Chorus Supernatural Skincare- It really is super and natural! #GMCBeauty

All Chorus skin care products are 100% natural source and include no petrochemicals, artificial fragrance or colour, or other toxic synthetics. A wide range of unadulterated botanical extracts, pure essential oils, plant-derived cosmeceuticals, and high-grade plant and vegetable oils have been blended with the Chorus Super Four to create a world-class, natural skin care line. You also get peace of mind knowing our ingredients are all categorized as safe on the highly respected and impartial Skin Deep product safety website.


Chorus Supernatural is one line I am extremely pleased with.  My skin looks amazing in just the short time I’ve had using them.   As a part of the Ditch the Pink and go Green campaign I got some amazing products to review from Chorus which was 1) Revitalize($39) 2) Facial Scrub ($24) 3) Smoothing Eye Cream($25).  I am truly impressed with this line that I give it my Seal of Approval.   Read more about this beautiful products.
The Facial Scrub.  This is a must-have in my opinion.  You all need this!  The benefits of exfoliating are that product penetrates better into the skin.  Remove dead skin cells gently with Chorus as they are also kind to the environment by using Jojoba beads, not those blue plastic beads that some other “green” lines use.  I was immediately impressed with how my skin felt and looked.  It was smooth again!  I really want to get their glycolic peel next to take it to the next level as I love an even complexion as I have some sun damage.   Makeup goes on better too.
With Lavender and Chamomile, your skin is left soothed & calm and impurities are removed.  Bye, bye blackheads! It’s such a gentle exfoliator that you could use it 3 times a week.
Revitalize.  I love serums and I’ll be honest I always use oils on my skin but this is a pleasant surprise.  It is slowly lightening my one sunspot that I have below my eye!  It has Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 in it and has been proven to reduce crows feet!  It’s a derma-peptide with serious results.  I find that my skin is more supple thanks to it as it increases collagen.  Another ingredient that I like in my Revitalize serum is this natural antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid.  It helps to reduce cellular damage(like my sun damage!).  This serum has a gel-like consistency and my skin sucks it up.  It’s another product I recommend.
Smoothing Eye Cream.  It’s a beautiful nourishing eye cream for the most delicate and expressive area of our beautiful face.  Skin is thinner near the eye so you don’t need a lot.  A little goes a long way!  I squint when I am thinking and well I don’t wear sunglasses a whole heck of a lot. What can I say? I am a great thinker, lol.  But as I am now freshly 38(my birthday was yesterday!) I am noticing an increase in fine lines.  I look forward to seeing how this cream works.  It’s too soon to tell even though I noticed an immediate improvement in the other two products.   But I use this day and night doing my acupressure points and lymphatic drainage around the eye area.

With the three products, it has lead me to fall back in love with my first passion.  Skincare.  Chorus is a professional line so I am excited to think of this line when I open up my skin care practice.  I miss esthetics and facials are what I was known for.  There aren’t any scents that I am aware of at least with what I use.  I approve of the ingredients as it’s true.  No greenwashing here!

I also find that because it’s sea-based my skin reacts really well to it.  You see the line is from British Columbia and uses the Super Four natural elements from their surroundings.  They also have products for men, baby, hair care, body care, aromatherapy, wellness and nutrition.

1) Chorus Seaweed: hand-harvested kelp from Vancouver Island 
2) Chorus Lithia: Pristine, untainted spring water from the Rockie Mountains. 
3) Chorus Moor: A rare nutrient-rich peat
4) Chorus Clay:  Mineral-rich clay!

I encourage you to visit Chorus Supernatural, check them out on Facebook and get on instagram today for an amazing giveaway! It ends Oct.23/15, just click on the image below and don’t forget on Oct.29/15 is our #GMCBeauty Twitter Party, RSVP here!  We’ll be tweeting about Green beauty and there will be amazing prizes to be won.  Like super awesome prizes and your skin will thank you and you can ask me a skincare question if you like!


Disclosure: This was written in collaboration with Chorus Supernatural and Green Beauty. All opinions are always my own as I was gifted product.


  1. Lindsay | 26th Oct 15

    Love finding exfoliants that don’t use microbeads!

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