Chicco Cortina Together Review & Key Fit Car Seat Giveaway!

Recently we went on vacation to Niagara Falls and the Chicco Cortina Together was my stroller of choice to bring on our first family of 5 road trip when I reviewed the SantaFe Hyundai. The Cortina Together is so easy to fold in fact it’s the easiest I’ve ever used and to straighten out.

That is just one of the features I love about this easy to use tandem stroller.

In a nut shell here are the stand out features as a twin mom that made an impression on me:

– Easy to assemble and the options are great. Very versatile stroller

– Cup holders ( a must for me and so sturdy )
– Nice design & quality
– Large basket
– Can fit my Key Fit car seats (OMG, I love their car seats!!!!)
– Light aluminum
– Easy to use
– Easy to attach the car seats (click them in and off you go)
– Build your own travel system with matching car seat
 – Size.  It’s great for public transport as it doesn’t block the isle.
So how was it maneuvering a tandem stroller?
It is light weight.  I love that and it is a great stroller but it’s the only tandem stroller I have reviewed so I can’t compare it to others.  When we used it on vacation walking through Niagara on the Lake and turning down streets and into shops etc…I struggled a little, maybe I need to use it more to work it in.  For turning corners, I give it a 6/10 and for over all quality of the stroller and function for easy car seat installation, easy to fold and unfold with one click(seriously, just one click) , large basket etc… it gets a 10/10.
Would I recommend the Cortina Together?
 Yes I would.  It’s easy to use one click feature is amazing.  Truly.  It’s what my husband loves the most too.  That and their car seats.  It is a nice stroller for a family of twins as it is affordable($299.99). It can be used in many ways and all the way past toddlerhood.  Chicco makes a quality product and this is my first and hopefully not last time working with Chicco.  I love the sleek and high quality look this stroller has.

I LOVE this car seat!  Oh man did we ever struggle with our car seat the first time around.  We had a Maxi Cosi and it was not the best. In fact my son out grew it(yes the straps didn’t fit him anymore, even with the extensions they had sent) before 3 months!  My girls are 4 months now and still fit in the Key Fit car seat (weight goes up to 22pds) and the straps are easy to adjust and the car seat is a dream to install! A dream!!!

Installation of the car seats.

New parents, don’t fret! This is so easy to do. You just put the base in and find the hooks in the deep of the seat and it instantly clicks in.  Put the car seat in and voila, it clicks in. We love the precision bubble levels, five point safety harness, easy to pull straps for adjusting, high quality car seats. To remove the car seat from the stroller and car just one click and your out quick and easy.
This car seat gets 10/10.  If you are new parents and looking for a car seat I hope this review helped. If you get this car seat, let me know! : ) I hope my review helped.
We have a fabulous giveaway for you! Chicco Canada is generously giving away one Key Fit  Car Seat to one lucky fan of Everything Mom and Baby!  Come watch and see how easy it is to install the base.*Please read terms & conditions before entering. Giveaway is Canadian only and Facebook and Twitter have no affiliation with this giveaway

*edit: Error, it’s the Chicco Key Fit not Key 30 Fit 😉

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  1. Michelle Stemmler | 9th Aug 13

    The multiple ways that the stroller can be set-up was really neat! I liked that you talked about how it turns, something that is important to think about with a stroller this long

  2. Erin | 9th Aug 13

    I love the installation photos!. I love the Chicco brand, and their carseats. The KeyFit 30 will be perfect for my next little one!

  3. Kate | 9th Aug 13

    I love how you included a video on how easy it is to install the base! Looks to me that its the easiest one on the market! As a FTM I’ve done a lot of research and your blog has helped a lot would love this seat for my lil one who is due in November!

  4. Hailey Carnegie | 9th Aug 13

    Expecting my second in less than two months and currently looking for what carseat to get. We had borrowed one for our first. Love the Chicco brand.

  5. Kristi Kocherkewych | 9th Aug 13

    Love the humour in how you described the car seat installation!! It looks so easy to do and a great seat! It would be nice to have an extra seat to put in the other vehicle we have.

  6. Monique L.S. | 9th Aug 13

    I like how descriptive the post is. Everything that I need to know (as a mom) is mentioned. And love all the pictures too.

  7. Monique L.S. | 9th Aug 13

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  8. oddduck | 9th Aug 13

    I like how easy it is to install in the car. I personally don’t plan on needing double stroller, but I like the options available anyway

  9. Anonymous | 9th Aug 13

    I too like that you have the installation along with pictures.

  10. Stacey | 9th Aug 13

    I loved the great pictures!

  11. Stephanie Nicole | 9th Aug 13

    Love love love the level bubble on the car seat base. We have struggled SOO much with our car seats to ensure that they are at the right level. Super cool!

  12. Tannis | 9th Aug 13

    I liked your variety of pictures from the seat itself, to installation. Also, the different specs of the seat.
    What I like most about the carseat is that it looks easy to install, and needs only one click to remove it from the base.

  13. stacey dempsey | 9th Aug 13

    I like our review on the tandem stroller, I like that it fold up in one click and it is good to know that it is a little tricky on the corners

  14. Anonymous | 9th Aug 13

    I love all the photos in your post! And I like all the safety features of the product – that would really put my mind at ease.

  15. Annie1 | 9th Aug 13

    Well, for some reason I couldn’t get any audio so I didn’t hear what you were saying lol, but the installation looked relatively simple to me!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  16. Lori Bazan | 9th Aug 13

    The Chicco brand is always top notch! Car seats can be a challenge to secure and install so I really appreciated your video!

  17. Jeannie Lam | 10th Aug 13

    I love all the photos in your review. It really gives me a true sense of how versatile this car seat is. I really like how easy to install the car seat.

  18. loven mommy | 10th Aug 13

    that video on installing was great. that seat has so many features making it easy to install and adjust as needed. moving the seat from one vehicle to another was always a hassle before. but this makes it simple. it’s like someone in the design dept actually had a baby and said “we can do better”

  19. Emilia Turner | 10th Aug 13

    I like the bubble pictures, arrows and easy to read review. I like the fact that your husband also likes the one click feature of the Chicco Corlina Together. cos my husband is just amazed at the new engineering of the strollers since we had ours.

  20. Diana | 10th Aug 13

    I like your clear descriptive photos and I like that the car seat looks so easy to install and remove.

  21. tobyhir | 10th Aug 13

    Already a fan! Love that their products are EASY to use. They’ve put great thought into making life easier!

  22. Tara | 10th Aug 13

    love the photos in your post. like how easy it is to install the car seat.

  23. Lisa Bolduc | 11th Aug 13

    i love the picutre of how you showed it on the bus, you dont want a stroller that takes up the whole isle

  24. Julie Bolduc | 11th Aug 13

    I like all the different ways you can put your children

  25. bellz | 11th Aug 13

    i love the installation play by play makes it appeal to me, you show the versatility of the product and how it makes scene in my world.

  26. Jonnie (JB) | 11th Aug 13

    I love all the pictures you’ve included with the review. My favorite feature is the easy to adjust straps. i always have a hard time adjusting straps in car seats and strollers.

  27. Amanda B | 11th Aug 13

    I loved the way the stroller can be adjusted to fit a changing family. However, I would like to win the car seat.

  28. truckerofbc | 12th Aug 13

    Sounds like a great stroller with eas to use installation and ease of transition to stroller.

  29. Aubrey @ Homegrown & Healthy | 12th Aug 13

    The versatility sounds amazing!

  30. flowerchild | 12th Aug 13

    I loved all the pictures with your review. I loved the easy installation of the car seat.(easy to pull straps)

  31. Maia G | 12th Aug 13

    I love that it is lightweight and perfect for twins throughout infancy and preschool years

  32. Cassandra Eastman | 13th Aug 13

    Great review, I enjoyed the pictures and the video was very helpful! I love how lightweight and easy it is to install!

  33. Angela M | 13th Aug 13

    I love how easy the carseat is to install — so important!

  34. catamo | 13th Aug 13

    I love how easy it is to install, and remove. One click and good to go.

  35. rebecca | 13th Aug 13

    I love that the stroller is lightweight and easy to fit places!

  36. Linda Trinklein | 14th Aug 13

    “straps are easy to adjust and the car seat is a dream to install! A dream!!!”

    Love this part~~!

  37. Heidi Carlson-Reid | 15th Aug 13

    As a mom of two sets of twins, I know how important a lightweight, easy to adapt and adjust and easily manoeuvered double stroller is. Your review of this stroller was excellent and hit all the relevant points!

  38. C Tavares | 15th Aug 13

    I love the bus pic. I’m totally a visual person and I can really see the nice size of the stroller.

  39. Ashley @ Forgetful Momma | 15th Aug 13

    I love the installation photos!. The KeyFit 30 will be perfect for my little one on the way now!

  40. kristine h | 15th Aug 13

    Ive never had a double stroller like this one, my old one was a side by side stroller and at times i loved it. i really liked reading about your opinions with this style….getting real advice is always helpful when making big decisions!!

  41. Sharon K | 15th Aug 13

    I love the photo of you on the TTC not blocking the aisle. I find most strollers are massive on the TTC.

  42. Tanis S | 15th Aug 13

    I love the 5 point harness! Everything looks like it’s easy to use and nothing complicated. Perfect! The pictures helped to get an idea on what you were reviewing as well!

  43. Aubrey Laine | 15th Aug 13

    I love the details on how to install. I love Chicco!
    alaine74014 at gmail dot com

  44. Angela OSM | 18th Aug 13

    Love your review, perfect stroller for twins!! We are looking for a car seat for baby # 2 and this Chicco one would be wonderful for us.

  45. Anonymous | 20th Aug 13

    It looks so versatile yet easy to use!

  46. Jill G | 20th Aug 13

    Looks pretty easy! Could definitely use this.

  47. kamama | 20th Aug 13

    Going to send this t a friend expecting her second! Love Chicco brand.

  48. kamama | 20th Aug 13

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  49. Gabi | 20th Aug 13

    I would love to win this car seat for a friend. My baby would be too big for it, but I have several friends who are going to have babies in the near future.

  50. sandra | 20th Aug 13

    Loved that the video came with it and is a versatile combo.

  51. Busymumof4 | 21st Aug 13

    I like the fact that you’ve shown the product in different “real life” situations, like on public transit, out and about, as well as the pictures different configurations for multiple children.The precision bubble levels are cool!

  52. David Holder | 21st Aug 13

    I like that you showed installation pictures & every day useage pictures.

  53. David Holder | 21st Aug 13

    Oops, missed it was two questions!I liked how easy the straps are to adjust.

  54. Melissa Finn | 22nd Aug 13

    Love how easy it is to install car seat base. And that you included a video showing this.

  55. Anonymous | 22nd Aug 13

    The video was definately and the installation discriptions. That’s always the trickest part, it’s like a test to see if you’re fit to be a parent. 🙂

  56. Anonymous | 22nd Aug 13

    Love the videos and the pics of how to use the stroller.
    The versatility of the stroller is amazing.

  57. charity konrath | 22nd Aug 13

    i like that it holds up to 22 pounds, i like how your review was thorough

  58. Jordan | 22nd Aug 13

    I like your review of the car seat. My son is not the biggest fan of his infant car seat so I will look into this one when he outgrows it!

  59. Rachel Jensen | 22nd Aug 13

    I like that you showed us the stroller on the bus! Nice to know it’ll fit 🙂

  60. amanda faith | 22nd Aug 13

    I love the detailed review! So helpful that you show how to install the base. Carseats can be overwhelming for new parents. 🙂

  61. Anonymous | 22nd Aug 13

    I like how you demonstrated how to properly install the seat and I like how the stroller isn’t taking up the aisle.

  62. ...Jenny... | 22nd Aug 13

    I love how the pictures describe what you are saying with how it works with multiple children. With 2 older children and another planned, it is good to know the ways to be able to use it!

  63. Koryn H. | 22nd Aug 13

    I liked how you rated all of the features and were honest about your feelings towards the stroller.

  64. Cheryl Almas | 22nd Aug 13

    Not sure if my comment worked. I love that it is easy to install. The pictures are a great way to show how to install.

  65. Nicole B | 22nd Aug 13

    I liked how easy it was to install the car seat. Some are such a headache!

  66. Kris Kipp | 22nd Aug 13

    I love all the pictures in the review and my favorite part of the car seat is how easy it looks to install.

  67. eleanor | 22nd Aug 13

    I’m researching strollers and carseats for my newborn. It great that Chicco makes quality lightwwight strollers and carseats. I like the precision bubble levels and easy to install carseats which my husband will be happy to hear. Thanks for the review.

  68. Emily Linton | 22nd Aug 13

    I loved all the photos that showed the multiple ways that the stroller could be used. I like how it can be used with a toddler and an infant car seat!

  69. Catherine Ramey | 22nd Aug 13

    I have heard great things about the Chicco seats from car seat techs, and love that you put it (and hte stroller) through real-life activities, like public transit. I’m due in 6 weeks, so this seat would be PERFECT for me!

  70. Viviana Marinacci | 22nd Aug 13

    love the double stroller but loved how easy the seat is to install in the car… 🙂 would love this win

  71. Rachel Jensen | 23rd Aug 13

    I love that you showed the stroller on the bus and that it actually fits on the bus 🙂

  72. marlibu | 23rd Aug 13

    Love the multiple stroller positions 🙂

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