Cleaning my floors with the Hoover Floormate SteamScrub 2 in 1


My home is a mess.  I have to sweep & vacuum every day.  My husband would love it if I actually did clean every day but from chasing the twins to nagging my son to put his things away to cooking, blogging, trying to potty train the twins I am left exhausted only to have to clean up again as nothing stays clean here for more than 5 minutes.  Don’t even get me started on my floors.  From pee( I am potty training!) to food being thrown to other muck I happy that Hoover contacted me to review their StreamScrub 2 in 1.
Many don’t realize what lies beneath household surfaces. Dust and dust mites, skin cells, bacteria, viruses, pollen, animal dander, mold, mildew, and other harmful material can make home and multiply in your home!  Windows are usually closed in the Winter and those often, in the hard-to-reach places that we lose sight of can build up and get dirty. Using the FloorMate® SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 will kill 99% of harmful bacteria on sealed hard floors.

How I used theHoover® Floormate® SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1:
Two features I love right now is the triangle head as it can get into corners easily and the handheld option to steam and clean is pretty brilliant too.  The Hoover® Floormate® SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 deep cleans and removed bacteria from sealed hard floors with the steam.  It cleaned  stubborn, set-in stains in the kitchen with its Trigger Controlled Steam.  For the bathroom, I cleaned the tiles with the Tile & Grout Scrub Brush and well the Carpet Glider attachment was okay.  I wasn’t in love with that attachment or how it cleaned  but, everything else was perfect.   The detachable steam cleaner has 12 tools and accessories.
It cleaned my hardwood floors and with all the foot traffic it gets I was really pleased with how clean it looked.  My kitchen floors went from gray to white too and dries quickly.   In the pic below I don’t have the best lighting in our apartment so this is the best photo I could get with no retouching.  It heats up easily and quickly and comes with its own floor cleaner. I like that. 

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  • Sanitizes, Kills & Removes 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria* on sealed hard floors.
  • Scrub Brush encased in the foot cuts through the heaviest stains.
  • SteamStream™ Technology provides a direct steam spray for tough stains.
  • Detachable Steamer lets you steam anywhere with hand-held convenience.
  • Steam Tool Kit includes 12 tools and accessories to steam clean everything with ease.
  • Trigger Controlled Steam lets you choose the right amount of steam for your floors.
  • Lightweight design lets you clean and carry upstairs and downstairs with ease.
  • Fast Heating Time has you ready to clean within seconds.
  • Twin Tank Technology separates clean water and solution tanks to give you the option to clean with or without solution.
  • Tank Capacity is big enough to let you clean all around your home.

To manage seasonal allergies and prevent your family from viruses, use Hoover’s FloorMate® SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 to combat daily grime. It’s the perfect SteamScrub to keep your home clean this Fall and Winter and with Twin Tank Technology, the unit separates clean water from the solution, giving you the option to clean with or without solution for a light to intense steam cleaning.   How great is that?

How do you wash your floors? Do you kick it old school with water and mop or do you have a steam cleaner as well?  To find a retailer near you visit

Thank you Hoover for sending me your FloorMate® SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 to review!  It keeps my hardwood floors nice and clean.


  1. Monique Harris | 11th Nov 15

    Thank you for writing this review! I am also running after my children, working and trying to keep the house clean. I would use some help when it comes to cleaning. I am trying to clean my floor everyday because the kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor, so the FloorMate® SteamScrub™ will be really useful for me! Thanks!

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