints pattern. So cute!

  5. Stephanie | 22nd Apr 19

    I am using reusable cups and metal straws. I take reusable bags for grocery shopping. I’m trying to eliminate as much plastic as I can.

  6. Stephanie | 22nd Apr 19

    I would pick the citrus slices pattern in pink!

  7. Rosanne Robinson | 22nd Apr 19

    I use a combination solution of baking soda/lemon juice/vinegar/water for cleaning, use cloth shopping bags, recycle/reuse/donate furniture/clothes/small appliances, avoid purchasing plastic wrapped products. If I’m your lucky winner would choose: Waves : The Unscented Company + BOOKHOU + KLIIN.

  8. Lynda Cook | 22nd Apr 19

    I am recycling more, and I stopped using plastic bags and straws, I changed out all of my lightbulbs as well, that was very expensive, but very helpful in the end!

  9. Lynda Cook | 22nd Apr 19

    These look so awesome, I kinda like the purple hexagon! but there are a few other ones that caught my eye!

  10. wendy hutton | 22nd Apr 19

    I always use cloths to clean with, saves on papertowels, and cloth grocery bags also

  11. wendy hutton | 22nd Apr 19

    I love the Cooking pattern, would be very nice for the kitchen

  12. Tannis W | 22nd Apr 19

    I like the fern print cloths!

  13. Tannis W | 22nd Apr 19

    I use glass/stainless straws, fabric shopping bags and hang laundry to dry.

  14. Elaine G | 22nd Apr 19

    I use cloth grocery bags and veggie bags, recycle as much as possible like, bottles,cans, paper and use dish cloths instead of paper towels.

  15. Elaine G | 22nd Apr 19

    I like the Hexagon pattern in purple

  16. Joni | 22nd Apr 19

    my sister DO have a herb garden!

  17. jan | 22nd Apr 19

    I like Cactus in White/Black in large

  18. jan | 22nd Apr 19

    we usually cycle or walk to the store if we are only picking up a small number of items.

  19. Sunshine H | 22nd Apr 19

    we walk or take the bus, think carefully before bring stuff into the house, buy previously loved clothes and other items, and help teach the kids at school to use the correct bins for their waste (recycle, compost, refundable and garbage)

  20. Sunshine H | 22nd Apr 19

    I really like the heart, the paw prints, the gnomes and the volkswagon cars with the trees. It would be very hard to choose!

  21. Pam Fontaine | 22nd Apr 19

    We take reuseable containers wherever we go so we can take leftovers or pick up bulk goods without using something disposable.

  22. Pam Fontaine | 22nd Apr 19

    I’d love to win the Paw prints pattern

  23. Rebecca | 23rd Apr 19

    I use reusable bags when shopping and bring tupperware for leftovers at restaurants

  24. Shirley | 23rd Apr 19

    I unplug appliances when not using and I turn off lights. I recycle using the blue bins

  25. Shirley | 23rd Apr 19

    The fern print and the Klin rolls are nice

  26. joy | 23rd Apr 19

    I reuse everything I can ; I don’t like to waste things ; if I cannot reuse it, I recycle it or donate it. I love items that are reusable, like jars, bags, straws, etc.

  27. Audrey Stewart | 23rd Apr 19

    I recycle, compost and grow a lot of my own veggies. I like Bale of Hay. I retweeted / https://twitter.com/AudreyS23511436/status/1120724267296010241

  28. Jennifer P. | 23rd Apr 19

    I love so many of the prints and colours! My favourites are the anchor print in blue, white and green options; the Palm Leaf in yellow and apple green options; Waves in blue, green and turquoise colours; and the Fanny Yockell Collab collection. But I’d be happy to win anything – I love the sound of these products and would love to try them in my home!

  29. Kellie O | 23rd Apr 19

    Teaching my children to recycle and be more green around the house with water and electricity!

  30. Kellie O | 23rd Apr 19

    I would love to try the Anchor cleaning cloth and the Kliin Rolls in Grey.

  31. LILLIAN BROWN | 23rd Apr 19

    We are using less plastic, we take our cloth bags when shopping, carry our reusable water bottle and coffee containers when out and about. We reuse, recycle and have 3 composters on the go. These provide rich soil for our flower and vegetable gardens.

  32. LILLIAN BROWN | 23rd Apr 19

    I like the products from the trendy Nautica Collection

  33. leana | 23rd Apr 19

    I would love to win the fern print cloths!

  34. leana | 23rd Apr 19

    I’m teaching my girls that every little bit helps, using reusable bags, straws and cups! Also being cognizant of packaging and waste!

  35. Carole D | 23rd Apr 19

    I started composting with my city green cart! All the food scrap and yard waste. It’s awesome.

  36. kathy downey | 23rd Apr 19

    I made all my napkins from cloth,it sure saved me money and waste in the last year !

  37. kathy downey | 23rd Apr 19

    I love the Cooking pattern,sweet in my kitchen !

  38. Calvin | 23rd Apr 19

    I make an effort of using reusable dinner ware and containers. I recycle when I can.

  39. Calvin | 23rd Apr 19

    Yoga – Christie Creative Collab is a nice one

  40. Janet M | 23rd Apr 19

    I compost all our vegetable waste for our own garden. I recycle, reduce and reuse and make sure we turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

  41. Janet M | 23rd Apr 19

    I really like the Palm Leaf foliage collection. The green is perfect for my kitchen.

  42. Jaime Mitchell | 23rd Apr 19

    Oooh I will definitely be looking at getting some of these. They sound perfect for everyday use

  43. Tiffany Rotulo | 23rd Apr 19

    I have been using reuseable container to pack my kids lunches.

  44. Tiffany Rotulo | 23rd Apr 19

    I like the popsicles pattern in red.

  45. Twingle Mommy | 23rd Apr 19

    We have stopped using plastic straws and now use metal ones. We use reusable containers for lunches. We are trying to consume less too. My daughter needed some new tshirts now that the weather is nicer, but had many long sleeves that fit perfectly fine. Instead of buying new clothes, I cut and sewed the shirts into tshirts. Easier on the pocket book too!

  46. Twingle Mommy | 23rd Apr 19

    I like the arrow print best!

  47. Florence Cochrane | 24th Apr 19

    I recycle everything possible and compost.

  48. Florence Cochrane | 24th Apr 19

    I like the School of Fish.

  49. Pam | 24th Apr 19

    I like the blue citrus slices.

  50. Travelbuds | 24th Apr 19

    I recycle where ever I can and I use cloth bags

  51. Travelbuds | 24th Apr 19

    I love the HEXAGON pattern in purple. I have a dishcloth from KLIIN and I love it.

  52. Wanda Tracey | 24th Apr 19

    I recycle, reuse and compost. We have a garden in our large backyard and I have also planted lots of trees and shrubs there. #EarthDay 🙂

  53. Wanda Tracey | 24th Apr 19

    I like the extra large kitchen collection citrus slices in apple green and red colors. They would be so handy! 🙂

  54. nicky | 25th Apr 19

    I use cloth diapers and reusable mamma cloth.

  55. HEIDI C. | 25th Apr 19

    We recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce as much as we can and compost!

  56. Carole D | 25th Apr 19

    I also like the Diamond Plate

  57. Victoria Ess | 27th Apr 19

    I shop a lot less than I used to, to avoid waste coming into my house.

  58. Victoria Ess | 27th Apr 19

    I love the Heart and Diamond Plate!

  59. Suzie B | 28th Apr 19

    I really like the cactus print towel in black and grey!

  60. Suzie B | 28th Apr 19

    I actively use reusable containers and wraps for lunches, recycle and reuse items!

  61. Pam | 28th Apr 19

    I have switched to bees wax covers and reusable straws.

  62. nicky | 28th Apr 19

    I’d love to win a dishcloth!

  63. Linda | 29th Apr 19

    I’m buying used items whenever I can so that fewer items will go to landfill.

  64. Linda | 29th Apr 19

    I love the popsicles print for a cleaning cloth.

  65. Jenny | 30th Apr 19

    we do our best to reuse and recycle

  66. Rachel Williams | 30th Apr 19

    I love the Fanny Yockell Collab collection. It’s so colorful and vibrant.

  67. Jonnie | 2nd May 19

    We recycle, compost and donate items to be reused. Recycling is getting harder in our community as they are no longer accepting many items. To make up for this we are looking for more reusable products and products with less packaging.

  68. Jonnie | 2nd May 19

    I would love the diamond plate print!

  69. Carol M | 3rd May 19

    Re-use, recycle and buying second hand are my main ones

  70. Carol M | 3rd May 19

    I like the citrus pattern

  71. Lee-Ann | 3rd May 19

    We use metal or glass straws with drinks whether at home or out and about.

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