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Cocoon Apothecary is an amazing skincare line hailing from Kitchener, ON.  I am so happy to have been following Jessica’s growth from when she started her line to now having a fancy, swanky new office where they create and make all of their products and now they have their own boutique!  You have see how the line came all about and Cocoon Apothecary is rated 0-1 on EWG.

The power of rose.  Rose is an amazing ingredient to use.  It’s naturally high in Vit.C, anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing and repairs the skin gently and effectively.  If you are suffering from mild rosacea, have severely sun damaged skin, have dry and/or sensitive skin Cocoon Apothecary will bring your skin back to a healthy state. 

I often think of this line and it would be a great line for young tweens getting started into skincare too.  I was about 15 when I went for my first facial and I wish my mom knew about more natural lines but I started out with Christian Dior!  It’s a cold windy day in Toronto today and when we head out I often dab a little of the Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream with their Rosehip oil on the twins to protect their skin from drying out from the harsh cold, dry air.  We don’t want couperose!
0100_RCFC__54412.1411714155.1280.1280A 100% plant-based facial cream that harnesses the therapeutic power of nature to soften, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. Made with organic oils carefully chosen for their extraordinary ability to keep skin smooth, firm and glowing.

My skin is super dry.  The girls sucked me dry when they were growing in my belly and I needed to use the corresponding oil to further hydrate and bring that nourishment back.  Organic Rosehip Oil is so beautiful.  Naturally high in Vit.C, it’s also rich in Omega 3’s. It’s cold pressed and penetrates the skin in a nice light non-greasy texture.  I always do my facial massage when I apply my serum.  Oils for the skin is amazing and I highly recommend oils over most “synthetic” big brand serums.  Oils are pure(well if you know the right brands and what to look out for), the ingredients should be simple in a nutshell.   Cocoon Organic Rosehip oil is soothing and repairs.  It has taken my sensitive skin down to a normal state.  I’m not so red or irritated as my skin used to be.

0100_PPFC__25843.1411713963.1280.1280Petal Purity Facial Cleanser.  Oh, my. When you pump a dollop into the palm of your hand, gently rub your palms together, bring up to your face and take a deep breath in before you start to cleanse.  This smells heavenly!  Just what I need to relax my senses before bedtime.
Petal Purity is  100% plant-based cream cleanser that removes oils, dirt and make-up without stripping skin of essential hydration.  I recommend this for oily skin too as people tend to use gels(save it for the Summer) and that can really dry the skin out causing the sebaceous glands to overreact and produce more oils and if cell turn over is slow…hello breakouts.   This is a gentle formula containing the purifying extracts of organic lavender and geranium to keep skin cleansed and balanced.  When I was my face my skin is clear(no makeup residue) and my skin looks fresh and calm.

0100_AMFM__11288.1411713951.380.380Ancient Mud Facial Mask is detoxifying, purifying yet gentle!  Dead Sea mud and Canadian glacial marine clay.  Mud & Clay working together to bring you radiant skin.  I recommend doing a mask once a week.  You have to treat the skin with a therapeutic mask.  It cleans the pores(I never do extractions and this cleans out blackheads nicely).  If you have problematic skin or want to treat blackheads effectively without having to squeeze them out use this mask 3 times a week on the nose, forehead and chin.  If you insist on extractions they should gently slide after using this mask as you press on either side of the pore.  Never force a blackhead out.  I love this mask.  It tingles a touch but washes off nicely.  Follow up with a serum and moisturizer you’ve just had an amazing at home facial.

Great skin is possible with natural ingredients.  Cocoon Apothecary comes highly recommend with natural ingredients that you can read more about on their site.  I love it when a natural line discloses all of its ingredients and is truly clean and natural.

roseevent-2Take advantage of this lovely sale that ends at the end of the month.  Prices for Cocoon Apothecary is already affordable but with a sale…how could you not?
Rose is great for all skin types but if you have normal, dry, sensitive, couperose or rosacea this line is for you! 

Disclosure: This was written in collaboration with Cocoon Apothecary. All opinions are always my own as I was gifted product.


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) | 20th Feb 15

    These all sounds like really great products. My poor skin is suffering in all this winter cold.

    • Erica | 20th Feb 15

      Get the Rosehip oil 😉

  2. Terri Ramsey Beavers | 20th Feb 15

    I think I would love all of these products but most especially the Petal Purity Facial Cleanser. I get excited when I find a great cleanser that does not dry out my face.

    • Erica | 20th Feb 15

      The scent of geranium….so beautiful! This is a fabulous cleanser. I love how calm my skin.

  3. Andrea Kruse | 20th Feb 15

    I love rose scented body items, but didn’t realize it was so good for my skin. I will have to look into these products. They sound fabulous!

    • Erica | 20th Feb 15

      Rose is soooooo good for the skin 🙂 #1 for calming sensitivity.

  4. Suzanne Lamoutte | 20th Feb 15

    Once the cold starts my skin starts to suffer. I’m going to check these out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brittany | 20th Feb 15

    These sound great and I love that they’re from Ontario!

    • Erica | 20th Feb 15

      Awesome right!? 🙂

  6. Julee | 20th Feb 15

    This sounds like a great product line. I’m all about using natural oil on the skin. Here’s to putting our best face forward.

    • Erica | 20th Feb 15

      Hear! Hear!

  7. Heather | 20th Feb 15

    I believe natural is best in almost any aspect of eating or putting things on your skin. This looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Carol Cassara | 20th Feb 15

    I’m thrilled to learn of this brand, which I’ve never seen before.

  9. M from K&M: The Stay-at-Home Life | 20th Feb 15

    I have really dry skin so these look great.

  10. Chelley @ AisForAdelaide | 20th Feb 15

    It’s been so cold up here my skin is suffering badly. I will have to try this line out!

  11. Adriana Martin | 20th Feb 15

    These products look lovely I want to try them soon =)

  12. Jillian Fisher | 21st Feb 15

    I am trying to switch all of my products to all natural or organic. I am struggling the most with my makeup. These products look great.

  13. Rosey | 21st Feb 15

    My dad’s mom always kept rose hip oil in the house. I never knew what is was for…she was before her time. 😉

    • Erica | 22nd Feb 15


  14. Lois Jones | 21st Feb 15

    I love Rose Hip Oil. My skin feels fantastic when I use it!!

  15. Crystal | 21st Feb 15

    I love the smell of roses. Thanks for the information.

  16. the pinterested parent | 21st Feb 15

    My skin is horrible. I never take care of it as well as I should. These look great.

  17. Beth@FrugalFroggie | 21st Feb 15

    Sounds like a great skincare line. I would like to try the Rosey Cheeks facial cream.

  18. Onica {MommyFactor} | 21st Feb 15

    These products seems good for taking care of your skin. Will have to learn more about them.

  19. katrina g | 21st Feb 15

    i love rosehip oil!!!! i always have a bottle at home!

  20. Erinn S | 21st Feb 15

    These look great-I’ll have to go learn more. Thank you for shring

  21. Carly | 21st Feb 15

    That rosehip oil looks amazing, I need something just like it!

  22. Esther | 22nd Feb 15

    I love that all of these products are natural and I love the packaging. Great Prices too!

  23. Eliz Frank | 22nd Feb 15

    I love organic skincare products as I find they work best on my sensitive skin. This looks like a wonderful product.

    • Erica | 22nd Feb 15

      Your sensitive skin will LOVE this!

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