Coffee made better with the Breville Bambino Plus


Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 19 grams for full flavour and an automatic steam wand for milk texturing that delivers true handsfree microfoam at the right temperature, just as you would see from our top of the line the Oracle Touch.  With a 3 second heat up time from a cold start, along with instantaneous transition from extraction to steam, you can make a coffee even faster.” – Breville Canada

I just upped my coffee game!  Thanks to the Breville Bambino Plus this little machine is a dream to have and use.  I can make cafe quality cappuccinos at home now.  I can offer my guests a better cup of java than the regular drip and my kids are even enjoying it.  How? Warmed milk, Chai lattes(caffeine free, of course), hot chocolate too.  It’s so easy to use and warming up milk with froth is amazing. I love making my Americano’s,  Mocha Lattes and Mocha Cappuccinos too.  I even get a good froth using Cashew milk and a plant-based creamer.  I always get a little bent outta shape ordering a cappuccino at cafes because it ends up being a latte.  From my days as a barista at the various cafe’s that I worked at when I first moved to Toronto, I was taught that cappuccinos require foam.  Now apparently they don’t???  I never get the foam so I wanted to see what this little Bambino Plus could do.   Well, check out my cappuccino, below.  Does it look good?

This little machine delivers in quality.  Some of the things I adore is the automatic steam wand allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture to suit your taste.  It also has the Innovative Thermojet™ heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds. You can pack 19 grams of espresso for full flavour and café quality coffee and with its low-pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavours are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup.

Breville BaminoPlus_1

So what do you think? Sounds pretty awesome, right?  I haven’t had any issues using my Breville Bambino Plus and I love making myself a cappuccino every day as it’s a special treat for me and luxury. I always rinse it out with hot water after every shot of espresso to keep the lines clean and it’s very easy to maintain.

This week, I’ve partnered with Breville and we are going to give one lucky winner a Breville Bambino Plus($699). Just in time for Mother’s Day!  Giveaway is open to Canada only(excluding Quebec) and I’d love to hear from you!  What little luxuries do you do for yourself or why do you want a Bambino Plus? As you can see, the size is perfect for our apartment sized kitchen!  Good Luck!


Breville Bambino Plus Giveaway


  1. kristen visser | 7th May 19

    The little luxuries I do for myself is having a coffee while watching one of MY shows…not treehouse lol. After taking my two oldest to school, I like to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching Ellen and that is a luxury in itself

  2. kathy downey | 7th May 19

    My little luxuries are sitting on the back deck enjoying a coffee and the bluejays while everyone sleeps!

  3. Jenness M | 7th May 19

    I’d love to start making myself a cappuccino instead of buying mediocre ones at coffee shops!

  4. Stephanie LaPlante | 7th May 19

    I would love to win this because it would be wonderful to enjoy luxury beverages at home! The coffee shop would be right in my kitchen!

  5. Erika | 7th May 19

    this is an amazing giveaway been waiting to upgrade cofffee machine and this is better than the nespresso

  6. Becky B. | 7th May 19

    Little luxury for myself is buying nice smelling soap for the shower. Literally can change my mood! I am also having twins tomorrow and could really use a stellar cup of coffee in my future ☺️

  7. Tannis W | 7th May 19

    I like taking time to enjoy a cup of coffee (or three) daily! I’d love this awesome looking coffee maker to make amazing drinks!

  8. Carmen | 7th May 19

    My little luxury is having an Americano. We live in small town Alberta and there is no drive through to any coffee shops. This means in order for me enjoy an Americano, I have to lug my kids around in and out just to enjoy a cup. Many days especially in the minus 40 weather the con definitely outweighs the little luxury I yarn for. So having the Breville bambino will allow my husband and I both to enjoy an Americano right at home. =)

    Thank you!

  9. Amy Heffernan | 7th May 19

    Not many luxuries here but I do love my coffee. A cappuccino would be amazing to be able to get at home!

  10. Meena nichani | 7th May 19

    Total coffee lover here ! This machine looks awesome would love to win! Need one as an active mama

  11. Emily John | 7th May 19

    I would love to win this Breville Bambino Plus because I’d love to actually sit and make myself a nice warm specialty beverage(my favourite being cappuccinos) at home. Its hectic, waste of time and dollars every time I need specialty hot beverages I have to run out to the shops. Therefore this machine will help me to enjoy little luxuries such as indulging at home by myself or even when I have guests over, there will be so many varieties of hot beverages to offer :).

  12. taylorronayne | 7th May 19

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’m a coffee lover so this would be amazing to win! Thank you so much for the chance to win! Have a wonderful day 😘

  13. Josh S | 7th May 19

    It would be nice to make drinks for myself and others at home

  14. joy | 7th May 19

    oh, how I love coffee — would love to own this magnificent machine — our family of 3 all enjoy a hot cup of joe, any time of day — this would be so fun to own so we could create lots of different electrifying beverages!! thanks for the chance!

  15. Keri | 7th May 19

    Had the pleasure to try coffe from this machine once and i want more! Would love to have this on my counter for others to envy.

  16. Rosanne Robinson | 7th May 19

    One of the little luxuries that I do for myself is to relax with a steaming hot Latte, or a Cappuccino. They bring back fond memories of the glorious cruise that we took to the French & Italian Riviera many years ago. I would LOVE to win the Breville Bambino Plus, so that I could to put my feet up to enjoy the drinks and memories in my own home, on a daily basis!

  17. Shirl | 7th May 19

    I love sitting outside looking at nature while I have my coffee

  18. Anne Taylor | 7th May 19

    I would love to win this for my husband! He is an avid coffee drinker and would go nuts with this machine! Thanks

  19. Mary M | 7th May 19

    Nice little luxury is waking up to the great smell of coffee brewing. It makes a weekend morning more like a staycation. The Breville Bambino Plus would help make that luxury come true every weekend.

  20. Calvin | 7th May 19

    Would give this to my dad, an avid coffee drinker. for father’s day. wonderful gift.

  21. wendy hutton | 7th May 19

    the nice luxuries I like is a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning while its still quiet, and this machine would help me be more creative with my coffees

  22. tracy k | 7th May 19

    i get a massage once every few months

  23. Shirley OFlynn | 7th May 19

    Coffee is one of the ways I treat myself. I would love a Bambino Plus so I can make cappuccinos at home to share with my family.

  24. Krista White | 7th May 19

    I love enjoying my coffee in the early morning when everything else is perfectly quiet

  25. Kam | 7th May 19

    I’d love to win this for my wife… she’s the coffee lover in the family!

  26. Janice McKay | 7th May 19

    Being on Ontario Disability I cannot afford luxuries like this for myself. I am a coffee lover; some say I am addicted. 😉 I just appreciate great coffee!

  27. Jenna | 7th May 19

    Tired working mom of 3 here… coffee has be come a staple in getting through the day. The smell alone “sparks joy”. If I won, I might even be nice and share with the man child.

  28. Kimberley | 7th May 19

    One of my little luxuries is grabbing a latte and browsing the bookstore. Bliss!

  29. Michelle Policelli | 7th May 19

    I would love this Bambino Plus so I could enjoy more cappuccino’s at home!

  30. Lynda Cook | 7th May 19

    I would love one of these machines, my husband loves his coffee on the stronger side, and I love my lattes but they are so expensive to buy, with this I could make my own!!

  31. Heather Swanson | 8th May 19

    fresh coffee beans

  32. ducky | 8th May 19

    A manicure and pedicure are one of my little luxuries.

  33. Shawn Altorio | 8th May 19

    I love a good cappuccino, and have been pining for an espresso machine for a long time. Even bought a base model DeLonghi last fall, but had to return it due to common manufacturer’s defects (leaked water everywhere). Been reading really great things about the Breville Bambino Plus, and I’m glad to see you like it too.

  34. Sheila Russell | 8th May 19

    I enjoy a little dark chocolate indulgence as on of my little luxuries,

  35. Sandra Dufoe | 8th May 19

    Sitting on my deck with a glass of wine and reading a book.

  36. Erin W | 8th May 19

    I allow the luxury of reading everyday, it may not sound luxurious to some, but I love it!

  37. Aimee | 8th May 19

    This would be a great prize to win.

  38. Julie Barrett | 8th May 19

    I like to treat myself to a fashion or celebrity gossip magazine and sit and enjoy it with a cup of coffee and my favourite chocolate bar!

  39. Shauna M. | 8th May 19

    My little luxury used to be buying myself a latte. Post-baby, and trying to save for a house downpayment me no longer has this luxury – so I would love to be chosen as a winner so I could make my own at home. Saturday mornings would be so divine accompanied by a shot of fresh espresso! Thanks for the chance!

  40. l p | 8th May 19

    making special cinnamon buns once a month so they can be shared – and eaten here too. thanks

  41. Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom | 8th May 19

    I love making lattes at home! I’ve been reading online reviews and checking out coffee makers. This one sounds amazing. 🙂

  42. Rosi | 8th May 19

    I heard this is a great coffee machine to have!

  43. Celina | 8th May 19

    I’ve heard so many good things about the Breville Bambino Plus. Thank you for the chance to win such a fabulous prize! Also, Love your blog!

  44. leana | 8th May 19

    I make sure to take the time to read a book in a nice hot bath at least once a week for a little “me” time!

  45. Erin N | 8th May 19

    Coffee is my main treat that I give to myself.. It helps me wake up and get ready for the day. This Breville Bambino looks so amazing and would be like a dram come true to have in our home! I am a coffee-aholic, lol. Thank you for the chance to win lovely!

  46. Wanda B | 8th May 19

    I’d love to win this to satisfy my cappuccino cravings.

  47. ivy pluchinsky | 8th May 19

    I love enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my mother or grandmother. I love all sorts of different kinds of coffee as well.

  48. klp | 8th May 19

    it’s just the perfect size for our place.

  49. Sage | 8th May 19

    My little luxury is a cappucinno on the balcony

  50. Edith Rennes | 8th May 19

    Coffee is essential to start my day…and that coffee maker would make it an even better start…here’s hoping!!

  51. Doreen Lamoureux | 8th May 19

    I have many little luxuries … like … Epsom salt bath with music and candles. – meditating, yoga, bush trail walks and cuddling with my husband. I want a Bambino Plus because having an Espresso Macchiato is another little luxury. 🤪🙃😜

  52. Sarah | 8th May 19

    I would love to win this b/c my boyfriend loves coffee and cappuccino’s. My luxuries are manicures and pedicures.

  53. Stephanie | 8th May 19

    I want a Bambino Plus because I’ve never had a coffee machine like this one before and it all the features are so cool!

  54. Andy d | 8th May 19

    I would love a Bambino Plus to help me get ready in the mornings to chase around my little monkey!

  55. Ken Wolfe | 8th May 19

    Love to have this to make great coffee

  56. Lilly Kavanagh | 8th May 19

    I love to treat myself to massages and buying pastries and bread from COBS bread. I’d love a Bambino Plus to make some delicious coffee to go with my scones and pastries.

  57. Monica A | 8th May 19

    I enjoy a nice cup of coffee to start my day, especially espresso based and this can get quite costly when u add up the cost. Making a proper espresso myself would be nice.

  58. Michelle | 8th May 19

    That would be so nice to win!

  59. Lesley Miller | 8th May 19

    I love coffee and espresso in the morning

  60. jason kinnin | 8th May 19

    It would be a great anniversary gift for my parents

  61. Susan Ashcraft | 8th May 19

    I have a nice hot bubble bath in my soaker tub, a glass of wine and some music…heaven!

  62. Sandra F. | 8th May 19

    I’ll treat myself to a latte and croissant sometimes, nothing too fancy.

  63. LILLIAN BROWN | 8th May 19

    I would love a Bambino Plus because the different drinks would be a treat for me

  64. Jenny Wilson | 8th May 19

    My little treat is sometimes a trip to Starbucks. I usually order tea and sometimes will take the blonde latte black or a cappuccino. Getting a Bambino Plus would mean enjoying cappuccinos at home more and that would be amazing!

  65. Jackie M | 8th May 19

    I love coffee! I want me make myself a mean soy latte!

  66. Patrizia Grande | 8th May 19

    My little luxury is having a hot coffee while my baby naps.

  67. John Mc Carron | 8th May 19

    I’d love to make a latte or two with this bad boy!!

  68. Denise McCrea | 8th May 19

    My luxuries are going for massages every once in a while

  69. Lisa MC | 8th May 19

    I would love this, as I love to treat myself to a nice latte when I have free time!

  70. Diana Z | 9th May 19

    I would love this because coffee is a regular necessity for me. A latte would be a special treat. I also like that I can make just a cup as I am alone most days.

  71. Aimee | 9th May 19

    I like giving myself a half hour before everyone else gets up as a little luxury

  72. Diane T | 9th May 19

    As an active person, I am always on the go and need my energy up! This machine would do wonders for me in the morning and start it right!

  73. Lester C | 9th May 19

    My luxuries is going for a massage to work out my back every couple of weeks.

  74. Lisa Marshall | 9th May 19

    That machine looks amazing! I’d love to hve one to make my own specialty drinks at home. 🙂

  75. Theresa Sampson | 9th May 19

    Fabulous prize!!! Would sooo very much like to win it!!!

  76. kal | 9th May 19

    every so often I indulge in an ice cream cone with real ice cream. goes well with a good cup of coffee too.

  77. LisaLisa bolduc | 9th May 19

    Luxuries???? None. What do I want this well because I want to up my coffee game and svae money instead os spending it at those fancy coffee shops

  78. HEIDI C. | 9th May 19

    I prefer speciality drinks to regular coffee so this would be an amazing appliance to have!

  79. Tony C | 9th May 19

    Having a Bambino Plus in my home would get lots of use. My family and friends like to visit for espresso and cappuccino & my current unit is leaking. Thank you

  80. Chris MacDonald | 10th May 19

    I would love to enjoy a cappuccino every day with this awesome Breville Bambino Plus!

  81. Treen Goodwin | 10th May 19

    Getting my nails painted once a week, I would love the Breille Bambino plus for Cappuccino and lattes for me and hubby in the comfort of our own home

  82. Erinn Lishman | 10th May 19

    There’s not much I do for myself with all that goes on in my life, but this would surely help! I’d love to be able to make a nice coffee for myself and maybe even read a book!

  83. Elizabeth Vlug | 10th May 19

    I have a favourite coffee shop in town that makes a delicious cappuccino. I would love, love to be able to make them at home and invite my GFs over for a cup. Looks like a fabulous machine, easy to clean and not too big. Thanks for the review and chance to win this beauty.

  84. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 10th May 19

    I occasionally buy myself a latte, a drink I love but are too expensive to have them often. With this machine I could treat myself more often. 🙂

  85. Kiriakitsa Tsivoulas | 10th May 19

    It would be a great luxury enjoying homemade lattès and cappuccino’s at home while saving lots of cash for a greater luxury such as a cruise vacation!

  86. Nicole | 10th May 19

    My little luxuries are taking a nice bath with some wine and treating myself with face masks 🙂

  87. Florence Cochrane | 11th May 19

    My luxury is buying a brand of coffee that I love to enjoy making at home. This would be nice to win.

  88. Theresa | 11th May 19

    This machine looks amazing! I love foam and froth in my cappuccino but I have never been able to achieve that much making my own cup! That looks so good!

  89. Johanna Newman | 11th May 19

    My Mom works very hard and I would love to win this for her. I would love for her to sayher little luxuries is drinking a coffee from her new Breville Bambino Plus 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  90. Theresa Sampson | 11th May 19

    Really great layout! So easy to read!

  91. Patsy | 11th May 19

    Recently discovered I have a taste for cappuccino after always having cream and sugars,would be super to make them at home :).Thanks!

  92. Laura Koch | 12th May 19

    This would be so amazing!!

  93. Jennifer Hakze | 12th May 19

    Very nice

  94. Jenny | 12th May 19

    Id lovet to win as Id love to start making my own speciality drinks at home!

  95. Catherine Robichaud | 12th May 19

    I love all types of specialty coffees so I would love to win this beauty and treat myself to different speciality drinks without paying the outrageous price at the coffee shop.

  96. joanne darrell | 12th May 19

    The luxuries I do for myself is going out for coffee.I want to win so I can step up my coffee game.

  97. Vanessa Lee | 12th May 19

    This looks amazing!

  98. Melinda | 12th May 19

    I treat myself to a pedicure once in awhile.

  99. Nate | 12th May 19

    I want a Bambino plus to make good coffee

  100. monique s | 12th May 19

    I treat myself to a good cuppa coffee so I would love to win this to make my own vs. buy it

  101. Michelle Conn | 12th May 19

    ♥️ Taking time to froth the milk for coffee is a real treat I do for myself! ☕️ Amazing giveaway!! 🤞🏻

  102. AD | 12th May 19

    Its those little luxuries that keep me sane; I love a good cup of tea or fancy coffee, watching the sun rise every morning. Taking a shower with the best washes, oils and bubbles. Every three weeks I get a manicure and pedicure. Every 4 months, I go away for a weekend by myself or with a friend.

  103. Robyn Bellefleur | 13th May 19

    I am a coffee lover, so this would be so amazing to have in my kitchen.

  104. Heather Sibley | 13th May 19

    My little luxury is reading while soaking in the bath.

  105. Pearl Saban | 13th May 19

    This would be my luxury. Making a special coffee with foaming, frothy milk and enjoying it at my leisure.

  106. nicky | 13th May 19

    I would love to win this Breville Bambino Plus because I love coffee and need some everyday (I’ve got two young kids, what can I say 😉

  107. Linda | 14th May 19

    My little luxury is very good cheese to have as a snack during the day.

  108. Debbie Bashford | 14th May 19

    A great cuppa along with very old sharp cheddar cheese is how I treat myself

  109. Judy hunting | 14th May 19

    I don’t do a lot for myself, a nice shower and a coffee goes a long way though

  110. Melanie Borhi | 14th May 19

    I love bubble bath and massage oils they are the ultimate luxury for me

  111. Debbie Flynn | 15th May 19

    I like to spend a little more on my coffee and to add lots of cream to my coffee.

  112. Sharon Dougall | 15th May 19

    Get my nails done 💅🏻 just once in awhile it’s a nice little luxury. I want the Bambino Plus for my wonderful husband he loves loves his coffee and he definitely deserves some luxury in his life

  113. Ray G. | 16th May 19

    I take a two walks a day! It’s a luxury I can’t afford to miss. I truly do enjoyment!

  114. Christine Faria | 17th May 19

    Well right now little luxuries are far and few with a new baby and 2 small children. A simple shower, coffee, a meal, and even sleep are my luxuries lol. I’ve always wanted a really good quality coffee maker as I love the taste and it’s pretty much what I look forward to daily.

  115. my villa | 17th May 19

    Not sure if it’s a lil luxury but I go to concerts solo, even a movie. having 10 mins alone to drink a coffee is bliss.

  116. Silvia D | 17th May 19

    I like to make a special coffee in the evening and just sit and relax

  117. Victoria Ess | 18th May 19

    I love treating myself to a fancy beverage at a coffee shop!

  118. Suzie B | 18th May 19

    I would love to win as I love fancy coffees but not their price tags.. lol I would love to make them at home 🙂

  119. Darci paice | 18th May 19

    I love my first coffee of the day in silence and enjoying a shower with hot water available my luxury is enjoying a book

  120. Rosi | 18th May 19

    I love a good coffee therefore i think this little Bambino would be a perfect match for me and my own mascot

  121. Krista M | 18th May 19

    My little luxuries in life are once a month I go out with my sister as respite away from the kids. We go for a nice dinner, wine, comedy club & karaoke after. It is my favorites all in one evening… good food, laughter, & music!

  122. Alisa Petrisch | 19th May 19

    My little luxuries are reading a good book and sipping my coffee and enjoying both at the same time. My idea of multi-tasking, mother-load of happiness.

  123. Betty S | 19th May 19

    My luxuries is a great cup of coffee with real cream. This machine would do just that for me

  124. Jeremy | 20th May 19

    A little luxury is going fishing and I’d like to win this for my wife.

  125. Jonnie | 20th May 19

    My favorite little luxury is cake. A slice of cake can make any day feel special! I would love to win the Bambino so I can maybe break the Starbucks habit and instead create fancy drinks at home.

  126. Carol M | 20th May 19

    I would the Bambino as I don’t really care for regular coffee but love cappuccinos and lattes.

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