Charlie Banana-Hot New Product

 What can I tell you about this new cloth diaper company?
Charlie who?  Charlie Banana.
You may not know this hybrid diaper now, but you will because in my experience this is one of the best.
Even my husband who is normally oblivious to these kinds of things commented on how these were the best cloth diapers we have ever used.
After the first wash on the first night with my Charlie wearing them, NO LEAK!
A perfect fit for us in their sized diapers, no marks as they were nice and snug.
My two biggest issues with cloth diapers have not occurred with this brand.
Speaking with Gaelle, the creator of Charlie Banana,  I was also informed that they get MORE absorbent by the 4-5th wash.  Really?  They were perfect after the first one!

I found the Black, Retro Rocket and Truck diaper, sized Large to fit my toddler the best. The One Size may be better for a smaller/average baby but my son is a tall toddler and for me to buy the size Large makes more sense.  Also the nice back wide elastic is very comfy and gives the diaper a trim fit and on the one size it is also nice to point out that the front pocket covers the elastic adjustment so you have no elastic popping!

Well, if want to know and see more watch this from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Charlie Banana is also involved in Operation Smile, a worldwide medical charity organization that changes the lives of children with a cleft lip and other facial deformities.
Charlie Banana donates 1% of sales to Operation Smile.

A variety of products are available from Charlie Banana.  Baby Leg Warmers, Swim Diapers, Tote Bag(aka wet bag: the best I’ve used) Wipes(the softest, absorbent organic wipes I have ever used),  Change Pads, Mattress Pads, Underwear, Feminine products for moms, the list goes on with what’s in store with Charlie Banana!

They will be found online at and will be at Babies R Us (US), Target and other sites in the near future.

In Canada you can order them through my site, Everything Mom and Baby.
I am the first in Canada selling these diapers, that I am proud of because I know when something is good and if it’s not here already I have to make it happen so others can enjoy.

Here’s my super hero, in  the ever so popular Black Sized!


  1. GW | 20th Sep 10

    Thank you for a wonderful review – LOVE your blog.

  2. Mama Ash | 22nd Sep 10

    Thanks GW!

  3. Anonymous | 22nd Sep 10

    thanks for the review! Will you say what other diapers you have used that do leak and leave red marks? Hoping to avoid that…

  4. Mama Ash | 29th Sep 10

    Dear Anonymous,

    Feel free to shoot me an email at:

    I’d be more than happy to tell you my experience with other brands 🙂

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