Chiropractic Care through out pregnancy: The benefits and how it’s helped Everything Mom and Baby!

I’ve been going for regular Chiropractic care for about 6 weeks now and although I never did it with my first I am seeing the benefits of doing so with my twin pregnancy.
It’s been quite different than my first pregnancy that’s for sure!  Minor nasal congestion that Dr.Maya Pande nipped in the bud and most importantly for me was her treating my pubis pain.  I can honestly say with two visits a week I can walk comfortably and get up from a chair pain free.  Pubis pain hurts. It really hurts.  I never knew anything about pubis pain in pregnancy(read my past post on Pubis Pain) but apparently it is common in a second pregnancy.  All I can say is thank you Dr.Pande for making the pain go away!
How a treatment works:
When you go for an appointment at Pande Wellness Centre, you will get an initial consultation and a session.  She also has this nifty machine that checks for inflammation when you here the squeaky sound she knows where to adjust.  I will say when she needed to adjust my pubis bone…it hurt. I took a deep breath in and started humming. I hum when I’m in pain or uncomfortable. I even do at the dentist to distract myself.  I wonder if humming will help me when I’m in labour? LOL!
She practices a gentle approach to chiropractic care which I love because I’ve refrained from chiro’s ever since I got whiplash from a car accident back in 1995. It was an awful experience for me and she has changed my opinion on Chiropractors. Read more about her method Gentle Approach at Pande Wellness.

After treatment:
Well she will advise how often you will come. What I love about Dr.Pande is her honesty.  If you need to go every week. You do. I needed to go twice a week and now I go once a week.
She will offer advice on treating your condition and follow up treatments are only $40 and Chiro care is usually covered under your benefits plan. 

What are some of the benefits of Chiropractic care during pregnancy?

* Pelvic changes

* Changes in posture
* Protruding abdomen(increased back curve)
* Back Pain
* Control symptoms of nausea
* Heart burn( she actually is helping me with this as well!)
* Pubis Discomfort

Pelvic Balance

Since I am carrying twins, Dr.Pande maintains my pelvic balance.   When the pelvic is misaligned it may reduce the amount space baby has to move around or in my case babies.  With my first pregnancy I wish I had known about this as he was sunny side up! Back labour! Owwwwwww!!!
With twins pelvic balance is now my #1 priority now that my congestion and pubis pain is fixed.  I have 5-6 weeks to go and I don’t want my girls in a breech position.  I want a natural birth.  I also believe that the reason my pubis pain has subsided is because she has put my pelvic back in harmony therefore my uterus is not experiencing unnecessary stress the ligaments are supported. Both girls are head down. Yay!  Pelvic balance/adjustments is known as the Webster Technique, read more about that on
My belly at 31 weeks with twins and my sunny side up boy!
So if you are pregnant and are hoping and looking for an easier birth, a Chiropractor may be just what you need!

Pande Wellness Centre
2221 Yonge Street, #504
Toronto, ON
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  1. Positively Pampered Patty | 19th Mar 13

    Look at your beautiful belly!!! You son looks so happy. One of my best friends swears by her Chiropracter pre and post pregnancy for her and for the kids. I’ve never been and she’s been after me to go for years. Lol every time I have a little ache or pain, I hear her saying ” You know you probably need and adjustment! ” Lol it cracks me. No pun intended lol.

    • Everything Mom and Baby | 19th Mar 13

      Thank you so much! He’s very excited and he can’t wait to meet his little sisters 🙂

  2. mamawee | 20th Mar 13

    Love that picture. If I had known chiropractic could help with nausea/sickness I may have considered it with my pregnancies..I was sick from start to finish with both

  3. Jodi Shaw | 20th Mar 13

    Congrats on your new soon arrival and yes I’ve heard that it helps when pregnant and helps kids too for sleeping and feeling more relaxed. Never tried it though.

  4. Christine McN | 20th Mar 13

    Wow! The only reason I heard about chiropractic care during pregnancy was because my sister-in-law had it when she was pregnant with her twin girls. She said she didn’t need it with her first child, but with the twins, it was a lifesaver for her.

    So excited for your new arrival! Yay!

  5. Shannon L | 20th Mar 13

    Oh my gosh that is the best belly picture ever!
    I have been thinking about going back to a chiropracter for some chronic back pain but, like you, I had a bad experience with one before. I need to find a gentler one to visit. I wish Dr. Pande was closer to Ottawa 😉

  6. pregnancy chiropractic | 1st May 13

    Great information! It would be wonderful if more healthcare providers (medical doctors, midwives, etc) recognized the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy and referred their patients. Education is important and this article helps a great deal. Thanks.

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