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Yesterday was the first day of Fall.  Fall Equinox/Mabon is a great way to give thanks, clean and reorganize or for me….get organized!  And it’s just about keeping to the routine.  Not only do we do better with routine but so do our kids.  At least in the Waldorf philosophy routine is essential.  You need to create a rhythm. 
With this Autumn Equinox will try to find some balance?  For some it’s just the change of season.  For others it’s a time for being thankful and celebrating your abundance you have from the harvest.  At this time too it’s nice to hold a food drive and give back in abundance.  This is where one can find the balance.
Yesterday we made a nice Mabon dinner of roasted vegetables and chicken.  We gave our thanks and it can be really quite sweet what kids say.  In fact I should record it in my Quote Keeper that I got from Petal & Post.  My son was thankful for his beautiful life, food and family.  “Banana” said she was thankful for books and family and “Sugar” said she was thankful for her big brother and food!  But lets get back to Fall and some things to do as a family-after all we’re going to be spending a lot of times indoors soon.  I do this in the spring and fall from top to bottom and I throw in a smudge.

Things to do as a family:
Clean & Organize
1. Go through your closets and get rid of what you no longer wear.  Don’t hold on to it.  PASS it on to someone else, call for delivery pick up and donate and get rid of it.  It feels so liberating once you get the hang of it and you can make room for your new fall & winter fashions.
2. Time to clean and organize the kitchen.  Maybe your little on has moved on from bottles to sippy cups. Toss them or donate.  Organize those little plastic dishes and go through your cookware.  I’ve found old cookie sheets that even I don’t want my Silpat to touch and casserole dishes that have seen its day.  I picked up a new Le Creuset one at Homesense and the burst of colour to my kitchen makes me happy as I try to create a little magic with my meals everyday. Sometimes it’s nice to get rid of the old and get nice new dishes for inspiration and slow cooking.
3. Shoes!  We have grown and sometimes after pregnancy.  Do you know anyone with size 10 feet? I have so many shoes to drop off to the Goodwill or Value Village. My feet grew after having my kids.  I am now a fancy size 11.  Kids shoes and boots, surely they have outgrown!  Clean them out.

Mmmm….that fresh air, the smell of leaves that change is in the air.  I always feel it.  I just wish we had the space for an evening camp fire after dinner.
Have you ever thought to make a apple candle holder?  Or even little squashes? Rinse and dry the fruit or vegetable thoroughly. Pour some lemon juice in the hole and let it sit for 10 minutes.  Depending what kind of candle you use you can determine how far to go down.  I like my little tea lights that come in a plastic ring.  Stay tuned for pics.  Now I am getting even more inspired.  My son will have a hoot doing this over the weekend with me.
Pour the lemon out and dry it and insert your candle.   *clearly I need a little more practice but I love my apple candle holders.
Collect leaves and bring them home.  Grab some paper and crayons and place the leaves under the paper and colour over it.  Don’t you remember doing that as a kid? Cut them out or arrange a nice fall collage and hang on the walls.
Apples!  Nothing says Fall like apples
Go apple picking!  With so many wonderful orchards here in Ontario grab the gang and drive out to the country and grab some of those delicious apples.  Bake, can and sauce it up this fall with these magical fruits.  I think Bratapfel will be on the menu tonight!  With wasps still in high season bring your Bites & Sting homeopathic cream from Orange Naturals! 

Food Drive
Choose your organization.  If you’d like to do something on a smaller scale ask friends and family to drop off food for donations. Get the kids in and have their friends donate as well.  Kids can be great at organizing.  Pet food, canned goods, quality dry foods and enjoy that good feeling of giving back abundance.

Get outside.
Like I mentioned earlier…Get out to the country and take a deep breath and go for a hike with your family or if you need to recharge yourself you can hit the ravines through out the city.  The colours, the trees will ground you and recharge your soul.  Bring a little a bag and collect acorns. My son loves collecting acorns.  Better yet bring a spare bag and if you see any litter pick it up.  Don’t let seasonal allergies keep you from enjoying nature.  Orange Naturals has something for kids and for adults.
O Natural has an awesome newsletter full of health tips, tricks, recipes, and of course, real people! Just like you!  Also check out the ONatural Blog.



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I’d like to hear from you! Will you get out and celebrate Fall like we do? What are your traditions? Do you celebrate the change in seasons?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) | 24th Sep 15

    We picked apples a few weeks ago. We are going pumpkin picking this weekend.

  2. Heather lawrence | 24th Sep 15

    Fall is such a busy season for us..with everything starting back I will be busy! I’m hoping to take the kids to the pumpkin patch this year for the first time and to go to the corn maze.

  3. tiaras and tantrums | 24th Sep 15

    oh I so agree that routine is key – whilst I adore summer and relaxing – I think my brain leaves me in a lurch during the summer. I am so much better with routine!! (and my house is cleaner!!)

  4. Jessica Harlow | 24th Sep 15

    This fall is a completely new world for me as all 3 of my daughters started school full-time. So, it’s an amazing opportunity for me to refocus on blogging and my house STAYS clean for more than 30 minutes at a time (when they’re at school anyways). 🙂

  5. Rebecca Bryant | 24th Sep 15

    We are in full marching season now that fall is here and football has started. It’s busy time every weekend.

  6. Pam Stultz | 24th Sep 15

    I love your getting outside more idea. It’s just more natural to me to want to get outside more during the fall months. The air seems so much cleaner and more crisp. I just love the fall. Great post!

  7. Liz Mays | 24th Sep 15

    These are awesome ideas. I’ve stated with a few Fall recipes but I should do some wardrobe cycling to get into the Fall mood too.

    • Erica | 27th Sep 15

      Thanks!! 🙂

  8. Rosey | 25th Sep 15

    We used to celebrate and love the change of seasons. We don’t have them much here in Florida though, and while I like the changes, I won’t miss them too much. I like the year round heat. 🙂

  9. Claudia Krusch | 25th Sep 15

    I love the fall because it’s not too cold and because we never had fall season in Brazil, so I really appreciate it! Love your pictures!

  10. Censie | 25th Sep 15

    Oh the smells of fall. My favorite. Ready for Colorado to finally cool off. still so hot

  11. Lorane | 25th Sep 15

    I love the colour of these leaves. We don’t experience fall here in Caribbean like you do in North America. We definitely clean as a family when it gets closer to Fall

  12. Erlene | 25th Sep 15

    I love the fall season and can’t wait until the weather starts to feel more like it. This fall I would like to go pumpkin picking and maybe visit a state national park.

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