Celebrating female influencers & Independant Sales Consultants this month for International Women’s Day #FindYourCommunity

Avon’s founder David H. McConnell, was a pioneer and champion of women. In 1886, 34 years before women in the U.S. earned the right to vote, McConnell, helped give them the chance to earn an independent income through the Avon Opportunity.

Kudo’s to all the ladies out there getting it all done as a parent and working on the “side hustle” of having your own business.  Whether you are a stay home mom or working with great brands represented by the Direct Sales Association if you’re thinking of starting your own business, head over to Direct Sales Association where you can learn about companies that may be a fit for you.  DSA upholds good business practices and is a recognized voice in the industry. Since 1954 the Direct Sellers Association of Canada has established and upheld rigorous standards, ethics and good business practices as the recognized voice of our industry. 


Be your own boss! 
Some of the benefits are flexible hours, added income and working with a company that you are excited about and a company that feels the same way about you.  You can set your own goals, deadlines and ambitions and have a team of mentors & support staff behind you that encourages and supports you along the way.
Along with becoming your own boss, you may surprise yourself through the leadership skills you’ll gain from a DSA company and discover something new you never knew you had.  Some ISC’s talk about their entrepreneurial spirit.   I think that once you have found the importance of being consistent and the willingness to learn you’ll be able to easily prioritize the work/life balance.  And to take the good with the bad and each new day is a new possibility.

Jessica Yik aka The Dancing Avon Lady share’s her success in the following, below.  She is a 12.5 yr Avon ISC. Find her on {Instagram} & check out her {vlog}!

What are your biggest successes as a result of being an Independent Sales Consultant

I believe that some of my greatest successes are a result of being an Independent Sales Consultant

1. I have been able to financially contribute to my family’s needs while building another business
for 12 years.
2. I have discovered the joy of travelling and sharing it with my family.
3. I have motivated others to follow their dreams to move past their fears and build a business to
support their goals.
4. I am showing my daughter from a young age the importance of work-life balance. I will always be
there for her, but I can still be a successful and strong entrepreneur.
5. I have developed new soft skills that can be applied to multiple facets of life.


Did you know that there are 1.3 million Canadians to entrepreneurial opportunity and enrichment, DSA provides assurance of member company integrity and a foundation of trust for independent sales contractors (ISCs) and consumers.   I’m sure you know someone selling from home, it’s a great way to earn extra money, make new friends and why wouldn’t you want to support your friends business?  I also thank you for supporting my blog,  I wouldn’t be anywhere without you coming to my blog daily to see what I am reviewing, giving away, cooking up or sharing my new must-haves.   My side hustle is my blog, I work hard to bring to you awesome products & content because I want you to be an informed consumer and I am thankful to be your trusted voice when it comes to recommending products that may work for your family.  But that is also why I am happy to work with DSA on this post as I have purchased a lot from the companies that are members with them.


Mama Ash Tip:  When it comes to direct selling, look for the DSA logo.   Why? Because who doesn’t want consumer protection? Another bonus with DSA.

My Nostalgia
I remember going with my mom to Avon parties, Tupperware parties and a few jewellery parties too.  I still remember the Dr.Pepper earrings I got when I was 10yrs old and I loved being with all the ladies and I didn’t know what it was exactly, but my mom loved supporting her friends through these parties and I love the nostalgia of the brands and this shopping atmosphere. So many ladies would always arrive, the basement nicely set up with products, nibblies & cocktails for the ladies.  It was a nice way to shop and socialize.

Do you sell?
We as women work hard and I’d love to hear from you, who are your favourite DSA companies.  Do you sell?  Feel free to leave a comment so you can maybe get new customers.  Is your company a member of DSA?  Have a look {here} to see the directory. The DSA is the mark of trust and integrity in the direct selling industry.

Thinking of getting started?  Head over to their blog and learnWhat is direct selling
Check out DSA on Facebook.  The Globe & Mail shared an article on the Avon Lady, making a comeback!


DisclosureThis post was in collaboration with Direct Sales of Canada.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own.


  1. candy | 2nd Mar 19

    I know so many women who are in direct sales and do extremely well. Others are only part time which fits their schedule. Much success to them.

  2. Melissa Chapman | 2nd Mar 19

    It is great to read about a woman who is working hard, has a vision and is succeeeding. I struggle everyday with my blog working to increae traffic and write my own success story.

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra | 3rd Mar 19

    My sister’s friend is an Avon lady and she is doing well in her business. I think if you are dedicated to your work, it will be successful! I would like to go into this kind of business too, but because of family responsibilities, I need to stay home most of the time.

  4. Jeanette | 3rd Mar 19

    I love that there are such great companies out there that allow women to hustle and make money for their families while staying at home. I always loved going to cooking parties and makeup parties with my Mom when I was a child. I love that I can now take along my children when women I know host parties.

  5. Christy Maurer | 3rd Mar 19

    I remember the Avon lady coming to our house when I was little. I had no idea it had been around for so long. It has come a long way, and I still love the products.

  6. kathy downey | 25th Apr 19

    I really enjoyed this post and loved the quote in the first frame!

  7. Victoria Ess | 1st May 19

    This sounds like a great opportunity!

  8. Calvin | 15th May 19

    Inspiring to hear, definitely good to know.. Many people are empowered with these initiatives

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