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I love the food and beverage industry, there is so much to discover from regions across our great country.  Give me all the food and all the tasty cocktails!   My husband is also in the industry running 2 pubs in the city and when we got Signal Hill Whisky to taste and test out some Canadian themed cocktails, let’s just say we are both seriously into this smooth tasting whisky, hailing from the east coast.  I had my friend, Keri over as she got first dibs on a hot summers day at my Mom Zone(you may have seen our Instastories)  so I made us Rhymes with Orange and it was the best whisky and ginger ale infused with orange cocktail I had ever had.  It wasn’t too sweet and balanced perfectly with Fever-Tree mix. 

Here’s to this great nation and all we stand for. Happy #CanadaDayWeekend 🍁 Check out some CDN themed cocktails this weekend with @SignalHillWhsky #SignalHillWhisky #whisky #CanadaDay Click To Tweet


Signal Hill Maple Old Fashioned

About:  It’s crafted from the finest Canadian corn and barley and blended with the most pristine waters from Newfoundland.   I’d love to visit the facility and learn more about the process as this is my new favourite Canadian whisky.  I can’t get over how smooth it is, there isn’t a strong bite at the end which I never did quite enjoy. It’s an easy drinking whisky that I think you’ll enjoy.  I’ve had fun testing out their recipes too!  It really is a delicious whisky and the cocktails you can make are endless, head over to the cocktails to get inspired.   Apricot  Sour? Yes, please!

SignalHill_CanadianMuleSignal Hill Canadian Mule

Aged in New White Oak Casks for notes of vanilla, caramel and toffee, First-Run Bourbon Casks for flavours of dried raisins and plums, and Canadian Whisky Casks to draw out the characteristics of the grains. The variable Canadian climate adds character to our whisky allowing for a slower extraction of flavour from the casks to create a sweet, mild flavour.

So this Canada Day Long Weekend, pass on the wine and try Signal Hill Whisky, it retails for $40 at the LCBO and here are some amazing recipes to enjoy, responsibility and I think you’ll like it as much as I do!   Let me know if you do!  After all, Signal Hill won Platinum at the SIP Awards for Best Canadian Blended Whisky and Gold for Overall Package Design.   I love the Norse design.



Disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Signal Hill Whisky.


  1. Stephanie | 26th Jul 19

    I went, I bought, I love it! I may even share with my husband 😉

  2. Janet M | 1st Dec 20

    Thanks for this info. I will check it out for friends.

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