Chicken and White Bean Stew with Pesto- Best of Bridge Family Slow Cooker {Giveaway}

The Best of Bridge ladies have done it again!  ‘Tis the season to pull out the slow cooker and ’tis the season to pick up the new Best of Bridge Family Slow Cooker 2016 cookbook, with 225 new recipes.  Of course, you could enter my giveaway too and hope Lady Luck is on your side so you can prepare tasty easy slow cooker meals.

This book has you covered from breakfast to appetisers to delicious family meals and drinks and desserts.  I’ve made a few of these while testing out the Hamilton Beach Flex time and everything has come out delicious.  Below I’ll share two of my favourite recipes.  I will say that the Beef Bourguignon is delicious too!   But doesn’t pesto make everything taste awesome?  Enjoy the recipe, if you try it let me know and in the meantime, enter my giveaway.


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The Best of Bridge Family Slow Cooker Giveaway


  1. Rosanne Robinson | 31st Oct 16

    Wow, all of these cookbooks sound amazing! I love checking out new recipes that have been tested and proven, so like the sound of THE COMPLETE BEST OF BRIDGE COOKBOOKS VOLUME TWO and BEST OF BRIDGE SLOW COOKER COOKBOOK . My daughter has several food allergies & in tolerances, so have to adjust recipes to accommodate them. I tend to stick with the same old tried & worked meals, but would love to alternate with new ones like Good Morning Irish Oatmeal.

  2. Kim K | 31st Oct 16

    I also like the Best of Bridge Home Preserving.

  3. Julie F | 31st Oct 16

    I like the look of the BEST OF BRIDGE HOME COOKING

  4. Elizabeth Vlug | 31st Oct 16

    Love their recipes. The Golden Cauliflower Cashew Soup looks delicious and something I will make.

  5. Debbie Bashford | 31st Oct 16


  6. Carole Dube | 31st Oct 16

    I would also like the Best of Bridge Home Cooking: 250 Easy and Delicious Recipes

  7. kathy downey | 31st Oct 16

    I would also like the Best of Bridge Home Cooking.

  8. ivy pluchinsky | 31st Oct 16


  9. loriag | 31st Oct 16

    Artichoke Nibblers looks like a fantastic recipe from Best of Bridge.

  10. Lynda Cook | 31st Oct 16

    The BRAVO! BEST OF BRIDGE COOKBOOK looks like a great one to add to the collection!!

  11. Anne Taylor | 31st Oct 16

    I would love all of them lol but the BEST OF BRIDGE HOME COOKING, would be my first choice!

  12. Erin W | 31st Oct 16

    The Warm Spinach Salad with Apples and Brie looks amazing, I’m putting it on the menu for next week! And my fav BOB book is Holiday Classics!

  13. jan | 31st Oct 16

    I would like to try their Best Seafood Lasagne recipe

  14. kristen visser | 1st Nov 16

    My mouth is watering looking at all these delicious recipes. The recipe I would love to try is the Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Asparagus!!

  15. leana | 2nd Nov 16

    I use the best of the best cookbook at least twice a week!

  16. Jennifer P. | 2nd Nov 16

    My favourite Best of Bridge cookbook is The Best of the Best – I use it at least once per week, it has all my favourite recipes. The slow cooker book would be amazing to have as well, because I love to use my slow cooker and I am sure the Best of Bridge recipes would be the best ever! I would also love to get The Best of Bridge Home Cooking – I think that would round out my “top 3” useful cookbooks perfectly!

  17. Holly MacRitchie | 2nd Nov 16

    So many delicious decisions! I would make the pasta with peppers!

  18. Victoria Ess | 3rd Nov 16

    I’d love their holiday classics!

  19. Darlene Schuller | 3rd Nov 16

    Omg the Pork Tenderloin with Honey Glazed Apples sounds absolutely amazing!

  20. Betty S | 5th Nov 16

    I have a couple of the best of Bridge cookbooks, they are so easy to use, and the recipes turn out great I really like the hummingbird cake recipe

  21. Caryn Coates | 5th Nov 16


  22. Jonnie | 6th Nov 16

    I think the Holiday Classics book would be my favorite

  23. Soozle | 6th Nov 16

    The BEST OF BRIDGE HOLIDAY CLASSICS book sounds really great

  24. Carol M | 6th Nov 16

    The BEST OF BRIDGE HOLIDAY CLASSICS would be perfect right now.

  25. NJ Nowoselski | 6th Nov 16

    So my Grandmother swore by the Best of Bridge cook books. So I was surprised to see this & that they are still going strong. Then I see this recipe and they mention Stampede & Calgary thus very close to my heart. I also needed a brunch recipe today so this is working out so great! My choice is

  26. Treen Goodwin | 9th Feb 17

    yummy looks so scrumptious , thanks for sharing the recipe , a must try 🙂

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