@Clek goes #green! They are officially free of bromine and chlorine-based flame retardants

Looking for another reason to buy Clek? How about the fact it is now ridden from toxic chemicals?

Clek, the award-winning child passenger safety seat manufacturer, is the first of its industry to announce its 2014 model year products are free of bromine and chlorine-based flame retardants, while still meeting the federally-required automotive fire-safety standards.

 “Clek has taken an important first step on the journey to healthier products with its 2014 product line,” says Jeff Gearhart, Research Director at HealthyStuff.org, a non-profit environmental organization which leads research and development for the Ecology Center based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Clek and HealthyStuff.org collaborated last year to conduct comprehensive testing of its products, testing hundreds of samples on both complete car seats and component materials for chemicals of concern.
Car seats are required to meet the most stringent automotive fire-safety standards and must use flame retardants.
 “As part of Clek’s ongoing commitment to continuously improve its environmental profile, we are sourcing materials that use non-halogenated flame retardants or alternative materials that comply with safety standards,” explains Chris Lumley, President of Clek.

A leader in product innovation, all of Clek’s booster seats ranked as ‘best picks for boosters’ in HealthyStuff.org’s study published in 2011. The new and improved 2014 models are now available for the Foonf convertible car seat and the Oobr booster.
Being at the forefront of environmental and health safety for child passenger seat manufacturers, Clek uses GREENGUARD Select Certified fabrics, offers recycling of all of its products and has now taken steps to ensure that all models are free of bromine and chlorine flame retardant chemicals.

“As we continue to research and learn more about additional chemicals of concern, we look forward to working with Clek in finding safer alternatives.” states Jeff Gearhart.
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  1. Kung Phoo | 4th Mar 14

    That is a great achievement for the product! Way to go!

  2. Mistee Dawn | 4th Mar 14

    What a great product and such great achievements. Thanks for sharing.

  3. bxcrochet | 4th Mar 14

    That’s great to know. I am happy that my daughter’s car seat is one of the top 10.

    Michelle F.

  4. Maddi'sMommy | 5th Mar 14

    That’s a truly unique design. I like the minimalism. Great to know that they rate so well.

  5. Cara Kueck | 5th Mar 14

    That is my favorite color green! This is a great looking design!

  6. Pauline Cabrera | 5th Mar 14

    It is true that we need to make sure that our babies should be safe from what they eat to the car seat. Definitely, I appreciate this post. It’s what every mom should know. 🙂

  7. Cheap Is The *New* Classy | 5th Mar 14

    Safe products are so important for our babies. Good for them for making their products safer!

  8. Mama to 5 | 5th Mar 14

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, I like all the safety aspects.

  9. Kisa Johnson | 5th Mar 14

    I’m go glad that things are getting safer for babies! Taking out the chemicals and harsh products compared to how things used to be made is a step forward. Now we just need to really work on the food for all.

  10. Holly @ Woman Tribune | 5th Mar 14

    That is a super cool looking car seat; seriously! It’s awesome that they have gone green, which in itself is alerting so many more people of the importance of healthy products.

  11. Petro Neagu | 5th Mar 14

    Chemical free would be a good reason to buy a car seat for your child. That and safety are really important.

  12. Zulema Tomlinson | 6th Mar 14

    I do need to upgrade our car seats. These sound like a reliable seat.

  13. Lisa | 6th Mar 14

    What Great Information You Can Never Be Too Safe When It Involves Your Child Thanks For The List!!

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