“From Our Chefs”- Get fresh, wholesome ready made meals at Loblaws

Last week on a cold, rainy and dreary day I made my way to Loblaws to meet with Chef Mark Russel.  Head chef to the Loblaws collection line “From our Chefs” and on that cold, rainy and dreary day by the time I got home I was exhausted as I fought a cold and was in no mood to cook.  Can you relate?  Thank heaven’s I picked up a few items from the “From our Chefs” line!  I rarely buy premade food and frozen food because when I think of frozen I think preservatives and other junk thrown in them.  This is where I found  my new appreciation for “From our Chef” comes in.  How fresh is it? Who is Chef Mark? Check out this article from the Toronto Star.

“wholesome, traditional meals using fresh ingredients.”
Skip the frozen, pick convenience that is made freshly. Pick “From our Chefs”.   Own it, make it your own!  Yes.  It’s something I never thought of when I was learning about the line.  Make it your own.

fromourchefs_loblaws_embWhat do I mean by make it your own?  Chef Mark gave me lots of idea’s but I never thought to add to it. For example, their Thai Coconut Soup is their best seller.  Right across from the soup station is the seafood station.  Grab some fresh shrimp and add it to your soup.  Make a little side salad and you have a delicious meal.  If shrimp’s not your thing, grab some chicken and add it to their delicious soup.
At the rotisserie station, they just launched meatloaf so you have another option.  Grab some veggies, mash some potatoes, sauté some rapini and you’ve made the meal your own.  I like to think of “From our Chef” as mom and dads “sous chef”.  When we’re rushing, running late, tired or don’t have time to prep fresh meals, Loblaws has taken the extra step to offer a fresher, homemade range with this line.  The ingredients are pretty good too.  I’ve read them and I pick and choose.  I love their quiche’s and pot pies.  It tastes just like homemade.  Toss them in the freezer and you have a fabulous backup meal.  I love quiche with a fresh green salad and a chilled glass of wine for dinner especially when having my girlfriends over.  They’d never know I bought it premade, well maybe now they do!
fromourchefs-loblaws-quiche_embBring healthier meals to your parents if they can’t cook or are in a home, bring a freezer full of this deliciousness to a new mom who has just given birth.  Just don’t forget to grab some soup and broth(coming in the New Year!) to help nourish and heal her body postpartum.  Look at these premade meals of roasts.  I did buy the bacon wrapped tenderloin and roasted their beets and it was a such a nice meal since we couldn’t go out on a date. I brought the date to us by my gourmet meal.  Pulled pork will be dinner this week as someone commented on my Instagram that the Applewood Pulled Pork is delicious!
fromourchefs-meats-loblawsSo what do you think? Have I peaked your interest? Have you tried “From our Chefs”?  I encourage you to try it.  I was truly pleasantly surprised when I bought so much”From our Chefs” and I think you might like my back up plan!  Rest easy parents.  This is a better alternative to frozen food.  You have to try their pizza’s!
I will say, though, Loblaws- if you’re reading this I’d like to see organic options! Thanks for the opportunity to meet with Chef Mark. 

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  1. Victoria Ess | 3rd Nov 16

    These sound fresh and delicious!

  2. Carol M | 5th Nov 16

    Awesome, hope this makes it’s way to Manitoba.

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